Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

War is a difficult dream to interpret because there are many aspects to war that need to be addressed.

When one is at war in a dream, the main interpretation is that there is a battle being waged in the waking world that needs to be understood or explored. Other feelings can effect the dream of war as well though – such as if there is a historical perspective, a current fear of war happening, or your place in the war in your dream. Consider the purpose for the war as well as your own part in the war when you dream to get a truthful meaning about what the dream means or represents for you.

In this dream you may have

  • Gone to war.
  • Had your name picked in a draft.
  • Heard news of someone dying or being hurt that you knew was in a war.
  • Worried about war affecting your home or those you loved.
  • Declared war.
  • Heard a song about war.
  • Had a warning of war.
  • Were part of a war from the past that you never witnessed (such as the Revolutionary War, French War, or WWI).
  • Threatened war.
  • Been in medieval war times.
  • Tried to avoid a war.
  • Pushed the ‘big red button’.
  • Felt a ‘war time’ fear – such as a fear of communists or depression coming.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You are warned or prepare for war.
  • You win in a war.
  • You avoid war or do something to alleviate the tensions of war.

Detailed dream meaning

War in a dream is representative of fear and loss of control. Sometimes these dreams can have very person meanings especially where you have been to war, someone close to you is at war, or if you have experienced a loss of some kind regarding war. Before you can interpret a war dream, you have to take stock in what the dream means, as well as what your own personal feelings about war are.

Some people think that war is a brave and honorable thing – something which is necessary for survival of a certain amount freedom. Consider also who is at war in your dream. Your own feeling of pride can be a feeling about someone else around you, but remember that usually a dream is about the dreamer specifically. So even if the dream of war is about someone else then consider your own feelings in this. Analyze what you agree with in the dream and take that at face value.

Fear or being fearful of war in a dream can indicate your own personal feelings of losing control in your waking life. If there is a feeling of relationships being lost because of war, then this can indicate a loss in your waking world regarding your relationship with another person. If you feel a distance between you and a loved one and you dream of you or them going to war, it is a sign that now is a good time to patch things up. Take time to spend personal time with this person and try to make peace. It is usually a warning that if attentions are not paid that a fight is going to pop up between you and this person.

Consider what the war is about as well during a dream. If a war is over religion or emotional tensions, explore your own tensions in your waking world. What are you doing to make things easier? This can be a sign that you are being far too stubborn or rigid. Usually any dream of strife such as war indicates that in your waking world that you need to be the bigger person. Unless you feel like you are at war in your waking world – such as if you are going through a divorce or fighting for your job or something like this – then it is a sign that you need to do what you can to make things peaceful before they take a turn for the worse.

When you are having much stress and conflict in your life and you are at war with the same person causing you problems in your dream, then consider the actions and the outcomes of your dream. Did your side win in your dream? How did you feel in the dream? Were you scared or excited? Did you feel like it was a losing situation? All of these things reflect usually a personal or prophetic meaning to the true situation in your waking world.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Fighting with other peoples.
  • Feeling stressed out.
  • Winning or losing a court case.
  • Fighting for custody.
  • Fighting for something you believe in.
  • Being overwhelmed.
  • Being underappreciated.
  • Working hard for something that is a losing cause.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of War

Scared. Terrified. Worried. Concerned. Determined. Strong. Fighting. Feisty. Aggressive. Challenged. Brave. Steadfast. Protective. Caring. Compassionate. Excited.

By Flo Saul
Oct 16, 2012