Old man

Old man

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An old man in the dream is an archetypal figure according to Carl Jung.

This dream is associated with gaining the knowledge and wisdom of the “old man” in real life. The dream is associated with the father or mother. In society family life is effected due to divorce, workaholic, or even any other psychological dysfunctions that run in families. The mind is more likely to search for the missing elements during dreams. Many times, these characters personify and affirm an inner supply of wisdom that's been written off from the mind. It can be that you're faced with an issue or problem and a solution escapes you in waking life. However, another solution to difficulty which you see as conservative may be successful.

In your dream...

  • The old man featured in a your dream
  • The old man asked for help in the dream.

Are you ambivalent regarding the supposed wisdom of your seniors regarding life decisions you're presently facing? Are you trying to find or lack wisdom which would help fulfill your life goals?

If the old man was wise he often appears when you have to trust in your own instincts. The old man is associated with not only gaining knowledge but also forgiving others. To see an old man die in a dream suggests that you are prone to focus on your own inner wisdom. This dream could be a sign in regards to moving forward with a project at work. To marry an old man in a dream suggests that you are facing some difficult times ahead.

The actions of the old man are important in a dream. If this old man, for instance, is sitting in a chair and enjoying coffee while reading a paper this is a dream to take things more slowly in your waking life and to see wisdom from those around you. If you know an older man in your waking life such as a father, uncle, or boss then to dream of them is common.

When an old man is asking you for help in a dream this is a sign that you need to be more careful in your own life about whom you trust or that you cannot trust your own instincts.

The old man is also representative to paying more attention to your environment, your work, and health in the waking world. To dream that you are old or older man is a warning of learning more in life. Examine areas in your life where you are not paying enough attention in life.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012