Dreams About Trains

To dream of a train indicates that you feel events in life are out of control.

The train of life captures our imagination, especially in our dream state. The whiff of coal smoke, the crowded platform, and the whistle in the distance this is a dream of anticipation of your journey ahead. It is an exciting time for you from a spiritual perspective. Life is like a big long train journey you can get whatever stop you want, sometimes it's not what you have anticipated and sometimes it is. Trains themselves are deep emotions to our own souls. The attractions of fire, steam, and the fascination of technology that encapsulates the dream meaning can inspire us to move forward in our life and open up to possibilities. There are many different types of train dreams that you may experience, it could simply be that you see yourself boarding a train in your dream or perhaps you travel along riding one. The type of train "dream scene" is also arguably important. The building of railways across the world has opened up whole countries and continents that create nations allowing us all to interconnect and form a spiritual symbolism of union.

    Quick meaning of a train dream

    • Trains in dreams are connected to our own life journey.
    • trains focused on our own movement patterns in our world.
    • Seeing yourself moving on the train can suggest that you are moving forward in life in regards to getting what you want.
    • Driving a train in a dream represents being in control and new opportunities will present themselves.
    • Train crash in a dream indicates that there will be challenges ahead.
    • We think about the train as a mechanical mode of transport,  it is heavy and powerful. The weight itself of a train produces a connection to our life. 
    • Trains are often restricted to a timetable, a certain time will mean that the train arrives and departs. This is quite important from a spiritual perspective because it means that you need to look for spending time bt yourself. What are you missing? What is it that you need out of life? 

    What kind of train appeared in your dream?

    Trains in dreams can appear either as those that transport passengers or freight. Seeing railroads in a dream can indicate that you are trying to control the conditions around you, in life it is hard to have some measure of control about how we feel for others. In essence, we are conditional observers of life and we do not want you to let our own observation produce successful results. The waiting time in your dream for a train is a reflection of vicious traction responding to your focus on your own satisfaction, as the dream unfolds and you indeed catch a train and go on a journey this dream can indicate your own appreciation of the idea of re-evaluating aspects in your life.

    What does the symbol of a train mean in a dream?

    The train symbolizes your power in life, much like your control over others and this dream can be an indication of how you approach situations. It is important to actually try to remember the details in the dream. If you can see passengers on the train then the dream was focused on your own power in a financial sense. It means you feel that you are being pulled and pushed in different directions.

    Your train dream is a reflection of your life and the people on your journey. There is a famous analogy I want to share with you right now by John Passaro. Passaro basically states that our life is like a train, that everyone seems to be heading in the same direction, and that people can get off the train when they wish, but their belief keeps them heading for their own destiny and they will get off at the right stop during the journey. When people do get off your train, this is a reflection on them and you should not look back. In essence, you cannot force people to be with you. You cannot raise the dead. It means that when important people depart your train don't hold onto anger or a grudge, heed the passengers that were traveling with you.

    Forgive them as your journey will keep on going and people will get on and off your train. In dreams, the train is your journey, your own destination. We are all onboard people's trains and may choose to depart. This dream is extremely good when we need to re-evaluate coming together for the purpose of completing our tasks in life. In life we call for no desire to excel at times, maybe right now you are enjoying the natural extension of your own being. Dreaming of a negative train dream can indicate that you are clarifying the design in your life, and you realize that you are in fact the creator of your own life. Maybe you imagine what life can be like when you achieve what you really want, and this is invigorating to realize that you create your own destiny. A train crash in a dream can mean that you blame someone else for things that go wrong in life, try to observe things. 

    What is the meaning of seeing a train in a dream?

    A dream of seeing an out-of-control train indicates that your power is being controlled. Trains generally mean that life problems are to be solved easily. The speed of the train can indicate possible problems in one’s life. To keep missing fast trains indicates that you are trying to achieve something in life. It points to trying to reach the impossible. If the train is old-fashioned, such as a steam train then people will likely ask you a number of favors. The fact that the steam train is speeding is connected to the haste of these people. To miss a train that is parked at the station and leaves before you are able to get on it indicates that a person will mention a great opportunity that may pass you by.

    To be the driver on a train suggests that you will need to be more in control going forward in matters related to the heart. To travel on a train which is going too fast suggests that you may have to lower yourself to make sure you finally get what you want to achieve. This can mean trying to find the time to do well on an important project or forgiving someone else. If the train is traveling without a track at the bottom and going fast this can suggest that people will be seeing you differently than you actually are. To see a train going into a tunnel can signify a false positive. Something in life may look great but in fact, it is not as good as you first thought.

    To dream of a train that has sleeping compartments indicates that you are going to have a long power struggle with someone in authority. To dream of being on a foreign train suggests that you need to try to curb your spending. Losing a train ticket in a dream suggests that you are worried about a problem that will go away with time.

    Being in charge of the train means that you wish to control other people’s lives too much. If you see a station or pass one on the train then this can mean that you will soon have an important trip to take. A freight train is a symbol of business. To dream of the freight train announces that things in life will get better and success will be yours. If the freight train crosses water (such as the channel) then international business affairs will be prosperous. To dream of the channel tunnel or a train that crosses countries or water suggests that someone will tell you something in confidence. It is important to keep a secret. If the train goes the wrong way in one’s dream this means that there will be a problem that will have nothing to do with you but may impact others.

    What do dreams about train stations mean? 

    Dreaming of a train station has many aspects from a spiritual dream perspective. This is about the creation of your life, your road, goals, patience, and influences in life. The train station is about delivering people cheaply from A to B, in spiritual terms it is about delivering your goals in life. Train stations in dreams should capture your imagination of how you structure your life. Let's think about it, train stations in dreams are about waiting for something important to happen in life, just like waiting for a train. The context in the dream of a train station plays an important role in dream interpretation. A busy, bustling, stimulating train environment (that is in constant movement) indicates spiritually that you are feeling overwhelmed at the moment. The more stimulating, colorful, and warmer the dream appears the busier your life will become. 

    Train stations always include platforms. Perhaps you saw the entire platform during the dream, or even the platform was lit or certain parts of the station. If you dream the train was already waiting at the platform concerned at its time of departure this dream means that you may feel that your desire in the process of becoming who you wish is manifesting. Dreaming of other passengers waiting with you at a train station can mean that you need to develop the habit of being happy to get what you want from life. Are you always yearning for something? But have not yet achieved what you want due to doubts? 

    What do dreams about train tracks mean? 

    Train tracks in a dream or railroad tracks can indicate the track of your life and the goals that you have. This can be associated with how you can patiently wait for something that you need in life. We all want to be joyously full of force and have clear goals towards the things we really "want" because the components of the universe are working in the background. Each track in your dream is a phase in life, of how you must focus on your own mapped out goals to achieve in life.

    Crossing a railroad or track in a dream can suggest that things are going to work in your favor. To see broken rail tracks in dreams is a message from your spirit guides that it is a good idea to take ownership of what is happening to you. Remember we are in charge of our own problems. Life can appear to be a constant struggle to balance between positive and negative programming in our own desires. This happens in all situations. Acceptance and the removal of judgment will help you to be proactive in your response to situations.

    Two people may think they are right, and they might be, but they only have their own perspectives. This dream is telling you to stay away from judgment, which will help you to see problems from your own perspective. There is always something to learn in life. Our inner voice can assist us in identifying the root cause and help us move on.

    A train crash in one’s dream is a rather disturbing experience and can even turn into a nightmare. The dream is connected to distant friends and it can suggest that others will give you problems in life. If you could see dead people as a result of the train crash then this can suggest that a friend that is close to you will ask for help. 

    What is a spiritual meaning of a dream of a train?

    In spiritual terms, it is important to understand the train represents the wheel of fortune on the tarot card. The wheel of fortune is associated with both bad and good luck, it can often indicate you are about to have a great stroke of luck or swift conclusion to your own problems. The dream of a train deals with how we navigate our life and more importantly karma. The trains are connected to our own personal struggles and long-term challenges in our life. Remember to express your gratitude when you see a train in your dream because of the cycles of life change and with that comes the difficulty to keep things under control. If things in life have not been smooth sailing recently then a dream of a train often appears.

    What do dreams about being on a train mean? 

    To see yourself traveling on a train during a dream indicates that you will start a new journey in life - this is a very positive dream. To see yourself sitting on a train indicates that you are going somewhere in regards to travel in waking life, sitting in a carriage can indicate the need to travel, widening your expectations. Often this dream can be perceived in a dreamy type of state, perhaps you just feel yourself chugging along on a train but it is blurry, in the dream you could alternatively be traveling with others, alone or with somebody you know or a stranger. 

    To see yourself on an underground train spiritually means that you are going to embark on a new connection in life. Remember that trains are all symbols of connections, trains in essence provide a faster and more stable future. This is something that you are bound to work towards if you see yourself traveling on a train. if the journey of the train is smooth, this is a dream of great luck ahead. However, if the journey was negative in any way, it means that you may be on the wrong train alternatively you missed it. Then this can indicate a new start on the horizon. 

    Maybe you feel lonely if you are alone on the train, which is a reflection of your feelings in an unhappy relationship with someone in your waking life. The distant landmarks on the horizon show the emotional distance you have to others, it is a symbol of your thoughts. 

    What does it mean to hear the sound of a train in a dream?

    Rail sounds in dreams can indicate that you will encounter a tender moment with someone. A speed trigger, chuff or diesel growl featured in a dream can indicate wise words from someone you trust in life. To hear the bell and whistle of a train in a dream indicates that you may have felt things were not going well and you have to call it a day on something important to you.

    What do dreams about being hit by a train mean? 

    Being hit by a train can be a traumatic nightmare-induced dream. Any dream involving injuries of any description or even death can symbolize transformation. Seeing somebody else being hit by a train can indicate that there is going to be a delay in a situation going forward. Traveling by train in real life can seem the safest way to conduct a journey. Today's trains are obviously much faster than early trains, and if you dream of accidents resulting in fatalities then this dream is about changing situations in life. Obviously, there have been hundreds if not thousands of fatal accidents throughout the world and in most cases, these are trains that travel at a high speed but they are not necessarily the cause of the accident. 

    Perhaps you dreamt that somebody is tied to a train track, run over by a train although a train crashes into you. Dreams such as these occurring can often cause us pain and sleeplessness in waking life. You may need to ask yourself whether you want to think more positively and whether you can override your own anxiety. First of all, let go of the fear that the train hitting you (or somebody else) and translate this into what you need to learn from this dream. I'm not saying that the dream should be mistaken for something bad, generally, this dream is about the symbolic subject of something just “hitting” you in life. Perhaps there is a blockage around the area of life that you are currently embarking on. The dream of a train hitting or crippling you can indicate that you need to release the fear of failing before you begin. The instinct of the dream being hit is about a new journey unself-consciously. It presents the new release of limiting factors that can keep you from being stagnant in life.

    What do dreams about being on a platform mean?

    The dream of standing on a platform is all about waiting for the right moment. Ask yourself what you need to learn at the moment in order to empower yourself better. What are you waiting for? Ultimately this dream is about putting you in the right direction in order to reach your goals. It is also a spiritual message that all things come to those who wait. Don't be afraid of doing things wrong, looking silly, or not knowing what is ahead of you. Standing at a platform can mean there's going to be a new journey awaiting, you must be brave and take the steps that you need in order to progress yourself. Remember that your higher self is part of what makes you feel like a limitless soul.

    Meaning of dreams where you are getting on or off a train or seeing an out-of-control train?

    To see yourself board the train is connected to taking responsibility for where you allow your mind to dwell. Are you ready for the journey ahead? It is also assigned to challenge your negative thoughts instead of letting them run on autopilot. Think about the train as a movement of your life going wrong and that getting on and off a train means that you are moving towards a much better place. There is something that you need to know, you can make your life so much more different, so much more inspiring and challenging if you just change your mindset in order to do so. This dream is encouraging you to clear out the attic that you have in your mind and throw away the clutter. Getting on a train means a new phase is coming and that it is not a time to feel anxious, worthless, or even afraid. What if you cannot get off the train? Maybe the train is a runaway train and out of control. If this is the case, the dream is asking you to take back control of your life.

    What do dreams about standing in a station mean?

    There are many different types of dreams where you could see yourself standing in a station. Maybe you are looking up at the timetable, all you are just standing waiting for a train. The dream itself is about shifting your spiritual thoughts into something that you are waiting for. It is very similar to the dream of a platform, I have outlined this above. It is telling you to look back to the challenges you have overcome and don't give up. To see other people, perhaps members of the public standing in a train station during a dream can mean that other people will have hidden beliefs that you may find uplifting and empowering in daily life.

    What do dreams about waiting for a train mean?

    If you find yourself waiting for a train, or perhaps you're at home packing and ready to go on a train journey then it is a time to trust your gut instinct. Try to access your instincts and inner child and wisdom, we need to push aside all the negativity in life and not be too distracted by others. Do you trust your inner self? Do you trust your instincts? This is about waiting for something amazing that's going to happen in your life. And also the key takeaway of the dream of waiting for a train is that you are the keeper of your deepest wisdom. You don't need to really wait for anything because you have the answers inside. 

    What do dreams about a locomotive mean?

    The locomotive is obviously a heavy haulage engine, a very powerful vehicle. In dreams, locomotives indicate the motive force for something important in your life. If we think about how the technology of trains has expanded in the modern era we can see that this dream is about our sources of energy. What are you using your energy for? There appears to be a lot of power in the dream and in the steam. Steam pumping from the train indicates the energy is electric that surrounds you at the moment. 

    Locomotives are quite rare in regard to existence today. It is not surprising that you might dream of coal as natural fuel for the locomotive train within your dream. To see a steam locomotive is a positive omen. This dream means that worries can no longer exist. As an archetype to the locomotive appears to shield you moving forward. Are you feeling safe, reassured, and happy right now? What parts of your life need love and protection? When the locomotive arrives, it unburdens you with your worries because it places issues in the context of the bigger picture in your life.

    What do dreams about driving a train mean?

    Driving a train in a dream reminds you that everything is going to be okay. Being in the driver's seat is a comforting omen, it asks you to shower neglected parts of your life with attention, honor, and care. After all, you're in control. Driving a train could be providing insight into your current situations in essence, through the lens of your own experiences from a spiritual perspective. 

    Sometimes driving a train can be connected to how you control people. Maybe it is a time whereby you need to control others in order to get to your goal and the destination that you want. As an adult you are the one who chooses your own traits that you wish to amplify, you also choose those people you wish to be around. If you listen to what I am trying to say then this dream about driving the train is all about choices in life. This could be choices of money, love, romance, safety or even understanding. The dream symbolism of driving the train is also about your fears and reminders that you exist in a massive universe that can give you plenty if you put your focus on what you really want.

    What do recurring dreams about trains mean?

    Many people have contacted me because they have recurring dreams of trains, I myself kept having dreams of trains when I worked in the city and went on one each day. The trains as a symbol in dreams can therefore be the fact that you are taking that journey in waking life alternatively could be that you need to be reminded of your plans, priorities, and projects. All of these things in your life need attention. Reoccurring dreams of trains are also reassuring that you are on the right road. You need to look at your insecurities which we don't often do as human beings.

    What does it mean to dream of a high-speed train?

    Dreaming of magnetic levitation or maglev trains (the fastest in the world) indicates your wheels of life are moving on rails. Think about the wheel of fortune tarot card - when decoding a dream of a fast-moving train. Think of the wheel as events in your life, turning as fast as you can - this is the true meaning of the dream. 

    The Acela is a high-speed train that runs from Boston to Baltimore, these trains run fast up to 150 miles per hour, and super fast trains in dreams indicate that there are many changes in the world just like the seasons. Fate and destiny are focused on this dream of an endless cycle of repeating situations in your life. When it's right and it's all messed up in life - you might see yourself on a fast-moving train. It is really important to consider the other elements of the dream, representing energetic influences in your life. Are you out of control? Do you dive into the pain that you have inside? Be thankful that this period in your life will soon diminish. 

    What do dreams about missing a train mean? 

    Missing a train in a dream is about missing opportunities in life. We all know and regret the things that were missed in life. Perhaps you are still in a cycle of regrets about your past actions, missing opportunities is often common when we dream of missing a train. This could be holding you back in your current life, especially through relationships and also looking at your emotional vulnerability. It is important that you go through a process of learning to let go of any of your regrets and try to find the key to breaking difficult cycles. This means that you will have a better chance in the future and prevent missed opportunities. 

    The first thing that you need to think about when you've had a dream of missing a train is accepting that you made a mistake. Perhaps you gave into your fear in life and missed the chance to do something that you might have enjoyed or loved. Often, we regret not developing relationships with other people. It could be that a love of your life you lost in the past would have been a much better fit for you instead you married somebody that you were not really compatible with. The most important thing is to not make excuses and don't pretend to be somebody you're not. This dream about missing the train is not only about dragging yourself down and regretting elements of your life, it is about how to learn something from the difficulties and the patterns of behavior that you have exhibited. Do you regularly pass on challenges? Do you sometimes feel that you don't have the confidence to be promoted for example? If there is a pattern that you have in your life this is a dream to show that you need to break it. These are the lessons that you need to learn from having a dream of missing a train. Think about your identity and forgive yourself in life and accept what is in the past is in the past. The most important thing is that we all make mistakes and sometimes we repeat these. The key takeaway of this dream is to have no regrets over your missed opportunities.

    What do dreams about getting on the wrong train mean? 

    To board the wrong train, traveling on a train that is going a different direction alternatively arriving at a stop that is not planned during a dream is accepting that there are areas of your life where you need time away. External noise often creates a crazy environment for us, in life, there are so many different noises that we hear every day such as news,  social media, text messages, emails, and general news. This is all part of our external environment and equally, it is sometimes difficult to listen to our inner voice. The dream of missing a stop is about missing the most important elements that you need in your life in order to move forward. To arrive at the wrong station can indicate that it is time to think about how you can properly focus your life in the right direction. Sometimes opportunities in life are not what we imagine them to be. Equally, these can be difficult and unrewarding. 

    The dream of getting off at the wrong station or arriving at a destination that is unfamiliar to you can suggest that it is very important for you to swiftly move in the right direction with life. In this dream patients are important, the flow of energy should be at peace within your body. If you think about the train it has an option of stopping at any time, the driver of the train is you and the train is your life. Think about how you control the pace and the speed of the train. There might be many hurdles in the way, you might want to break the speed limit or perhaps have unexpected breakdowns. You are responsible for these things happening, and this drives us to face situations.

    What does it mean to dream of a train crash?

    To be traveling on a train that is hit by another train or to witness a train collision suggests that you feel out of control in life. The actual “crash” is your feeling about a situation in your life. If you also see other modes of transport involved in the crash such as a taxi, bus, or car then all facets of your life may seem confusing and out of control at the moment.

    The crash can also indicate that it is best not to travel for a while. Accidents on a train can relate to business matters. In general, it is a warning. If you leave unhurt then the dream can suggest that you will meet a new acquaintance or renew an old friend.

    What does dreaming that the train arrived at the wrong destination?

    Arriving at the wrong destination in the dream is indicating that you need to stand up for your beliefs. You have been taken on one road in waking life. Try to respectfully assert your position, often these types of dreams occur when we've been overly passive. The dream itself portends to the need to create more structure in your life in order to arrive at the correct destination. Perhaps you are on a train and it splits in half and goes to a different location, alternatively, the dream can also indicate aggression if you are annoyed at getting off in the wrong place. If you don't recognize a place or destination where you've arrived it can indicate that you will feel secure in yourself that you need to define your place in the world.

    What does being crushed by a train in a dream mean?

    If you see yourself in another mode of transport, such as a car and you collide with a train or attentively you see your body get crushed by a train it indicates you need to take responsibility for your own actions. Perhaps you need to stand up and protect yourself more. It can suggest that you might be saying yes when you really mean no. It's very hard to create boundaries and this is the message of the dream in that if you see yourself being crushed or run over by a train it can indicate that you need to focus on respect for your inner and external well-being.

    What does a train accident mean in a dream?

    Accidents relating to trains in dreams indicate you might be feeling unstable in your life at this time. Perhaps the instability results from pro gratification on pressing matters in your life that require you to confront them. Sometimes this dream is there to alert you to embody the need to follow your heart. The dream itself is a wake-up call in order to defend, protect and promote all that you cater for. It also reminds you to step into a phase of life where you are not fooling yourself. If there are matters that require confrontation then do so. The train accident dream can also indicate that there might be a bump in the road in your life at the moment. You can overcome this. In truth, avoiding inner turmoil and anxiety is something that you need to focus on.

    What does a future high-tech train in a dream mean?

    Trains have come a long way since the olden times. If you dream of a trainer you don't recognize, perhaps a monorail train or something in the sky then this is a symbol that you need to meet your deadlines and take charge of your life. Often, dreaming of the future meeting needs to confront your finances and take care of that cavity. Dreaming of a train from the future is about self-control. You don't want to skyrocket your self-esteem at this time and it is important to remain focused on your own sense of order, self-confidence, and control. Trying to take charge of your life is a dream meaning if you are seeing a high-tech or advanced futuristic train.

    What does running after a train in a dream mean?

    Running after training the dream is connected to how you are feeling in regard to a work situation. Often these types of dreams occur when we are trying to achieve our goals. The running element indicates that you are trying to lay everything down in order to achieve. The most important takeaway from a dream of running after a train is to just dive in and change things that you feel are important. This is a dream of proactivity, meeting your deadlines, and taking charge of the situation. Perhaps you need to confront your finances or take care of your to-do list at work. Running after the train is about being focused on having the courage to do what is right.

    What does it mean to dream of being on a train with somebody else?

    If you dream that there is somebody sitting next to you on a train this dream can indicate that you are looking to expand your relationships and life. The dream itself is connected to how we socially interact with others. If you know the individual on the train then this can relate to that particular person in waking life. If there is a stranger with you on the train, or perhaps members of the public then this dream indicates that you are being heard right now. The dream of individuals on a train encourages you to ask whatever your heart and soul need right now. If it is a pleasant experience in the dream then the dream means that you are safely going to guide through a spiritual process over the coming weeks. This spiritual process could be enlightenment or understanding what you need from others.

    What does it mean to dream of a black train?

    The color black in dreams often is associated with negativity. It warns you against inflexibility. Seeing a black train can often be associated with your own beliefs in your life. There is perhaps a state of being rigid in regards to your journey of life. It is urging you to clarify and open your mind and become more flexible. The black train is probably one of the most common colors that we see, it is not necessarily a negative dream despite the fact the train is black. It really truly is about opening your mind.

    What does it mean to dream of a yellow train?

    Yellow trains in dreams represent sunshine, burdens that are released, and the need to feel heard in regard to the way forward. If you are in an unsolvable situation then a yellow training dream is a good omen. You might want to think about how you can bend more, in regards to your relationships with others. If somebody is irritating you right now then a yellow train dream means that you have what it takes to ensure that the relationship continues.

    What is it mean to dream of a silver or gold train?

    Both these metallic colors represent riches, happiness, and also healing. Both silver and gold are considered rich colors and are expensive and broaden the mind. To dream of a train of this color is a very fortunate omen. There are many different train companies that yield this color in America, such as the surf line from San Diego. Seeing a metallic-looking train is a positive omen and can indicate that you are going to be prosperous in the coming year.

    What does it mean to dream of a green train?

    Many trains in Seattle and also Chicago have green elements, seeing a green train represents that you need to be more in touch with nature. Green itself from a spiritual perspective is about how you do not miss opportunities in life. If the green color is bright as opposed to a bland army type of green then this represents happiness and fortune. To see a darker green train during your dream indicates the need in order to ground yourself in life from a spiritual perspective.

    What does it mean to dream of a blue train?

    Blue trains are very common in Great Britain, most trains historically are actually painted this color. In America, there are many different types of blue trains especially those that formed part of the US government. If you see one in your dream the blue train can represent your own emotions. If you are having problems with another person at the moment then try to embrace the part within you that can transcend always needing to be correct. The blue train is often associated with the messenger of the great mystery of life. It can often indicate that you need to communicate more and meditate in regard to the blue energy found in the throat chakra.

    What does it mean to dream of a red train?

    Red trains in dreams are often connected to how we navigate our anger on the journey of life, perhaps you need to take some time out from controlling people. When you do so allow all the answers to reveal themselves to you on your journey in life. Red trains are often representations of love in all its forms. You may find that you will be communicating more with lovers, family, friends, and also yourself. A red train reminds us that we can be who we want to be and that we also have choices in life.

    What does it mean to dream of a white train?

    A white train in a dream indicates you need to be able to open your heart completely to other people around you. White in spiritual terms also indicates peace and tranquillity. Are you able to place yourself in the right areas of your life at the moment? On occasions maybe try to limit yourself to five minutes on your phone in the morning, for example, we all spend so long on our digital phones, and white trains in dreams mean you need peace right now. How can you ensure peace?

    What is a dream of a toy train or miniature train mean?

    Spoken at length about real trains but to dream of a toy train is an interesting dream. It can mean that you are having difficulty truly loving yourself. Is this act the case? If you're able to open your heart and be completely honest about what you really want in life and how you feel then you'll be able to be much happier. Think about how we accept one another and strive for inner peace. Dreaming of playing with toy trains can represent the different aspects of you that must be brought into harmony. To see toy trains or miniature trains represents your state of harmony at the moment. It can mean that in time things are going to be much better and that you will feel more secure in your life.

    What does it mean to dream of a ghost train?

    Riding on a ghost train during the dream, perhaps often in a single carriage can indicate that you are feeling removed from other people in life. The ghost train as a dream symbolism suggests that you need to socialize more. As traditionally ghost trains are one carriage I have often an upbeat and often scary experience it could mean that you are not connecting with others and have hidden away in order to work out relationships.

    What does it mean to dream of buying a ticket for a train ride?

    Tickets in dreams represent that you are going to have a chance at something different in life. To buy a ticket at a ticket office for a train illustrates that it is time to restore harmony in your relationships. These could be either professional, romantic or family relations. You will also feel that you will free your mind from suffering and restore balance to your life.

    What does it mean to dream of the train workers/crew?

    To see a conductor in a dream, perhaps helping passengers or helping yourself can suggest that somebody is going to offer you an important opportunity in the future. To speak to or see the train driver, alternatively, engineers who are running the train can symbolize that there is somebody else who is in control of your life right now. Crew members featured on a train during the dream are a representation of how you are socially interacting with others at the moment. Are you giving people a chance for example?

    What is it mean to dream of railway signal systems?

    If you dream of a rail crossing, signal, or the actual mechanisms of a train are connected to you as a person. Think about how a train is run. This dream is about how complex you are finding your life right now. Spirit is telling you to avoid stress, giving to others reduces anxiety and this will naturally make you happy is the message. 

    What does it mean if a train is about to or runs you over?

    Ask yourself why you have a dream about the train (journey of your life) running yourself or someone else over. The symbolism in your dreams will reflect on you and your life. Remember that dreams are not meant to draw attention to something unless it is essential. If it is part of the story, it will mean something. Who is being run over? Why? There must be something in your waking life that needs attention (a relationship) if you dream of the train either trying to or running over you or someone else then focusing on your current relationships is the key spiritual message of this dream.

    What does a rail crossing mean in a dream?

    The dream of a rail crossing can simplify you're at the crossroads in life. Perhaps you were traveling in the car you had to stop due to a rail crossing. Alternatively, it can mean that you were trapped in a rail crossing and the train was coming - which would naturally induce panic. Often these dreams are connected to how we are feeling inside, maybe you are feeling up and down, and things like a rollercoaster in your life at the moment. 

    What does it mean to dream of an underground train?

    Underground trains in dreams are a very interesting symbolism The underground train indicates that there is something that is not at the surface. It could be that you are hiding an area of your personality, goal, or problem, this dream also implies that you are driving yourself crazy about something in waking life. This could highlight the imbalance or the disconnect that you are feeling about people around you.

    What does it mean to dream a train is hijacked?

    If you are on a train that is hijacked (or simply out of control) then this means that disharmony will most likely surface in your current relationships. Perhaps it is simply to think that other people always have the problem, the dream is trying to force you to ask yourself is a problem with you or them. Try to reflect on your own part in the dramas of life that may unfold over the coming year. This isn't necessarily a negative dream, if you saw terrorists or people hijacking the train this is about somebody hijacking your own emotions in life.

    What does it mean if a train is unable to break and is running away out of control?

    If we think about the train it is a very powerful piece of machinery. Early trains often used hand brakes as opposed to them being automatic. If the brakes have an issue in the train dream then this could suggest the need to put a break on something in your life. This could be a relationship or goal. I'm not necessarily saying that you need to remove people from your life you just need a break. You need to be on your own, a bit like the hermit on the tarot card. It's time to retreat in order for you to find peace.

    Summary - dream about trains

    In Buddhism there are many important spiritual messages, such as that we should not be too attached to things in life and that we need to appreciate what happens in our life right now. People pass, we get old, we move on and these are all part of our train journey. If we look at Dahmmaphada it states that we need to desire the right things in life. The train in dreams is positive, this is how you navigate life. How one desires and moves forward on the journey of life. We all desire a certain amount of love and it is important to make sure that we need to train our minds and open ourselves up to other people's actions. In summary, think about how you can make things in life. 

    In this dream meaning below, I have covered the following dreams?

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    • What does the symbol of a train mean in a dream?
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      What does it mean to dream of a ghost train?
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    • What does a rail crossing mean in a dream?
    • What does it mean to dream of an underground train?
    • What does it mean to dream a train is hijacked?
    • What does it mean if a train is unable to break and is running away out of control?

    In your dream, you may have

    • Been traveling on a train that is out of control.
    • Rushed to the train to then get on and be frightened.
    • Traveled through the air in a train.
    • Experienced problems with the train.
    • Fast train may go the wrong way.
    • A fast train in a tunnel.
    • Been the driver of the train.
    • Missed the train.
    • Had a relaxing journey.

    Positive changes are afoot if

    • The train was out of control but ended up being a rather pleasant experience.
    • The dream resulted in peace and happy times.

    By Flo Saul
    Jan 8, 2015