Dreaming Of Raw Meat

Dreaming Of Raw Meat

Raw Meat Dream Meaning

Raw meat has got a “bite” to it and can symbolically represent a challenge or our own internal hunting curiously, this is a positive dream.

I am not gonna lie, I have had many dreams about raw meat and spotted trends to this dream. I was either eating the meat or seeing it within its raw form. This led me on the path to understand what it means. There is something about raw meat especially when it is dripping in blood that just puts us all off! Meat is eaten by carnivorous animals and we generally cook it. This is what sets us and animals apart. As raw meat is bestial the actual lack of cooking this in dreams can indicate a nightmare or something out of a horror movie. In order to understand the symbol of raw meat in your dream we need to turn to the animal. What I mean by this is our own animal instincts. I do feel that this dream is focused on how we can make life better or right!

The dream meaning of raw meat: happiness in its raw form, changes in one’s life, money and wealth and also momentum. Therefore, you can breath a sign of relief this is a positive dream, you’ll be pleased to know even though this dream may have been unpleasant connotations - it does have a positive context. The finer details of your dream are also important. Many people don’t want to handle meat and it is a very difficult substance to cut and also prepare. The smell of raw meat is also something that is not pleasant.

We all know that traditional butchers the smell of raw meat can be quite potent. The smell is somewhat unpleasant, so much different from a roast chicken cooking in the oven. Uncooked/in a dream can indicate the essence of nature. When we cook meat we transform this and manipulate from something we would never eat into an appetizing meal. Which I believe is why the dream is positive. Many people have contacted me about dreaming of cutting raw meat which means a new opportunity ahead.

Raw meat in dreams also represents your attitude toward life and your emotional state. You’re at this point in life where you feel lonely and powerful. Meaning, you don’t allow people to enter your life in order to stay focused on your success and life projects.

To see bloody meat in a dream indicates that you are looking for freedom and choice in life. What about if you are shopping for meat? I've already mentioned that the dream itself is rather positive to buying the meat can signify that positivity and friendship will soon be yours. To see raw meat in restaurants during your dream or someone serving you a “raw meat” dish implies that someone will entrust you with responsibility. Seeing a butcher or someone preparing meat, or cutting meat can indicate that you will focus on your own goals. Sirloin steaks can represent great riches too - especially if raw in a dream.

All foods give us satisfaction in real life. In the dream world, raw meat is a positive omen and can indicate satisfaction and accomplishment. Meat itself is normally central to every culture. We no longer hunters meet and in the modern world, we visit the supermarket our attitude towards meat in the modern world indicates that we are used to this being packaged in small pieces without blood or gore. The meat itself is like our own functioning body. If the meat was vacuum packaged with not a hint of blood during the dream this can signify happy and content relationships.

If the raw meat is fragranced with herbs and served with vegetables this can represent different perspective in life. If you see the site of pigs heads flopping all you find yourself in an abattoir this can suggest that some positive omens are being camouflaged. To see a high street butcher shop during the dream state indicates that you are letting others take credit. Especially if the butcher was cutting or selecting meat for you. The extent of how the raw meat was featured in a dream is also equally important. To see pre-cooked food such as sausages or bacon can indicate an opportunity that will present itself not be straightforward.

  • Vegetarian: When I went vegetarian I kept dreaming of raw meat! I don’t to this day know why. I think maybe because I missed it. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, and you dream of raw meat, it means that you will be experiencing a problem soon. Alternatively, seeing or eating raw beef in your dream means going against your own morals and beliefs.
  • Eating a tongue: To eat a tongue as a cooked dish in your dream represents a promotion. You’ve done a very good job, finished your tasks on time. It’s time for a reward and acknowledgment. Although most people see raw or uncooked meat as a negative sign, overall, it has a positive meaning.
  • Raw meat on a table: If you see raw meat on the table, it foretells bad luck. Perhaps you’re going through a hard period in life and you feel like it will get better but it won’t anytime soon. You have to learn a few more lessons before it gets better. Take it as training for a better future and personal development.

What does it mean to dream about raw chicken meat?

I have already mentioned that as a symbol in dreams represents positive changes ahead, especially on a professional field. It symbolizes money, wealth and hard work in order to make even more money. If you see raw chicken in your dream is a good sign. However, eating it isn’t. On the contrary, it represents unexpected changes and issues that will hit you when you least expect.

What does it mean to dream about raw beef?

Dreams that feature raw beef are common in pregnant women. They represent you are being too hard on yourself. Slow down and lower your expectations. You’re only human after all! Everyone needs a break every now and then! Instead of working on your career and success, try working on your spirituality. It will help you bring back that inner peace you’ve been searching for in a while.

To see raw ground beef represents the need to nurture your soul and spirit in order to feel content and motivated. You lack motivation and willingness. If you dream of raw beef, it’s possible you receive unexpected news that won’t be so pleasant. Someone might change your perception. If you’re a woman and see raw beef in your dream, it means you will endure some sort of injustice by your man.

What does it mean to eat raw beef?

Eating raw beef in your dream might represent a male figure in your life that has a negative influence on you. This person may show animalistic energy – which represents the raw beef. This dream also reveals that you need to follow your instinct and just go with the flow of life at this point. Don’t run toward basic life but experience the life as you always wanted. To see or eat raw beef in your dream might also refer to a ‘beef’ you have with a person that’s a part of your life. Are you trying to annoy this person with your every move.

Eating raw beef also represents your raw or sore feelings about something that have happened in your waking life. If the beef was overcooked in your dream, it denotes stress, anxiety due to a stressful career. You might be over-worked as well if you could see others eating raw beef.

What does it mean to dream about seeing raw red meat in a dream?

If you see raw meat in your dream and blood, it’s a positive sign unless you’re eating it because to eat it represents failed plans and unrealized ideas in your waking life. To eat meat in a raw form means that you’re making a lot of reckless decisions lately. Also, you’re acting like a child and doing silly things that affect your public image and personality in a bad way. Alternatively, to see meat in your dream represents profit.

You will accomplish some of your wildest, most complex goals that were hard to reach. Your dream also represents discouragement and the insecure path you’re walking at the moment. On the positive side, to see meat in your dream represents material gains and material success. If you dream of a rotten meat, it’s time you take better care of your health before it is too late. Perhaps you should take yoga classes or adopt a healthier diet and lead an active lifestyle. Eating cooked meat represents a recovery from an illness that was like a pain in the ass for you. This will boost your motivation and bring back your mental strength to achieve great things. If meat appears in your dream, it’s not as bad as many assume. On the contrary, it usually symbolizes monetary benefits and career success.

If you see raw beef with blood, or you touch/eat it, it means you will encounter some serious health issues that will leave you drained and exhausted. This will teach you an important lesson, and that is to take better care of your health. Boiled beef denotes family happiness, well-done job, and prosperity. If someone you know was eating raw beef in your dream, it means that the person will receive unexpected unpleasant news in the near future. It’s your job to warn for possible issues and dangers.

If raw beef was tasting good for you in your dream, it foretells new friendships and fresh beginnings. Buying raw beef at the market denotes trouble at work. Some of your colleagues will gossip you behind your back and tell others some unpleasant untrue stuff about yours. Dreaming of raw beef in black color means that you will avoid a serious illness by luck. Your dream is a warning about your overall health. Perhaps you need to change your lifestyle and improve your diet to avoid weight problems or blood pressure issues.

What does it mean to dream of eating raw meat in a dream?

To eat cooked meat in your dream also represents a situation or an experience that requires confidence, mental strength, and brain power. If you succeed in doing whatever’s required of you in the professional field, you will feel stable and invincible again. The cooked meat in your dream signifies the right choices and control over everything that’s happening in your life right now. You’re walking the right path. Harder choices are ahead. But you’re born to make the hard calls, so you won’t have a problem dealing with issues and unexpected situations. To eat raw meat, on the other hand, represents a situation where you have to step over someone else to get what you want. You will either do this, or experience failure for being compassionate and emotional.

The raw meat might symbolize the hard emotions that you will reveal soon and they won’t be accepted very well by other people. Your dream might also symbolize physical or emotional abuse. Someone’s trying to bring your spirit down. The person manipulates many people, including you. And you already know this, but still stick around. Why?

To see raw meat might represent your animal instincts that you’re trying to ignore. Also, you tend to ignore your basic needs which are bad for your overall health, especially for your mental health. To dream of a dead animal or seeing the animal’s meat in your dream, represents punishment. To dream of an easy meat, means you’re having an easy victim on the mind. Or you’re someone’s easy victim. Cooking a meat yourself means wanting to defeat an enemy. But you don’t want to try very hard. An easy victory would be the ideal outcome. If you dreamed of meat with vegetables, it signifies important parts of your personality being questioned by someone else.

To buy raw meat in your dream signifies gift. You will either receive or give someone an unexpected gift. To see raw meat with bones in it represents an unfinished business that you’ve been avoiding for a while. The faster you get it done, the better for your business and personal life. To see a butcher cutting raw meat in your dream symbolizes illness. You or someone from your family will get sick but it won’t be anything serious. It will be more of a warning to take better care of your health. Or to warn someone that things might get serious if they keep playing around with their health and lifestyle. Boiled meat in a dream foretells taking advantage of someone or some situation in order to make profits or boost your career.

By Flo Saul
Oct 8, 2018