Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Jesus communicates and when we sleep we often pay attention to our own subconscious mind.

This is because you are relaxed and are likely to listen to the messages given to us. It is true to say that your subconscious mind is open to information. The face of Jesus is the most ironic face in the world especially in Christianity. The face of Jesus has been the main source of happiness and comfort for many people across the world for centuries. It is rather difficult for me to interpret this dream as I do feel it is important and that you are connecting with your own inner comfort.

The face of Jesus has appeared in so much artwork over the years. Your dream could mean that you have seen this particular artwork. The presence of Jesus in dreams can indicate that you have spiritual senses and you need to think about transformation. Since the times of Ancient Egypt there have been messages written in cryptography. The bible, (specifically the old testament) is the focus of unlocking the meaning of life. Seeing Jesus can at times reveal that you are being pulled to learn about him through scripture.

Jesus touches all of us one by one. Seen in dreams he may be calling you. Men of God in the Old Testament had a number of visions and dreams. Daniel saw visions and also Egyptian pagan kings. If we look back at history, there is a vast amount of information in Egyptian records about dreams of visions. Many that have many factors that direct messages from beyond mankind. Surprisingly, Egyptian rulers normally had their dreams analyzed when they were looking at building a template for a new god. There was in face an archaeological find in the Pyramids that revealed a scribe called Kenhirkhopeshef which was known as a “dream book.” The book was divided into good and bad dreams.

Often dreams of Jesus will revolve around sinning, guilt, or being thankful for his sacrifice. In these kinds of dreams your own actions are suspect and you want to consider the ways in your life in which you are needing spirituality or feeling like guidance is needed. Even if you aspire to be like Jesus, are an apostle in a dream, or are called to see Jesus, these dreams ultimately revolve round your own feelings about Jesus/ Consider the ways that you feel like you need salvation in your life and where you have been lacking. Understand that we all have lulls in spirituality and we all make mistakes. Forgiveness is available through trusting God or Jesus but this is also relatable to being forgiven by another, seeking forgiveness, or giving your own forgiveness to someone else.

Being blessed by Jesus (or any important prophet) is a sign of needing spiritual counsel. When you are reaching out to the divine in a dream consider ways in which you are feeling spiritually poor in your own life. Having feelings of anger or hatred towards Jesus are signs of being overly critical of yourself. When you are blaming another in a dream, especially a person that you have reverence for then you ought to be warned about how you are treating yourself. These dreams are reflections on how you see yourself or how you feel that others are seeing you.

When you dream about being against Jesus or angry with Jesus and you are non-Christian in your beliefs this can indicate strong feelings towards the followers of a faith rather than towards Jesus himself. You may not even believe in Jesus as a savior or prophet in your waking world and see him in your dream. When you have dreams like this then you want to consider your own feelings towards people of the Christian faith and the deeper meaning of the actions.

If you dream that you die and you meet Jesus, this is a mixed omen about your own health. Dreaming of dying is usually a positive meaning in a dream but when you dream of passing over or being directed to the light or something like this then there is an indication of failing health. Speaking with Jesus about a loved one can indicate health concerns or worry.

Is the dream good or bad?

Jesus seen in our dreams (according to ancient Egyption scripture) is a positive omen and indicates that we are trying to comfort ourselves (from within) and the image of Jesus can be connected to communication. As a symbol, this dream indicates joy and comfort. It also gives one hope of a bright tomorrow. Seeing Jesus engaging with you (maybe he is smiling or acknowledging you indicates you need to find your path in life) and through time things will work out well. I do feel that Jesus is a positive omen. I do feel personally feel that seeing Jesus in dreams is good. To dream of Jesus (in older dream books) indicates greater achievements, positive emotions and hope. Seeing Jesus in a dream can help you experience God both today and also eternally. The dream I believe indicates ones everlasting closeness to God. Seeing Jesus in dreams can take many forms and can be somewhat overwhelming. Holding a biblically perspective can help us understand the dream meaning.

Why have I had a dream of Jesus?

The dream of Jesus may be significant and also divine. Spiritual dreams are often connected to messages or angels can communicate with us during sleep. Seeing God in a dream is often connected with religious scripture. Returning to the Bible, specifically the Prophet Jacob he dreamt of angels visiting our earth. There was also a portal called “Jacob's ladder” which was a symbolism of dimensions between God and mankind. God and Jesus can reach us at any point through a dream and if you are seeking guidance this could be positive inspiration. Jesus and God can communicate with you in dreams for many different reasons:


if we turn to Neils Bohr, he had a dream about the structure of an atom. Interestingly, it turned out that the structure he dreamed about was true. God and Jesus can provide us with positive inspirations through our dreams.


if we are undertaking a difficult challenge of life, Jesus may appear in our dream for guidance. The dreams will help us overcome emotional problems and also help us face areas of life. Any angelic messengers may come to you in a dream.

When Jesus dream is not related to dreams

If you see Jesus in your dream, perhaps you have given hope about something that’s bothering you. Alternatively, to see Jesus in your dream may reflect a lack of self-confidence and discomfort. Perhaps you have a different opinion and understanding of something that’s not accepted by many? Or you feel social pressure. Negatively, Jesus can appear when one experiences a trauma and needs guidance.

Is seeing Jesus in a dream related to religion?

If you’re religious person, dreaming of Jesus may reflect your beliefs. Perhaps you have done something in life that is focused on you and this is a dream reminding you of comfort. Either way, this dream reflects your thoughts and beliefs about Jesus. Religion naturally connects people together and boosts love.

Dreaming of Jesus face what it means?

Many of you have contacted me over the last year after seeing the actual face of Jesus in a dream. Such a dream symbolizes aims, achievements, victory, love, and satisfaction. The face of Jesus in dreams represents satisfaction and strength. This dream can mean that you are feeling peaceful and you’re ready to enjoy life. Negatively, the dream can be associated with one’s sins and redemption.

Dream of a picture of Jesus what does it mean?

To see a picture of Jesus in your dream means that if you are religious you are fully devoted to your religion and you believe in God. Maybe you’re currently going through a difficult time and you need Jesus to give you hope. However, to see Jesus in your dream is one thing and to see his picture is another. This dream symbolizes the purity and divinity of a person you fully trust and respect. Alternatively, your dream reflects your dignity and high self-esteem.

What does seeing Jesus in the sky mean in a dream?

If you witnessed Jesus in the sky in your dream, it’s a positive omen. It might also symbolize comfort and happiness. If Jesus is standing next to you in the dream, it means you’re by good luck and you’re protected from above. In some dream dictionaries seeing Jesus floating in the sky indicates that you may have a guardian angel watching over you. To see Jesus coming down from the sky represents your heart and hopes.

What does seeing Jesus on the cross mean?

In Christianity the cross is a symbol of something missing in life. In the spirit world, the cross indicates perfection and that it is time to enjoy life. Jesus sacrificed himself on a cross and suffered for people’s sins. If you saw Jesus on the cross in your dream, it reflects faith and trust. If you’re currently facing a challenge in daily life, then the “cross” can sometimes appear in dreams. On a more positive note, the cross is a symbol of a crossroads or a positive change in the future.

What does it mean to dream of seeing baby Jesus?

If you see baby Jesus in your dream it represents reflection. In older dream books the dream foretells a new miracle happening soon. Maybe you will experience something you’ve never experienced before. Or you’ll overcome a difficult challenge or complex issue without much effort.

What is the biblical meaning of dreaming of Jesus?

According to the Bible, if you dream of Jesus, you’re probably living your life in the right way. If you are facing difficulties or fighting against an enemy at the moment, this dream means that God has your back and he wants you to know this. Don’t be afraid to think with your own head and question your beliefs.

To see Jesus resurrected in your dream means that your goals and plans will finally realize. In older dream books this means you will achieve goals. Maybe you’ll have to deal with evil and negative people on the way to success and overcome certain issues and challenges but everything will work in your favor. You’re about to achieve a huge victory. If Jesus spoke to you or prayed next to you in your dream, it symbolizes joy, inner peace, and absolute happiness. You’ll find happiness in the place you least expect.

What does seeing Mary and Jesus mean in a dream?

If you dream of Mary and Jesus, it can represent your own parents or times as a child. To see Mary can mean a strong connection you have with a female figure in your life, possibly your mother. Alternatively, if you dream of Mary and Jesus and it turns out to be a nightmare, it reflects your lack of trust in a female in your life.

What does it mean to dream of God and Jesus?

For this dream meaning I researched some ancient dream books. They were quite interesting. If you dreamed of God and Jesus, it can indicate that you’re placed in a position where you have to choose between two important things in your life. Therefore, you have an important choice to make that will influence your future. However, no matter what choice you make it will be the correct one. Alternatively, the dream reflects God and Jesus as protection figures. Such a dream can indicate that you are reminded that both God and Jesus love and support you in new things. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

What does it mean if you are Muslim and dream of Jesus?

Some users have mailed me about this dream and have been a bit confused as to why they are dreaming of Jesus. Therefore I am going to answer this as best I can. In early 2007 there was a study that interviewed 600 Muslims regarding dreams of Jesus. And, about a quarter of Muslims converted to Christianity, because they encountered a dream of God or Jesus. It was not clear if there were any other migrating factors in this study. Many dreams of those reported include Jesus speaking in scripture, even words that they have not heard before. Jesus giving advice or instructions. Or, a person in white appearing in the dream. Jesus appearing in your dream (no matter what religion you are) symbolizes a kind heart and pure hope of peace.

How can you meet Jesus in your dream?

Many people have tried to meet Jesus in dreams. God’s power will come to you when you least expect it. If you desperately want Jesus to appear in your dream, there is a few things you can do, such as thinking of him before you go to sleep.

What do vivid dreams of Jesus mean?

Sometimes we have vivid dreams of Jesus which symbolizes our inner thoughts in life. If we look to Joel he was associated with Joel 2:28-29 “it is connected to my spirit on flesh, your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions. Even on the male and male servants in those days I will pour out my spirit.” Peter also had a vision from God 10:9-16. “The next day, as they were on their journey and approaching the city, Peter went up on the housetop about the sixth hour to pray. And he became hungry and wanted something to eat, but while they were preparing it, he fell into a trace…. and there can be a voice to him: Rise, Peter, kill and eat.”

We all need to look to God for comfort in life. God gives to us in life. Some people believe and others don’t. We all hold the ability at night to dream. In the bible dreams of Joseph interpreted the Egyptian Pharaoh dream which is found in Genesis 41. This is when Joseph was put in prison and Pharaoh helped Joseph escape. However, you’re already witnessing a miracle and you don’t even know it. Think about this question and answer to yourself: Aren’t you a miracle? Aren’t you perfectly imperfect? Isn’t everything, including life, a miracle?

What does a nightmare about Jesus mean?

Sometimes you may dream of Jesus and it turns out to be a nightmare. Negatively talking, having vivid dreams of Jesus signifies sorrow. Perhaps you’ve committed a sin that you’re deeply sorry. However, being sorry isn’t good enough to clear your conscience. It’s time to make things right and apologize in order to feel better again.

If you have vivid dreams about Jesus, it represents good friends, good luck and being surrounded by positive things that make you happy. You’re a lucky person, even if you refuse to believe that. However, soon your life will turn around and you’ll never be the same again. Your wildest dreams will finally come true and you’ll start loving life again.

Summary of dreams about Jesus

Dreaming of Jesus has a special meaning. If your dream is pleasant and you notice Jesus face in your dream, it means that you’re full of happiness and you’re finally ready to live your life to the fullest. If you see Mary and Jesus in your dream, you’re probably in need of advice. Perhaps you want to establish a stronger relationship with a family member or improve the relationship you have with your mother. If you see Jesus on the cross in the dream this is a positive omen.

Dreaming about Jesus might also foretell a realization of hopes and dreams. Maybe you will realize some of your biggest goals and find happiness in the most unexpected place. Dreaming of Jesus is going to mean different things to different people based on their feelings or beliefs about Jesus. Christians will view Jesus as a salvation or in a reverent way and will have completely different feelings than a person of another religion or no religion.

You need to judge your own views on Jesus before applying any dream interpretation and be honest about your own feelings.

In this dream you may have

  • See Jesus on the cross or carrying a cross.
  • Have a debate about the bible.
  • See a man that looks like Jesus.
  • Are Jesus.
  • Know or talk to Jesus in your dream.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Are blessed by Jesus.
  • Are forgiven by Jesus.
  • Are faithful to Jesus.
  • Are kind to Jesus.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Being spiritual
  • Salvation
  • Needing spiritual guidance
  • Intense feelings
  • Health concerns

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Jesus

Blessed. Impressed. Happy. Kind. Saved. Wary. Disbelief. Shock. Awe. Pride. Admiration. Safe. Secure. Love. Faith. Adoration. Respect. Anger. Disgust.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012