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Jasper in a dream is a symbol of luck and the cultivation of power. When you dream of the gemstone it is a fortunate omen indicating positive changes, growth, love, and even fertility.

Be happy when you dream of jasper and know that something good is coming around the corner!


Having a dream about jasper is a positive dream indicating that you are going to get something that you desperately want. Jasper is a favorite of many because of the connotations of luck and goodwill associated with the gem.

In this dream you may have...

  • Had jasper jewelry.
  • Found a piece of jasper.
  • Had many things that were the color dark green.
  • Owned jasper.
  • Seen statue made from jasper.
  • Purchased a piece of jasper.
  • Dug up jasper.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • Finding jasper.
  • Creating figurines, trinkets, or carvings out of jasper.
  • Receiving jasper or something colored like jasper as a present.

Detailed dream meaning...

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Dreaming that you have received a gift of jasper indicates positive news coming your way. Unlike some gems or symbols no matter what form that you get the jasper in it is a positive inclination of change, growth, and motivation to move forward in your life.

When you find jasper this is a great omen for creating wealth, making a name for yourself, finding a career that suits you, or creating wealth and happiness in your life. By finding the jasper yourself you are highlighting that you don’t need help to attain your goals and you will be rewarded for good work. Keep doing what you are doing – you are on a great path in your life!

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Creating positive goals and completing them.
  • Having good luck.
  • Positive growth and forward momentum.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Jasper…


Happy. Blessed. Thankful. Appreciative. Enjoyment.

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