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Elderly people can appear in our dreams in so many ways! Dreaming about old people, or if you are aging yourself, may have several different meanings. An old man can symbolize wisdom and forgiveness, and an old woman -- life and death. In general, aging may represent wisdom that a person acquires through experience. Now, I believe that rhe dream may also be giving you a message in regard to life's lessons. If you have identified that you are aging in your dream it means that you are starting to become wise in life. Hello, by the way. I am Flo and a psychic living in England. Yes, I have had this strange dream when I looked into a mirror and my whole face turned old. In fact, I was an old women in the dream. I put this down to "fear" of getting old in waking life.

Now, there are certain spiritual meanings connected to this dream. This may be a good time for you to apply some of your experience and knowledge in a current situation. This dream may also be a reflection of your concerns about aging. If you are thinking about your mortality and do not welcome maturing and age, the dream may be bringing out some of your worries and/or vanities.

What does it mean to age in a dream?

To see yourself ageing in a dream can signify that you need to have more experience in life. I can understand that it can be rather shocking to see yourself getting old in a dream, and I am looking at analyzing this dream from the spiritual perspective. We often need to turn to our own internal thoughts when we have a dream of getting old in a dream. Are you happy and content in the dream? If you were this is a positive omen and indicates that you will overcome any sadness in life. Yes, we all are getting old but this dream means you have the experience now. To see your face ageing in a dream can indicate that you need to understand others better.

What does it mean to be extremely old in a dream?

Being extremely old in your dream is a suggestion that you feel you are missing something from life, this dream could represent new beginnings. This could perhaps highlight the way we feel about others or the wisdom that we have internally. Don’t worry! this is all about how you feel inside about yourself.

What does it mean to see somebody that is middle-aged in a dream?

In these types of dreams, being extremely old represents “wisdom” in life. However if you see a middle-aged person in a dream it means prosperity: You could have seen yourself, your parents alternatively somebody that is your boss age in a dream. It is a positive dream, as I said before.

Culturally middle-aged now is attributed to how we are feeling in life. Are you feeling secure in life? I put this down to the fact that house prices are very high and difficult in this modern world, yes, it is difficult to achieve what the latter generation achieved. Ok I am middle aged myself, and we all encounter money worries - but I feel that this dream can also symbolize achievement in life. In older dream dictionaries this dream was associated with not understanding ourselves. I am not sure I believe that meaning.

What does it mean to see somebody of the same age dream?

Sometimes in dreams we don’t often think about the age of people if you’re spending time in your dream of people of the same age, normally people you know then this can indicate that you need to think about your life and go forward.

In your dream you may have:

You appear old in your dream. You are in an old peoples home. Your are uncomfortable at your age. See people in an old people's home. Aging.

Positive changes are afoot if:

The dream resulted in a pleasant experience. You were in control throughout the dream. This dream was positive in nature.

Detailed dream meaning:

According to Jung theory being old in a dream is a clear symbol of psychological growth, whereas Freud attributed phallic symbolism to the aging process. In general, dreams of going gray and being "old" are thought to represent feelings in connection with achievement, failure, climbing and falling. To dream that you are older than your years, means you have trouble achieving a higher level of understanding. You are making progress in your journey, whether it is a spiritual, emotional or mate­rial one. To see relatives that are aging in one's dream suggests that you should try to connect with other people in life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during your dream:

Worried about the aging process. Old face. Angry. The feeling that you cannot go on. Miserable. Relieved.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012