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Dreaming of Jesus is going to mean different things to different people based on their feelings or beliefs about Jesus. Christians will view Jesus as a salvation or in a reverent way and will have completely different feelings than a person of another religion or no religion.

You need to judge your own views on Jesus before applying any dream interpretation and be honest about your own feelings.


In this dream you may have...

  • See Jesus on the cross or carrying a cross.
  • Have a debate about the bible.
  • See a man that looks like Jesus.
  • Are Jesus.
  • Know or talk to Jesus in your dream.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • Are blessed by Jesus.
  • Are forgiven by Jesus.
  • Are faithful to Jesus.
  • Are kind to Jesus.

Detailed dream meaning...

Often dreams of Jesus will revolve around sinning, guilt, or being thankful for his sacrifice. In these kinds of dreams your own actions are suspect and you want to consider the ways in your life in which you re needing spirituality or feeling like guidance is needed. Even if you aspire to be like Jesus, are an apostle in a dream, or are called to Jesus, these dreams ultimately will revolved round your own feelings about Jesus and what is personally going on in your own waking world.

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Consider the ways that you feel like you need salvation in your life and where you have been lacking. Understand that we all have lulls in spirituality and we all make mistakes. Forgiveness is available through Jesus but this is also relatable to being forgiven by another, seeking forgiveness, or giving your own forgiveness to someone else.

Being blessed by Jesus (or any important prophet) is a sign of needing spiritual counsel. When you are reaching out to the divine in a dream consider ways in which you are feeling spiritually poor in your own life.

Having feelings of anger or hatred towards Jesus are signs of being overly critical of yourself. When you are blaming another in a dream, especially a person that you have reverence for then you ought to be warned about how you are treating yourself. These dreams are reflections on how you see yourself or how you feel that others are seeing you.

When you dream about being against Jesus or angry with Jesus and you are non-Christian in your beliefs this can indicate strong feelings towards the followers of a faith rather than towards Jesus himself. You may not even believe in Jesus as a saviour or prophet in your waking world and see him in your dream. When you have dreams like this then you want to consider your own feelings towards people of the Christian faith and the deeper meaning of the actions.


If you dream that you die and you meet Jesus, this is a mixed omen about your own health. Dreaming of dying is usually a positive meaning in a dream but when you dream of passing over or being directed to the light or something like this then there is an indication of failing health. Speaking with Jesus about a loved one can indicate health concerns or worry.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Being spiritual
  • Salvation
  • Needing spiritual guidance
  • Intense feelings
  • Health concerns

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Jesus…

Blessed. Impressed. Happy. Kind. Saved. Wary. Disbelief. Shock. Awe. Pride. Admiration. Safe. Secure. Love. Faith. Adoration. Respect. Anger. Disgust.


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