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To see an audience of spectators who attend a public event like a play, movie, sport, meeting or a concert indicates that people are watching your actions.

A dream where you see an audience watching you denotes that you need to review who is surrounding you in real life and how it is affecting your actions. A dream where an audience is watching you can be a rather worrying dream. Symbolically, it can foretell that, you are scared of your private life being exposed to people. Feelings and private thoughts that you would have been happy remaining private. In the case where the audience is disorganized indicates a problem in a relationship. If the audience is making unnecessary noise, it denotes that, you are having confused thoughts and ideas, wondering how to make sense out of them all.

If the audience is empty and you are the only person who is present, it suggests that there is a life experience which is meant for you alone. When this happens, you should take on any challenge positively. Maybe you have been postponing something important and now it is time to reach out in life and win. An audience in the dream, depending on how you perceive it, might represent several things; it might be that you have this feeling that you are the center of attention.

You might have a private meeting with someone important in your life. You may need to listen to what others are saying more. You might be trying to seek approval or acceptance of those around you. To see a TV audience means that you could be feeling self-conscious. You might have the inability or ability to express yourself. You might be feeling observed or a lack of privacy. The details of the dream are important as the interpretation depends on the way the audience is represented in your dream.

In the dream

  • The audience was cheering.
  • You sat in an audience.
  • The audience was watching you.
  • The audience was clapping.
  • You were “performing” to the audience.
  • You were the center of attention.
  • The audience was heard.
  • The audience approved of the performance.
  • The audience did not approve of the performance.
  • You could not express yourself correctly.
  • You forgot your words when performing.
  • You presented in front of an audience.
  • You presented for a job interview in front of an audience.
  • You could feel self-conscious in front of the audience.
  • You could see many people “looking” at you in your dream.

What is the detailed dream interpretation of an audience? 

A dream where the audience is cheering denotes that people are recognizing your importance in life. It can indicate that you need to be working on a project and teaching others. To see empty faces looking at you suggests that you need to put in more effort in at work. To be singing to an audience suggests that someone in your life will bring joy.  A dream where you see yourself sitting in the audience denotes that, you are keen to listen to what others have to say and this has made it possible for you to learn. This has greatly impacted positively on your life.

When the audience is watching you in your dream, it denotes that there is something your actions are admirable. Many people are paying attention to you. Depending on the reaction of the audience, if they are watching with sad faces, it has the meaning that, you are headed in the wrong direction. If the faces of the audience are happy in the dream it can suggest that you are good at paying attention to what others tell you and thus, making it possible to succeed. A dream where the audience is clapping symbolizes that you are on your way to great things and people around you are happy. You are headed for upcoming promotion and self-development through your hard working and outgoing nature.

Performing in front of an audience that is sitting down in your dream denotes that you should prepare yourself to face the consequences of your actions. You have been a mediocre performer in the past, which has led you to remain behind in terms of development. This has caused negative repercussions which you are now experiencing in your life. If you were the center of attention in your dream, it can suggest that you are trying to seek attention and approval from those around you and it is proving to be strenuous for you. Be yourself and stop trying to do things to impress.

When an audience is heard cheering in your dream it denotes that you are trying to do things in your life but those around you are the once getting praised for it. It might be your place of work whereby, you do all the jobs but your Manager gets all the credit which is really demoralizing. A dream where the audience approved your performance implies that success and happiness are in the offing and there is a possibility that, you are headed for promotion due to your good work. It is a dream that symbolizes that you socialize well with people.

A dream where the audience did not approve your performance is a negative sign. You have a negative person around you, they display a “know it all” attitude. To be unable to express yourself correctly in front of an audience in your dream is a sign that, there are things which have been exposed in your life; things you wanted to remain secret, but now they are out in the open. To forget your words while performing for an audience in your dream generally indicates you must learn from your past experiences so that you avoid repeating anything "negative" in the present and future.

Presenting before an audience in your dream denotes that, you are very ambitious which is great; your overconfidence can play tricks on you and make you fail in achieving your goals so watch out. You might embark on taking on too many goals but end up not finishing anything - because you will lack the finances and energy to go on. Presenting at a job interview in front of an audience suggests that, you are about to be promoted to a higher paid job. Be ready for the challenges that come with this offer.

To feel self-conscious standing in front of an audience is symbolic of success in business. You will avoid any path that you deem is not right for you; whether it is bad company or influence. If you see a large number of people staring at you in your dream it denotes that, you feel that you don’t have privacy in your life and this is making you feel uncomfortable. 

Feelings associated with the dream of the audience

Bad. Uncomfortable. Lack. Exposed. Strained. Worried

By Flo Saul
Jun 14, 2017