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flood dream meaning

What does flooding in dreams mean?

Dreams about floods can be a sign of "washing away" the past for a new brighter future.

Sigmund Freud believed our dreams were the road to our own unconscious mind. If this is true, then what did the flood dream mean? Is it an omen? Is it going to happen? I am a sucker for spiritual symbols and do believe that our dreams can unlock hidden signs of the future. Dreaming of being in or seeing a flood can represent your emotions. Last month I dreamed that my house was flooded, then last week I had a dream of a flooded city. But what does the water mean?

The "water" in the dream reflects your own relationships and emotions and basically how you’re feeling at the moment. Turbulent or out of control water seen in a dream (especially floods) indicates you are going through some an emotional crisis and that you wish to move away and hide for a while. Decoding the symbolism of flooded water in a dream can take many stances, depending on the details. Did your dream include destruction, such as tearing trees up, submerging buildings and bridges collapsing? A flood is a representation of a crisis. This is associated with death or transformation in life. There is a fear of being abandoned when flood water surfaces in a dream. Swirling waters can reflect a challenging situation and the water represents how you feel.

The impact of the flood can be wide and worrying and spiritually speaking represents how you are feeling. I have broken this article down into various symbols that may have appeared in your dream so please scroll down.

A Flash flood normally happens in urban areas and can cause fatalities. Seeing flooded water from heavy rainfall, a dam breaking or rapid ice jams can mean sudden emotions will be up in the air. If you dream of a house that is flooded it can signify how you are feeling about your home and also perhaps feeling trapped emotionally. To see sewage or garbage in connection with frigid water can be associated with feeling tired or the fact that the powers were taken away from you.

How can the dream of floods help you?

Dream code captures every rock and stone in a river. Every stone that lies at the surface of the river bed is our inner thoughts and feelings, and the water is emotion. Understanding your dreams will help you to understand why your life is the way that it is. The stones are your foundations, your goals, and reflect your feelings about the difficulty of living your life. Understanding your dreams will help you to understand your inner fears, beliefs, and how they shape your life. 

My spiritual messages here will show you how to crack the code and unwrap dreams to help you in life, so you can see clearly what your life looks like. 

Why did you dream of this?

It is not unusual to dream about flooding, especially when your emotions are out of control. A flood can take form in many different ways, it can be that you see the land submerged or alternatively your house is flooded. In dreams - anything is possible. We all remember hurricane Harvey and the fact that it was catastrophic and wreaks havoc. There could be emotions that you are feeling at the moment and I do believe that this dream means you wish for a new start. Think about the floodwater coming into your dream in order to "wipe the slate clean." If the flood was gentle, this can essentially indicate that your own emotional problems are causing you concern. If you dream of protecting your home during a flood it can indicate that you may encounter some minor problems.

Flood warnings:

Flood warnings in a dream can foretell a new beginning. If you are evacuating due to a flood in a dream it can indicate that you need to be more prepared going forward. To see floods at night in a dream can indicate your emotions are hidden. Seeing flashlights, torches or lights in dreams of floods can indicate a fresh start in life.

What does it mean to dream of flooding water?

As I have already said, water is connected to our “emotional” side in life. The flood is connected to a new start and “washing away” the past. Seeing gushing flood water can symbolize something out of control. Dreaming of high water from a flood can indicate that emotions are focused on a relationship. I often think that this could indicate that you feel like you are swimming upstream against the tide. In real life a stream can swell to ten feet in an hour with intense rainfall so this dream is all about “control” and things seem to be uncontrollable right now.

What does it mean to dream of a flooded city?

Dreaming of a flooded town, city or land can signify there might be a notorious difficulty in connecting with your own emotions. If the floodwater was created by Ray then this can suggest that you have not coped well with recent conditions. If you have recently watched a film about flooding such as Sunken city before bed, this could result in the reason the flood dream has appeared. In all seriousness, flooded cities or towns are connected to our emotions.

What do floods in dreams mean associated with a storm?

If there was a hurricane or tropical storm in the dream and inland flooding this can imply that you will be facing stormy problems but things will settle down think of it as a lifecycle. That in the end things will slowly result in happiness. Seeing coastal areas flooded by the ocean, tides or a storm tide can imply a fear of not reaching a goal. I have already written about the tornado which you can find by clicking here. It is connected to the turbulent emotions in life. The flood can indicate a destabilized environment.

What does it mean to dream of a flooded car?

I had this dream recently and many people don’t realize that you can just “float away” if the car hits a flooded bridge or creek. Cars in dreams can imply how we approach life and Sigmund Freud believed that a car is connected to our direction. So, if the water is flooded it can imply that our power is being challenged. Often, a flooded car can indicate moving from one phase to another but with emotional ties. Motor vehicles being flooded (cars, trucks, lorries or even planes) can indicate a loss of control. Also, note where the car was, were you inside or watching the flooded car? If watching it can indicate you can This situation. Connect to how you control your life and perhaps how other people are controlling you.

What does it mean to dream about escaping food water?

Escaping a flood in a dream is positive believe it or not. This dream can imply you are trying to “escape” from emotional problems in life, and you will! This is a great dream to have to escape a flood is like moving from one phase to the next. Dreams about escaping the water signify you will feel free. This dream suggests that you need to move quickly, for example changing jobs alternatively embarking on a new phase. To dream of water in a car and that you escape can often be associated with finding yourself in a difficult situation quickly in order to survive.

What does it mean to see flooded streets in a dream?

Flooded streets in dreams are associated with a brighter future. It can be connected to the possibilities for growth in life, and that you are headed in the right direction. This dream can mean you’re feeling swamped emotionally. Scenes of a road submerged can often in my view be connected to the fact that you’re feeling you have lost your way. Flooded cities

What does a dream of a flooded house mean?

A flooded house is connected to feeling out of control. The flooded water is associated with different parts of the house, for example, what does it mean to seawater in the living room, bathroom et cetera. The upper floors of a house such as an attic represent how you are feeling right now.

What does a dream of a flood-related to your house signify?

Seeing your home completely flooded can be a rather worrying dream. There are many instances of why you would have such a dream. Ironically, this dream can indicate that you feel overwhelmed in life. Some of us can relate the flooded house to a hurricane where flooding is normal. To look out your window and suddenly see flooded water, or that you go downstairs to be greeted by floods indicates that you don’t feel focused on your life. Flooded water is connected to our emotions and to see this in your home totally covered in water indicates it might be time to focus and try in life. To see all your possessions “flooded” can also denote a new stance towards problems are objective going forward. There are sexual frustrations if the water is gushing according to the famous cream psychologist Carl Jung.

What does it mean to dream of murky flood water?

Murky brown flood water relates to the fact that you are feeling constrained. Water is a symbol of power and is connected to our conscious mind. Water consistency is quite interesting in dreams and is a powerful symbol. Murky flood water could be considered polluted and therefore your mind is polluted. The level of the murky water is also important and if it is cloudy can indicate problems where you are trying to communicate with people. The water quality is equally important. If it is a funny color (such as red) this implies that there will be a lack of thought going forward.

What if the flood water is from the ocean in a dream?

Ocean dreams can represent emotional influences. The interesting fact about ocean water is that we cannot control it. The sea also represents supporting a journey in life or flowing to greater heights. We have all had the image of a tidal wave hitting land. Seeing a town or city flooded in a dream can indicate that their will be an issue of trust going forward.

What does it mean to dream of clear flood water?

Clear flooded water in a dream from my research, means that there will be a focus on yourself going forward. This is a positive dream as clear flooded water generally denotes that in life things will work out well. dreams about clear floodwater indicate not feeling at one with oneself. The floodwater in this incident represents our own tears, could be that you are feeling worried about the controlling life or that you are frightened about the future. The good news is that if the flood water is clear then you can overcome any problems there are overwhelming you at the moment. The subconscious mind during our sleep is trying to let you know that you will encounter relief from all your problems going forward. The most important aspect of the dream is to keep on fighting for what you believe in!

What does it mean to dream of a town covered in floods?

To see a town covered in flooded with water means you are being rather emotional at the moment. This dream can indicate that you are feeling emotional. Flooded water in a city or town can indicate the floodgates are gates open. Again, this dream can indicate your own emotions whether they're positive or negative.

What does it mean to dream of flooding debris?

This type of dream is extremely rare. The debris illustrates the rubbish that you have in your life could indicate that you are feeling extra worries about a loved one or a person that you care for. I believe that this dream is focused on the fears in your own mind and that deep down thing will become calmer going forward. If the debris is being carried through the water this can mean you going to realize that all the difficulties that you are going to face in the future will be resolved. Unfortunately, older dream books indicate that garbage found in water illustrates an injury. Try not to fear things in your mind because deep down you will realize that anything is possible. We all encounter competitors in life and this dream can mean that you need to fight for your corner. Remove the rubbish, review what you’re doing and have inner hope for a brighter tomorrow.

What does it mean to dream of a flood carrying you away?

Being carried away in flooded water can seem rather scary. The first thing I will say is don’t worry. The “carrying” can be associated to your own emotions. Did you know that only two feet of water can carry away cars? To be in a car and flood water is carrying you away can indicate a time of focus.

What does a flooded swimming pool mean in a dream?

A dream about a flooded swimming pool relates to relaxation and enjoyment. As a “swimming pool” is an artificial represents false emotions. The floodwater from the swimming pool can indicate our own emotions are being built and developed. If the swimming pool is flooding it can indicate the need to understand yourself better. If the pool water is murky then it can indicate you are feeling drained in life.

What does it mean to drown in a flood?

This is quite a powerful dream. I am sorry you have had such a dream this can mean you are not feeling well mentally. Drowning in flood water in a dream can indicate focus and that other person will turn to you for advice.

What does it mean to dream about flooded roads?

Flooded roads in dreams can indicate feeling “out of control” that the path you are embarking on is not clear-cut. That you need to focus on yourself more in life. To dream of a road represents the direction you’re heading in waking life. Seeing a dream that involves a road is directly connected with what’s happening to you in your waking life. If you're walking down the road it means you’re pointed in the right direction. But to see a "flooded road" in your dream state indicates a warning. This dream means you will encounter some difficulties and issues in life. Alternatively, to dream of a flooded road implies that you’re being overwhelmed by different emotions that you cannot control. In dreams, water symbolizes emotions and if you dreamed of a flood, then you’ve been hiding something for too long.

What does it mean to dream of a flooded car?

A flooded car in a dream normally indicates a problem with a relationship. The car is about you moving through life and seeing the bigger picture. What does it mean to dream of a flood when driving? To dream of a flood while driving can be pretty disturbing. In fact, all flood dreams are quite frightening in a vehicle, especially if you fear floods in waking life. It’s hard to tell if you’re dreaming or not when seeing something you actually fear in your dream. To dream of a flood when driving means that you’re overwhelmed by emotions in waking life and it’s easier to interpret your dream if you remember some details. For example, if you felt scared in your dream, it denotes your fear of expressing emotions or losing control over your life.

Also, to dream of the flood is often associated with sexual tension. Do you have a hard time expressing your sexual desires or some other feelings related to your love life? The flood in a dream represents unhappiness. Are you feeling unhappy with your life? Do you want to start over? Your dream denotes you will find an answer to find a solution for your hidden problems.

To dream of a flooded car means that you’re feeling trapped in a place where you don’t feel comfortable in waking life. After having this dream, you will need to ask yourself if you’re happy with your life in general. To dream of a flooded car expresses your frustrations. You might consider changing your daily routine. Try to look for ways to change the situations that bother you. Seeing the car flooded can indicate feel trapped. The flood isn’t something you can control, therefore, to dream of one might reveal your compulsive and controlling behavior. There’s something in your life happening that you can no longer control and it drives you crazy. Alternatively, to dream of a flooded car represents your need to express your sexual desires. You have to deal with your feelings and solve your inner issues eventually. The key message here is trying to avoid confrontation.

What do a flood and heavy rain mean in a dream?

If you’re a Christian, then you already know that many people see flood and heavy rain as a sign of God. To experience flood and heavy rain in your dream symbolizes God’s efforts to remove contaminants from your life. It makes sense once we see that the rain falls from the sky, meaning it has divine powers. Also, to dream of flood might represent God’s protection. He’s protecting you from the people who try to harm you and stop you from reaching your highest aspirations.

Alternatively, this dream represents new energy entering your life that will change. Soon, you will be happier and greater in life. To dream of flood and heavy rain also denotes a slight spiritual decline. There’s plenty of issues in your life that needs to be cleaned and washed away. Do you prefer to hide your emotions because you’re scared of getting hurt? If so, then your dream is portraying your fear of being overwhelmed by emotions. This dream is reminding you of what needs to be released so you can feel free and easy again. Eliminate the things that bother you. To see a storm in your dream indicates the difficult conditions that you’re experiencing. Something in your life is not going as you planned. However, it’s not something that you can control. This means you have to learn to accept those areas of life that you can’t control.

What is the biblical meaning of flooded water in a dream?

The most prominent biblical meaning of a flood is the story of Noah, the fact he rescued the animals. He started a new. This is the biblical meaning of this dream indicates that you are escaping problems. According to the Bible, to dream of the flood isn’t a good sign. As you know, a flood is an overflow of a large amount of water but in a spiritual sense, a flood represents spiritual attack and the anger of the enemy against you. In the Bible, the enemy is said to come as a flood, however, the spirit of God will lift up a standard against him (59:19 Isaiah).

Have you heard of Noah’s ark? I am sure you have, then you probably know that during the rainy season, people who drowned in the flood died because they refused to accept and acknowledge God and seek for his forgiveness (6:7 Genesis). Then God sends heavy rain that drowned the people who refused to enter the ark. To dream of a flood says you have an enemy who wants to destroy you. But if your faith is strong, you will beat the enemy with ease.

By Flo Saul
May 17, 2018