Dinosaurs dream meanings

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Dinosaurs in dreams are a symbol of the past. They are also representative of how the past moves into the present.

This is especially valid when issues and problems from the past have the tendency to return and feature in one’s dream. Not dealing with an issue in the present can be later reflected in the appearance of dinosaurs in your dreams. The dinosaurs can also reflect older habits and attitudes. The advice is that you should not give up.

The dinosaur has a mythological form: the dragon. For the Chinese, the dragon symbolizes the emperor, the all-powerful. It is definitely a symbol for a strong character and a large inner force. If you dream of a dragon it shows that you have to understand yourself better, and stop fearing things in your waking life. This noble, mystical creature may represent important spiritual forces inside you. The dream may also represent the enormous power of your unconscious.

Going back to the dinosaur, you do not have strong control over it, because a dinosaur in the dream is mentally associated with perceived images of how things used to be. It can also represent a hidden passion for the past or history in general.

In your dream you may have

  • Been chased by a dinosaur.
  • Killed a dinosaur.
  • Felt the presence of a dinosaur, but you could not see the animal.
  • Seen or discovered dinosaur bones.
  • Seen a raptor or pterodactyl.

What this means to your life

  • Your present fears and worries are useless, but you are haunted by past issues.
  • A past issue has come to an end.
  • You need to learn how to make decisions.
  • You have to start living in the present rather than the past.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreaming of a dinosaur signifies that it is time to put things behind you and move on in a situation that has been holding you back. It can symbolize outdated attitudes. This may symbolize your desires. To dream of many dinosaurs means you should probably give up your past habits and ways of thinking.

If in your dream you are followed by a dinosaur and you are running continuously then in waking life you fear change. People are not useful anymore and are no longer needed. You seem to be alone. To dream of being a cave man means that your old problems keep coming back to haunt you against your will. It can also mean that you are struggling to change your opinion. Even if things seem problematic - it is important to persevere and your effort will bring results.

To dream of locating or seeing dinosaur bones means luck in love. There are some wounds, and healing is necessary as soon as possible. If you are collecting the bones, you may lose a close friend. If the bones are in a huge pile, it may mean a death in the family.

If you dream of a raptor, you are dealing with a strong, powerful fear in your waking life. This fear is really stalking you. You are in a small space and you cannot take the right decisions from there. It can be completely useless, and therefore it is really time to sit with yourself and examine whatever you are feeling. Fear is a primary feeling and you can deal with it much better from an open and honest perspective. Listen to the raptor in your dream: it may try to tell you something that will make you better understand your fear.

Feeling the presence of a dinosaur in your dream could symbolize repressed unconscious thoughts and feelings, including fear. However, the dinosaur in your dream is generally a positive symbol. It may represent a period of time when the dreamer will confront his fears and empower himself to effectively cope with negative emotions and extreme materialism, and will obtain greater inner and outer freedom.

If you kill a dinosaur in your dream, you have closed a chapter from your past. The karma of that chapter has been consumed and you are free to move on. It is time to enjoy the present.

Feelings that you may have encountered during your dream

Worry. Uncomfortable. Reserved. Quiet. Bored. Tired. Reclusive. Uninterested.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012