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A bay tree symbolizes attainment, happiness, fulfillment, and joyful times. It is a symbol of change and the love of your friends and family.

Bay can also refer to a dog or wolf barking. In the Persian tradition, it is said that if you hear dogs baying, you will have trouble in the near future. The same explanation appears in the Western tradition. The interpretation given for this dream is even worse, as hearing baying can suggest news of someone's death or illness is coming your way.

Your dream of bay leaves, or using bay leaves as an ingredient in cooking, can suggest that times are looking up, and to some degree a victory is on the horizon. Often because of the peculiar shape of a bay tree, the bay is of little importance within your dream, but is a feel-good element instead. Dreams displaying images of bay trees can represent your need for authority in a matter close to your heart, and that you are willing to obey such authority if it would help you see a more spiritual way of dealing with the reality.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a bay tree.
  • Seen bay leaves.
  • Smelled bay leaves.
  • Cooked with bay leaves.
  • Wore a crown of bay leaves (laurel).
  • Seen a baying dog.
  • Seen a baying wolf.
  • Seen a lot of dogs or wolves baying.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The sound of the dog was not alarming.
  • The scene with the bay tree was enjoyable.
  • You wore a crown of bay leaves.
  • The bay leaves were elegant and delicate.

Detailed dream interpretation

Having bay leaves in your dream represents respect. If you see the flowers of a bay tree this predicts that your hopes could be dashed if you are not careful of what you wish for. Generally, a bay tree in bloom indicates your love for a friend. Picking bay leaves means triumph. If you are wearing a crown made of bay leaves just like the Ancient Greek artists, this is a sign of vanity. If you receive bay leaves in your dream, this foretells news coming your way very soon. Wearing bay leaves in any way on your body means luck. Seeing a bay generally means joy and pleasure. Dreaming of such a symbol indicates that you will enjoy a lot of happiness and success in your future life.

If you dream of a wolf baying at the moon, this can be associated with basic natural instincts. The likelihood of you encountering a difficult person over the course of the next six months is going to be high. This dream suggests that you are going to be able to overcome negative feelings, and you will show a nurturing nature that will bring happiness in life.

An animal bay appearing in your dream is usually an omen of danger, sadness, and difficult situations. If the bay comes from a dog, this foretells quarrels, troubles and drought. Hearing the neighbors’ dogs baying indicates that you need to ask for help. A dog’s bay can be the sign of a big danger. If you hear the bay of a wolf, it can be the omen of a very tough year ahead.

If in your dream you hear dogs baying, this is a sign of disappointment, trouble, and sorrow. The bay coming from various animals in your dream can herald someone’s death, or that you will soon hear that somebody you know has died. A pack of dogs baying is a sign of difficult circumstances that will test you in the waking life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a bay

Impressed. Happy. Relaxed. Enjoying. Content. Feeling good. Confused. Scared. Terrified. Upset. Sad. Worried. Uncertain.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012