Dreaming of a Pendulum

Dreaming of a Pendulum

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If a pendulum appears in your dream, it means you are feeling indecisive.

A pendulum is most often pictured as a weight at the end of a piece of string, commonly recognized in the structure, Newton's Cradle. The pendulum moving from left to right represents the multiple choices you are currently considering, and the swinging notion represents the way your mind is moving between the options you have available.

In this dream, you may have been

  • Seen a crystal pendulum.
  • Using a pendulum.
  • Seeing pendulum monsters.
  • Been pendulum scrying.
  • Seen a swinging pendulum.
  • Used a pendulum to locate an item.
  • The pendulum swung in perfect balance.
  • Seen a clock pendulum.

What is the general meaning to dream of a pendulum?

Many of our dreams hold a psychic presence. We are able to uncover parts of our future just by interpreting them correctly. In real life, pendulums are used in divination, and as a simple practice you can ask it yes or no questions and determine the answers just from engaging with how it swings. Whilst dreaming, you can study the swing of the pendulum, determine its factors e.g. chaotic, linear, circular, and discover the best course of action for your future. Your dreams may give implications as to the questions you are struggling to answer, and your aim should be to try and understand the answers in relation to the swing of the pendulum, therefore finding your trajectory in life.

Sometimes the indecisive feeling you experience is because of an outside source, a common example of this is peer pressure. Pendulums are known to appear when other people are anxiously waiting for you to announce your next moves. If you are experiencing this kind of pressure, it’s advised you talk to intelligent people around you who evaluate situations before they act on them. Always do what you are comfortable with.

Predominantly, you will find that the pendulum relates to the ‘rhythm of life’. This rhythm is usually something you need to feel in accordance with, although there are situations in which you might get frustrated with the length of time they take to resolve. If you encounter a pendulum inside a clock, the result is that you should take your time in making the upcoming decision. This could be your mind predicting that new events will come to light which will help influence your decision; it could mean that the decision is important and you are unready, mentally to make it. Similarly, if the pendulum is moving around very quickly, it implies you should take a break and calm down.

The pendulum signifies that you are not ready for the changes about to come. You are likely to hold back from new experiences, purely due to your fear of change. As a link to this, pendulums are also associated with relationships, which is why people often dream of them before situations like a breakup, or wedding, or when they sense a change is coming. If you have seen a stagnant pendulum in a dream this can mean either good or bad news. The good news is that there is a chance your decision has been made and resolved. The pendulum which was once swinging to show your indecision has now stopped, representing the stillness of your now answered questions.

Unfortunately, the bad news is that it can signify a serious loss, or illness. In your real life, your brain may have subconsciously noticed things which your active memories can’t place. It is common knowledge that random pedestrians that you pass on the street may appear as protagonists in your dream fantasies. In the same way, your subconscious has the potential to pick up on other people’s behaviors, or even your own behavior, identify that with danger or illness, and force it to reappear in your dream in the shape of regular objects. There are many everyday objects which can represent loss, or illness, and a stagnant pendulum is one of them.

Feelings that you may have encountered during dream of a pendulum:

Honesty, critical minds, insecurities, ambitious, happy, value for people in the surrounding, fear of knowing weaknesses, loving, and curious.

Positive changes are afoot if you:

  • See the pendulum stop moving.
  • You enjoyed the dream.

By Flo Saul
May 21, 2017