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The presence of a beaver in your dream indicates your need and desire for work. It may also signify a fresh new start to life.

It indicates the need to be industrious, creative, and the need to build your own place in life. It may also exemplify stubbornness, pride, and the need to keep working. Be careful though, too much work may also eventually burn you out. A dream about beavers resting may also indicate that you spend too much time on work. Don’t forget to reward yourself with a little rest and relaxation every now and then – it may even be time for a long vacation!

In your dreams you may have

  • Seen a beaver whether male or female, adult or juvenile.
  • Seen a beaver dam.
  • Seen two or more beavers fighting.
  • Seen a beaver chewing on a tree.
  • Seen a beaver in a lake or river.
  • Seen a beaver running away.
  • Approached or touched a beaver.
  • Caught a beaver.
  • Been bitten by a beaver.

Positive changes are afoot

  • Catching a beaver may mean you are getting attention on your abilities and efforts at work.
  • A beaver that allows being touched may mean it is a good time to risk changing job or ask for a raise.
  • The overall dream ended positively.

Detailed dream interpretation

Beaver dreams are often associated with concerns and problems at work. Is the beaver in your dream working hard? It may indicate that you need to be more industrious and spend more time at work. On the other hand, if you felt that the beaver was tired from working too hard, or if the beaver in your dream was resting, it may indicate your own need to take a break and relax. Life is too short to spend it all on work.

You need to take some time off and spend it on yourself. Being productive doesn’t mean working twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Spending too much time at work will eventually burn you out and have an adverse effect on your health. Consequently, getting sick will make you lose more time off work than taking periodic rests. You need to ask yourself if you are working hard, or hardly working.

Seeing a beaver dam in your dream may represent your desire to achieve something in your life. You may feel like you’ve done a lot and have had nothing to show for it. The beaver dam may also symbolize your desire to carve out your own place in the world, claiming your own territory. Do you have something to show for all the effort you’ve been dishing out at work? If so, be proud and show it to the world. If not, it may be time to remind your boss of your contributions and dedication to the company, try asking him for a raise, a promotion, or to the least some gratitude.

A beaver fighting in your dream may also represent stubbornness and adversity in your waking life. Do you feel like there’s something that requires your attention and aggression? Try taking an assertive stance against it! Problems are sometimes solved with simple perseverance and assertiveness. A show of force may sometimes be necessary to prevent something that you think will bring trouble to your life.

If a beaver in your dream is chewing on a piece of wood, it may indicate that you feel the need to be more persistent. You may need to put in more work and persevere in order to achieve your goals. Is there something you are giving up on that you feel is important to you? Try reconsidering your decision, and give the project another chance.

If you feel like the piece of wood is too big for the beaver, you may want to take a look at the current projects you are working on. Are they worth the time and effort you are dedicating to them? If so, keep going! There is nothing more satisfying than finishing a project you’ve put your heart and soul into! If not, then maybe it’s time to stop. When success comes at too high a price, it may be just as bad as a failure. In business for instance, you’ve got to learn to let go of a bad investment. In other words, cut your losses.

A beaver swimming in a lake or river is indicative of naturalness, peace, and harmony. The beaver is in natural surroundings. Are you in your natural surroundings? Do you feel ill-at-ease and out-of-place? If so, maybe it’s time to risk some change in your life! Try to find peace, happiness, and contentment in every endeavor. You need not spend all your life with the feeling of discomfort and discontentment.

If your dream involves a beaver trying to run away, it may exemplify your own present situation. Are you trying to run away from responsibility? Is there something you want to escape? You may need to pay more attention to the problems in your waking life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream with a beaver

Disappointment, Discontentment, Dissatisfaction, Drive, Determination, Glee, Lack of appreciation, Stability, Worried.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012