Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Vampires are popular and have been for the last sixty or so years in popular culture. Dreaming of vampires can have different meanings for people.

You want to consider your own feelings towards vampires as you try to decide what the dream is meaning for you. If you are fond of the idea of vampires or if you have your own reflections of their meanings such as viewing them as sexy, strong, or intriguing then these meanings will also have a point in your dream. Consider your own feeling about vampires when you interpret your dream to see what it means.

In this dream you may have

  • Been attacked by a vampire.
  • Turned into a vampire.
  • Saw a lot of vampires and had a reaction (positive or negative).
  • Wished you were a vampire.
  • Fell in love with a vampire.
  • Gave yourself to a vampire.
  • Were chased by vampires.
  • Dressed up as Count Dracula.
  • Watched Sesame Street (‘the Count’ dreams).
  • Saw someone that looked like a Vampire.
  • Saw a vampire movie.
  • Went Trick or Treating.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Became a vampire and experienced all that life had to offer.
  • Fell in love with an attractive and romantic vampire.

Detailed dream meaning

Dreaming of a vampire is a dream where you are becoming something which is not yourself. These days, vampires are cool and secretive creature with sex appeal and a certain charm to them. They have become increasingly popular in popular culture and are not the frightening images that they once were. The kind of vampire that you are dreaming of has an important meaning. If you are dreaming of a scary looking old Nosferatu vampire, then this image is one of old age, drinking of blood, and danger. This, versus the more popular Lestat or Twilight or Vampire Diaries vampire, they are more charming and alluring. These dreams are likely to have a different feel.

When you are dreaming of old fearful creatures that drink your blood and cause you harm, these dreams can indicate many negative things for your life. First, the most common interpretation of the scary vampire is that you’re being under the influence of someone who is not good for you. Some also say that these dreams indicate health problems including the heart or blood.

Dreaming of sexy vampires indicates a sexual desire for something different. This can be a good time to consider spicing up your love life and also indicates yearning for something or someone different. You may have these dreams before real problems emerge in a relationship.

Having dreams of a vampire chasing you or trying to turn you into one of their kind, and being unwilling for this to happen or fighting your true nature means that things are going to require change. You are likely going to be going through a change in your life that is going to affect your identity or how you see yourself. However, if you are welcoming the change and view it as a gift, this dream shows that you are ready for changes and accepting your own fate and manifestations.

Falling in love with a vampire is a strange dream indeed, but usually indicates finding a mate that will be a good match for you – someone that you can share your life with.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Falling in love and having a good relationship.
  • Desiring a change of a sexual nature.
  • Being bored (sexually) in your relationship.
  • Being influenced by negative people.
  • Accepting and adapting to change.
  • Being resistant to change.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a vampire

Brave. Enamored. Loved. In Love. Cautious. Happy. Entranced. Disgusted. Horror. Nervous. Quiet. Silent. Dead. Tired. Alive. Strong. Superior. Active. Rejected.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012