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Did you have a dream of asthma? Perhaps you even woke up coughing! Asthma in dreams is quite interesting. It very much depends on whether you have asthma in waking life.

Right, for those of you that visit this site regularly you will know that some of my dreams come true. This has led me on the path in life to uncover what dreams really mean. Let me introduce myself, my name is Flo hello! Right, without delay let's look at what asthma means in your dream!

As a child I suffered greatly with asthma. In adulthood the dream of asthma for me has occurred once or twice. My first question is: do you have asthma in waking life? If so, this dream might just be literal but to dream of asthma when you have never suffered from it in any respect indicates emotional problems. I believe that in life we are all meant for success however having this dream indicates you have been struggling to emotionally connect with others. Asthma dreams are generally appear in our sleep when there are possible tension and stress in life. In older dream dictionaries to have asthma indicates that you are feeling oppressed. In some respects, you are blindfolded to the truth.

Ah, I have forgotten to define it! Well, asthma is a respiratory condition which causes one to whizz in the bronchi of the lungs making it difficult to breathe. Hypersensitivity normally causes it. If you have a dream where you are having an asthmatic attack it denotes that you might be developing an illness. You need to take early precautions like making yourself warm to avoid this attack happening in your waking life.

Ancient dream dictionaries suggest that dreaming of asthma is connected to illnesses. Namely, tuberculosis. Take care when handling food and any other substances while in public domain; make sure that you wash your hands before taking meals. A dream about asthma could also imply that you are encountering struggles in life which are making you feel stressed; you are struggling for your survival? You might be in a relationship where you are feeling... smothered, or suffering from some form of anxiety. It is a dream which can arise due to a physical problems that you are facing thus a response to the anxiety leads to health problems.

Detailed dream interpretation:

To have asthma in waking life and to dream of this condition indicates confusion and oppressive ideas. To have asthma in waking life into a dream of the condition indicates that you have taken on all the sorrows of the world. Any type of asthma attack in the dream is a suggestion that you feel controlled by others. Asthma can also suggest that you are finding it very difficult financially. Unless the oppressed dreamer takes action negativity will affect their life. Try to take good care of yourself. On a very different level and ax murder

A situation where you dream that you had asthmatic attack can suggest that you will have "difficulties and troubles" that may appear in life. Sorry, I know not positive! If you suffer a coughing attack in the dream it could mean that you will overcome the difficulties and become successful. At the end of the day, my interpretation is that it is a warning dream. After the dream takes place, you should make sure that you are careful: be it your goals or at your workplace or in a relationship. Quite a rare dream to have in my opinion, but if you are coughing up blood in a dream then you need to be more committed to the truth. You may have told white lies in the past but don't we all if it is for the greater good.

What is the general meaning of dreaming of an inhaler?

To break your asthma inhaler suggests that you should not trust anyone. A dream where you are unable to find an inhaler can indicate that you need to be careful in the manifestation of your own feelings. You need to take charge of the situations however tough they are and handle them with care. That is the only way you will be able to avoid stress. When you are giving an inhaler to someone in your dream, it is symbolic with that you will be able to help a trusted friend with a difficult situation. If you buy an inhaler or visit a pharmacy in your dream, it is symbolic! To loose an inhaler in a dream can indicate that you will be able to pass a difficult test which you will overcome due to your strength. So good for you! If you dream that you are being treated using an inhaler, it denotes that, you are one person who shows a lot of indulgence to those around you. If the inhaler breaks in your dream, it shows that whatever you are struggling to do is in vain. If a doctor recommends that you use an inhaler in your dream, it implies that there is success ahead of you once you finish your immediate goals. Though it might involve some risk-taking; if you are pregnant, it denotes that you will have an easy delivery.

What is the general dream of asthma?

Dreaming of having asthma is a symbol that you will have a major change in your life. There is something which is about to happen which will change your life drastically, with the outcome being unpleasant. It could also be a sign that you are developing a health condition. Thus, you need to be keen to any signs that could indicate a problem with your body. Go for a medical checkup or just relax in life! When you dream that you are overcoming an asthma attack, it means that you are on your way to success after overcoming some obstacles in your life. Yes, you could be on your way of overcoming problems that are coming between you and your goals.

What does it mean to see others coughing in a dream?

To see others coughing in a dream is connected to your actions in life. In my view, it spiritually means you need a clear course of action in life. If there is more than one person coughing in a dream then eventually your self-confidence will return and you will overcome any problems. Seeing someone die from an asthmatic attack in your dream is a sign that someone close is causing insecurity and emotionally instability. The stress is so much that for others - it difficult to associate with you because, you emit negative energies toward them, slowing down everything. You need to try and change your view of life in general and live in harmony with others.

What does it mean if you cannot breathe in your sleep?

If you dream that you cannot breathe in your sleep this can be worrying! Spiritually, it denotes that, there is something in your waking life which is causing a lot of difficulties and thus, making you unable to cope generally. If there is something stressing you out you need to look for a solution to it before it goes out of control. Now, did you know that dreams capture your unconscious thoughts? The thoughts which you are unable to capture in your waking life. Having too many responsibilities can cause problems in your life. Such as a lack time for yourself! Yes, such problems in waking life can cause such a dream to occur. It is a reflection that you mind is troubled. If you are exhausted when you are awake it means you need to rest more. The dream could also just be an indication that you are sleeping in an uncomfortable position. This position that is causing you to have problems with your breathing. Or it could be that you did something uncomfortable before going to sleep. If you have asthma and you dream of being unable to breathe, it could denote that, you are thinking or worrying over a problem all the time. Chill out!

What does it mean to dream of a blue or brown inhaler?

A blue inhaler is used to relieve and immediately rescue an asthma attack. So if you dream of a blue inhaler in your dream, it symbolizes that you are a person who waits until problems have weighed you down before looking for a solution. Yes, this dream is a warning! Waiting for things to solve themselves can be dangerous because it could lead to an irreversible thing which might completely ruin your life. Try to avoid issues as much as you can because not all solutions work. That is my advice! Seeing a brown (preventative) inhaler in your dream is symbolic of being able to manage your life well and thus, you prevent possible problems from happening. A brown inhaler is usually used to manage the symptoms of asthma and prevent an attack from occurring. Therefore, you need to make sure that, you tackle issues head on before they develop into anything more serious.

What does it mean to need an inhaler in a dream?

If you see yourself in school and are in need of an inhaler, it denotes that, there are issues to be tackled in your life which are originating from the past and which can only be sorted by some trusted friends. You need to watch out for negative friends in life. Otherwise, it will be hard to move through “your own” obstacles. If you dream that you have woken up and find yourself asthmatic it symbolizes that there are issues which if not sorted out in your life. You might find yourself in a tight situation that will leave you stressed due to too many responsibilities heaped on you.

Thank you for visiting my interpretation of this dream and don't forget to come again, why not try out a few of my oracles to learn more about your future. Love Flo x

In this dream:

You had an asthma attack. You could not find an inhaler. You were trying to give someone else the inhaler. Another person died of the asthma attack. You had asthma. You could not breathe. You could see a brown inhaler. You could see a blue inhaler. You were at school and needed an inhaler. You woke up asthmatic. You needed an inhaler. Other people had an inhaler. You could not find your inhaler.

Feelings Associated with the Dream:

Detached. Fear. Strong. Visionary. Attentive

By Florance Saul
Jun 28, 2017