Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

We often dream moments that make us fell comfortable in real life.

This transposition of real events in our dreams may signify our hidden desires for a better life. Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to gather with the entire family around the table, enjoying the calm and relaxing atmosphere created by being surrounded by one’s loved persons. Dreaming the day of thanksgiving may signify the need of love in one’s life or the need to show more love for the others.

Several dreams involving thanksgiving could be

  • Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Thanksgiving day preparations.
  • Missing guests for thanksgiving dinner.
  • Ruined thanksgiving day.
  • Mysterious thanksgiving guest.

What these dreams mean

If you dream that you are with your family around the table, having your thanksgiving dinner than it means that you are happy with your family life. You have a caring family that you can count on. This dream is more like a reflection of your life and of the connections you have with the ones around you. You do not want to change something in your life, you like it just as it is.

If you dream that you are in charge with all the Thanksgiving Day preparations it means that you feel you are a bit exploited in your family. The responsibilities that you have are a bit too much for you and you are trying to find a way to share the things that are bothering you with the ones that are closest to you.

If in your dream there is a missing guest for the thanksgiving diner and you are sad about it than it is possible that in real life you love someone that does not know or share your feelings. If the person missing is not very important for you it might signify the exact opposite: someone is in love with you and you did not realize it until now. Also, you might feel the need to thank someone for something good that he/ she has done for you but it is impossible for you to reach that person now.

If you have a nightmare about how your thanksgiving day was ruined and you find it difficult to understand how that could happen than it means you had some bad experiences in you past. Either you worked too hard for something and you were not satisfied by the results or you have the feeling that whatever you do is not good enough for the ones around you. This dream could also be a warning, letting you know that sometimes it is better to just let things happen.

If you dream that a mysterious thanksgiving guest has arrived at your place it might mean that someone new will show in your life also. If you are single it is possible that you find the half of your life or the one that will slowly lead you to find it. Still, if you are engaged, this is a sign that something might not work in your relationship and that you need to talk to your partner about other possible connections he/ she might have.

Like any other dreams, dreaming about the Thanksgiving Day may involve different feelings, because they are strongly connected with what happens to us in real life. These feelings may be of trust, lack of trust, self confidence, love, deceptions or desire to accomplish something big in one’s life.

By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2013