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The shirt in a dream refers to your inner thoughts.

Oh right. What a dream. So maybe you wore a shirt or you were buying one. There is something that is interesting that I came across when researching this dream meaning. One can be a “stuffed shirt” that is struggling to acknowledge new ideas. Think about other icons in the dream, such as color, feeling, and the situation with the shirt to get to a more precise interpretation. To dream that you have a clean shirt means you will get lucky. If you dream of a shirt without buttons, this suggests that you will argue with a relative. Losing a shirt without buttons means you will be sad, for a while according to older dream lore.

Detailed dream interpretation

The shirt in a dream portends good health. This dream refers to the way you would like to see yourself in the world. Its negative aspect is a fear that you might not be able to create the image you would like for yourself or that you could actually lose this image. A shirt also symbolizes strong sexual needs that you have been suppressing for a while and the fear that these might come out in public.

A shirt is associated with your emotionality and the feelings that are not adequate to express. The shirt symbolizes possible disappointments and failures ahead. If you are wearing a torn or a dirty shirt, this means your effort will not only make any difference in your life for a while but also that you lead a frivolous and superficial life. A clean shirt represents the fact that other people might blame you for staying away and not getting involved with others or not helping others.

Dreaming of washing a shirt means that you want to look good in public. Ironing a shirt indicates that you are being admired. A shirt could be an omen for a possible erotic adventure ahead. Many shirts displayed in your dream suggest that you should be more sociable and spend more time with your friends. This dream can also portend new friendships coming your way. If you carry a shirt, this means your secrets might come out. Seeing yourself walking around wearing a shirt tells you to look around for new and happy love. If your shirt is stained, this foretells inconvenience and troubles. In general wearing, a dirty shirt is a warning of people trying to deceive you.

For the most part, dreams of shirts have unpleasant consequences. For example, if you see a torn shirt, it means poverty. If you dream of stripping a shirt, it is a sign of illness or offense. The dream is favorable only when you are dressing in a shirt. In this case, the message is that your life will improve. A white shirt in your dream is the sign of luck. If you are wearing a white shirt, you will need hope in the future. Having a shirt is usually a good sign. A male shirt portends marriage. A cotton shirt means a devastating change is coming your way, but you will be able to cope with it and find the right solutions. Taking off your shirt in a dream indicates sadness, illness and possible death.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of shirt

Happy. Enjoying. Having fun. Content. Barred. Upset. Scared. Sad.

Your dream

  • You see a white shirt.
  • You are dressing a shirt.
  • You have a shirt.
  • A male shirt.
  • A cotton shirt.
  • You take off your shirt.
  • A silk shirt.
  • An inside-out shirt.
  • A wool shirt.
  • A shiny shirt.
  • An expensive shirt.
  • A dirty shirt.
  • Various colors shirts.
  • Lots of shirts.
  • You are washing a shirt.


  • You are happy with your shirt.
  • Your shirt is clean.
  • Your shirt is not broken.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012