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Dreaming of dirt or soil is explained by the Western tradition as being an omen of disease, trouble, confrontations, and a difficult period in general. For example, dreaming of yourself with your feet inside of the soil or having dirt on your shoes, it tells you that you are going to experience a disgrace or that a disease will strike you.

Historically, the dream of dirt on your body or clothes denotes that you will have a coming illness, or you will worry about situations in the near future.

To dream that you see dirt or soil suggests that you are going to encounter a friend who is likely to lie to you, or that could be getting married soon. This dream could potentially show that you may take a prosperous journey in the future. If you dream that you are dirty from soil, this indicates that you are not operating by your own moral principles.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen dark-colored dirt.
  • Encountered or walked through a pile of dirt.
  • Had dirt on your shoes.
  • Been covered in dirt.
  • Fallen in dirt.
  • Been standing in dirt.
  • Had dirt in your house.
  • Been stuck in the dirt.
  • Been dirty with soil.
  • Had dirt on your bare feet.
  • Been drowning or buried in dirt or soil.
  • Seen dirt coming down a hill.
  • Rolled over in dirt.
  • Passed over dirt.
  • Walked in dirt.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You throw dirt over something dead as a burial.
  • You wash off the dirt on something important.
  • You wash dirt from your body.
  • You plant something in wet soil.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreaming of dirt means that you are acting upon other people's advice. If you are covered in dirt or soil in your dream, this shows that to some degree you are not at ease with your own bodily functions. If somebody in your dream made you feel dirty, this is a message whereby you need to think carefully before you trust anybody else.

A person talking dirty to you indicates that emotional times are ahead in connection with someone close. The other meaning of this dream is that you have been encountering some evil and negative impulses in your life. If it is in relation to a spiritual meaning, this dream indicates that you have been feeling negative in social situations. Additionally, you may need to listen to the warning that this dream could possibly indicate, that is others may not be all you see.

Dirt or soil means blockages, worries, privations, the incapability of going on, emotional instability, a difficult time ahead, lack of direction, or that you feel trapped by some issues in your life. It could also mean misery or serious difficulties.

Being covered in dirt could represent a fear of poverty. Falling in dirt tells you that there are plots working against you. If you are in dirt, with some effort you could become rich. If you see dirt in your house, it represents that you wish to secure your affairs. Entering into dirt is a symbol of spiritual purity. If in your dream you are stuck in dirt, this suggests that the health of a person you know may be in peril. Having soil on your bare feet could represent contention, shame, disease, discontent, and trouble. It can also suggest disease. Drowning in dirt foretells useless expenses.

Dirt rolling down a hill is a sign of happiness in your family. Taking dirt out of water could refer to wealth. Rolling over in dirt suggests that your health is in danger, or that there is going to be a change at your work place. Passing over dirt is a bad omen. Walking through dirt is a symbol of illness. A pile of dirt represents big trouble.

Having dirt on your clothes predicts that a mischievous friend is trying to turn others against you. Dreaming of yourself driving on a dirt road means that those that you owe money to will pressure you to pay your debts. Black dirt represents difficulties and troubles.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of dirt or soil

Fear. Confused. Alone. Exhausted. Distrustful. Amazed

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012