Music box

Music box

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

A music box is usually a small box where jewellery or other small keepsakes are stored.

Dreams of music boxes can invoke a feeling of nostalgia or even a longing for the security you once felt as a child. These dreams can also have a romantic undertone or speak of a yearning in your heart.

In this dream you may have

  • Given a music box as a gift.
  • Received a music box.
  • Opened a music box.
  • Watched a ballerina, or other object move inside the music box.
  • Stored something away in the music box.
  • Heard the melody of a music box.
  • Closed a music box.
  • Turned the key in a music box to play the music.
  • Broken a music box.
  • Lost a music box.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You gave a music box away as a present, perhaps to a friend or small child.
  • The music that you heard coming from the music box made you feel happy or joyful.
  • You opened a music box to store something of value or sentimental meaning.

Detailed dream meaning

Depending on the tone and nature of the dream, what the music box represents can vary. If you dreamed of a music box that is similar to one that you had as a child, you may be feeling a bit nostalgic about your childhood. In this case, you might even have been reflecting on some of the hopes and dreams you once valued so much as a child that you have lost sight of as an adult. Sometimes, our psyche speaks to us in dreams to show us something that we have forgotten over years. When this happens it usually indicates that you are on a path to realize a forgotten goal or to remind us that there are still things we need to accomplish.

Dreaming of giving a music box to a friend may represent the way feel towards that person. The act of giving a sentimental item in a dream often denotes that you deeply love or care for this person and want them to have something that you love in their life. If you are giving the music box to a young child, you are giving them a piece of the childhood happy childhood you once had.

If in the dream you broke or lost the music box, you may be feeling like your inner child’s spirit is damaged. You may also feel that you long for the safety and security of being cared for by your parents. This feeling can be the result of the struggles of responsibilities or the feeling that you have not yet accomplished as an adult some of the things you had hoped for as a child. As an adult, it is common to have feeling of regret or remorse over ‘letting your inner-child down”, and you may feel as if you have in some way failed your younger self. When you receive this type of message, it means that you may need to find a way to overcome some guilt and move in the direction of your future, without the past weighing you down.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • The need for change and growth.
  • The need to feel secure, safe and loved.
  • Losing your childhood
  • Caring for another person
  • Losing your path or feeling like you are not making your mark on the world

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of music box

Nostalgia. Romance. Longing. Reflection. Joy. Security. Safety. Child-like innocence. Sentimental. Love.

Happy. Wonderful. Caring. Peace. Friendly. Happy. Wistful.

By Flo Saul
Dec 30, 2012