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Jasper in a dream is a symbol of luck and the cultivation of power.

When you dream of the gemstone Jasper it is a fortunate omen indicating positive changes, growth, love, and even fertility. Be happy when you dream of Jasper and know that something good is coming around the corner! Having a dream about Jasper is a positive dream indicating that you are going to get something that you desperately want. Jasper is a favorite of many because of the connotations of luck and goodwill associated with the gem.

Detailed dream meaning

it is believed the ancient Egyptians use the stone Jasper as a healing mechanism to help many illnesses. Jasper seen in dreams is a positive omen which is connected to our own magical powers in real life. There have been many different accounts that Jasper seen in dreams results in pregnancy or fertility - as I have already mentioned Jasper is a magical stone that was often connected to bringing rain in periods of drought. So this leads me to the question: what does this mean for your dream? Jasper is known as a gemstone that is connected to positive energy, in Chinese mythology Jasper balances both Yin and Yang energy. Interestingly, Jasper has been used to ward off the evil eye in spiritual terms it was also often used to help ease the pain of childbirth. This is perhaps why many dream books predict that Jasper is connected to fertility and childbirth. If you dream of the jasper stone it can also signify success in love and partnership. Jasper has long been used to help against illnesses and wounds in many ancient healing books.

Dreaming that you have received a gift of Jasper indicates positive news coming your way. Unlike most gems or symbols jasper has specific magical connections. jasper is a positive inclination of change, growth, and motivation and indicates moving forward in your life. When you find Jasper in a dream this is a great omen for creating wealth, making a name for yourself, finding a career that suits you, or creating love and happiness in your life. So well done! If you find Jasper in your dream it can signify happy times in life. This dream is highlighting that you don’t need help to attain your goals and you will be rewarded for good work. Keep doing what you are doing – you are on a great path in your life!

What does it mean to see broken Jasper in a dream?

Jasper can be connected to happiness and this is a positive sign to see in a dream even if it is broken. Broken jasper can not only indicate that happiness will be yours but that in the future your focus will be mapped out.

What does the Jasper stone mean in a dream?

Let’s review some ancient dream books! If you are a young woman and you see a jasper stone in a dream this indicates that you will soon meet your lover. This is quite an ancient interpretation. If we turn to the more spiritual meaning of the Jasper stone it is connected to many different meanings depending upon the color of Jasper. I believe that to see the Jasper stone in a dream indicates that it will strengthen the bond between yourself and your lover it can also protect against any negative influences and psychic attack. Therefore if you see yourself wearing Jasper in the form of a necklace, bracelet or lucky charm it can mean you will gain a clearer picture an understanding of how you repel negative forces and combat depression in the future!

What do the various colors mean of Jasper from a spiritual context?

I will briefly go over color symbolism is of Jasper and what this means from a spiritual context. If you wear or dream of green jasper it is said to help protect you against ghosts, improve your health and protect against a difficult night sleep. To dream of black Jasper indicates protection. If you dream of red jasper this indicates that you are protected from any psychic attacks. Now, molted jasper is often worn to prevent difficulties around others.

So that is it folks! I have also put some quick meanings of Jasper if you scroll down a bit further. I do hope you enjoyed this dream interpretation and don’t forget to check out my other areas on the website, such as tarot readings to gain an overview of your future. I will finish by saying that the good news is in most of the dream books I have read Jasper is a positive omen which is generally connected to happiness, contentment and that value life will be defined!!

In this dream you may have

Worn jasper jewelry = positive times ahead. Found a piece of Jasper = focus on your own goals in life. Seen Jasper that was the color dark green = grounding and spiritual contemplation. Owned jasper = happy times in life. Seen statue made from Jasper = people will turn to you for advice. Purchased a piece of Jasper = contentment. Dug up Jasper = worried about the future.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

Creating positive goals and completing them. Having good luck. Positive growth and forward momentum.

Positive changes are afoot if

Finding Jasper. Creating figurines, trinkets, or carvings out of Jasper. Receiving jasper or something colored like Jasper as a present.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Jasper

Happy. Blessed. Thankful. Appreciative. Enjoyment.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012