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To dream of your spin indicates that you are strong.

A backbone is another term for the spine, which is numerous vertebrae, which extend from the pelvis all the way to the skull. If you happen to see the spine in your dream, it implies that you are a strong person whom people rely on. You can handle several issues in your live. You need to be stronger because the network of people who will be relying on you is growing bigger.

If your backbone is broken in the dream this indicates that you have supported too many people for too long. The basic interpretation of this dream is that you need to follow your inner instincts. In ancient dream dictionaries, the backbone can signify that you lack the aggression required in life. It is a message to try and stand up for what you believe. The backbone is also featured in the dream state when we don't get enough exercise or we are not looking after ourselves. Dreams of backbones are extremely rare. The backbone supports our whole body it is a symbolic sign of strength, courage, and confidence.

In the dream

  • You might see your backbone.
  • You break your spine.
  • Someone else breaks your spine.
  • You are in a car accident and break your spine.
  • Someone you know breaks their spine.
  • A stranger breaks their spine.
  • You have an operation on your spine.

Detailed dream interpretation

If you happen to see your backbone it implies that others are relying on your wisdom to get things done. You will need to gain both physical and inner energy to help you in gaining the strength to assist those who will be seeking your help. Gather as much material wealth as you can because this is what will assist you in helping others.

To see someone else break your spine suggests that you need to ask others for help. When it comes to counseling and guiding, make sure you have the wisdom to guide others. When you are facing difficult times try to ask others to assist you. This will enable you to sort out your life. To see the skeleton backbone suggests that someone will ask you to help. if you are not in the position to help at that particular time then try to find time on another occasion.

If you happen to see a friend or a relative’s backbone in your dream, you will be facing challenges in your life and the only person you should think about should be someone you trust. These are the people who will be able to help you. To see someone cut your spine (maybe in an operation in the dream state) you need to ask others for advice. Approach them in your waking life and try to explain your problems - rest assured that, they will have a solution to your troubles.

If you happen to see a backbone of a person you do not know in life this suggests that you are not strong enough to handle issues in life due to the fact that, your inner and physical energy is weak. The best you can do to make yourself more strong.

To be in a car accident and hurt your spine in your dream suggests that other people will want your help in the future. To be paralyzed in your dream suggests that you need to be concerned about the rational basis of a problem that you are facing.

Try to attract positive energy go for tours and picnics and meet people who think and act big. This is the only way you will get out of having negativity around you is to become a strong, focused person who will be able to face whatever comes your way with strength and zeal - without the help of anyone. So do what is humanly possible to make sure that, you become one of the strongest people you can.

Feelings associated with your dream

Strength, positive, negative, physical and happiness.

By Florance Saul
Jun 11, 2017