Dreaming of a deceased mother

Dreaming of a deceased mother

Deceased Mother Dream Meaning

Afterlife evidence has been shown to me, including medium and psychic phenomena, to ease the pain of loss and accelerate the healing process of death, this is something that I have seen many times over. Did your actual Mother visit you in this dream from the spirit world? The answer to this question is not well understood by most people. I provide information here in my dream article and Youtube video to assist you in learning more and help you understand this dream.  It's as simple as that. 

Death and life are very personal topics that are difficult to discuss, even with close friends. We can only predict when the end of our earthly lives will arrive. All of us can speculate about death. Almost everyone does. The doctor says the body is all there ever was; the scientist says nothing is ever lost but only changed in form, and the minister says the soul is your true self and the body is a way to manifest it in the physical world. When the body ceases to be a habitat for the soul leaves behind an empty shell.

The gift of life. This is my personal proof. It has been proof for thousands of people, most of them strangers, who have come to me and received personal proof about the people they used to love to exist in the spiritual realm. 

Did you actually have a visit from your deceased Mother in your dream?

Many people believe in a spiritual realm. Religious training or background often contributes to this belief. Recent scientific research shows that between 40 and 61 percent of Americans believe in an afterlife. This notion isn't new to Hindus and Buddhists, Jewish Kabbalists (Su Muslims), and Gnostic Christians. This is not to suggest that the world we live in is not real, but that it may not be the ultimate or complete reality. This physical world may be merely a reaction or reflection of a deeper existence or a more profound reality.

I began to notice psychic phenomena in my everyday life and in the lives of my friends when I was very young. Being more coordinated and paying attention to the subtle and the small was part of living a more coordinated life. The fact that people were interested in these topics and open to speaking with me was also a pleasant surprise. As a medium, I find people in life open to sharing their stories because they experience something "paranormal" or have strange dreams about those that have deceased.

People can fall into a set of routinely programmed thinking patterns that are based on long-held beliefs or blind acceptance of conventional wisdom. Mental cues are hidden beneath these surface thoughts. The appearance of a deceased Mother in a dream as being a visitation dream is generally rejected by mainstream science without acknowledging any truth in the supporting evidence. This is often due to a narrow-minded worldview, known as scientism*, which dominates much of society's visions of progress. People rarely discuss beliefs that are deeply ingrained in their thinking. Logical arguments often fail to challenge these long-held beliefs. 

What does dreaming about your deceased Mother really mean?

These types of dreams can sometimes be either your own emotions where you require comfort or your mother protecting you in life. To see a deceased mother in a dream is associated with “transformation” according to Freud. Freud analyzed a dream that featured a dead subject’s mother. He believed people have dreams of dead parents because it is a subconscious awareness of living a life without a mother.

The first question we must ask is to dream of a deceased mother - does this mean it is spiritual contact? Some people suffer acutely from the death of their mother. In the dream state, the impact of death can be somewhat exaggerated, it is because the subconscious mind is processing the information.

Each person reacts to death in different ways and one doesn’t follow any specific stages. In the dream state, we often go through aspects in our mind that are troubling us. The dream state could prepare us for acceptance. There has been researching carried out by Margarete Gerne of the University of Zürich. The research showed, after analyzing 10,000 dreams that if a dream encompasses the death of somebody that is emotionally close to the dreamer has three phases. Phase one is when the dreamer focuses on the death in sadness and grief of the person that has died. The second phase is known as the “new orientation” which is when relatives appear in dreams as living characters. The final phase indicates the sorrow and grief phase. Therefore, it is not uncommon to dream of your deceased Mother based on the pattern of grief.

The loss of a mother can be associated with a painful loss at any age. It can also indicate an intense amount of sorrow. It is rather common to dream of are deceased mother around the time of their death. The manner of death of the mother is also significant. If the mother in real life dies in a traumatic way then the dreams are often vivid.

Dreaming about your Mother can come if you are processing grief in any shape. Dreams about people are connected to how we process our thoughts and mind, and relationships. If you have been needing your Mother in your life recently (perhaps you have been through a tough time) then this need can result in her appearing in the dream world. If you have lost something in your life (and this could be anything) such as a job, relationship, or money then this can trigger the Mother figure in your dream. 

The dream can also connect with the need that we miss our Mother. After all, our Mothers are primary our caregivers in life. This dream could be about taking charge of the fact that she was the key element of our upbringing. Probably the “attachment” that we need to grow in life and turn out to be the most amazing adult we are. 

What does it mean if your deceased mother is alive in the dream?

The mother dying and coming back to life in the dream state is common. On another note, the mother could be a “comforting” figure in the dream state. You need understanding, support, and comfort in life which is why you had such a dream.

A mother figure in a dream is about protection and security. For this to be taken away from you in real life - it denotes some difficult issues in waking life. It can suggest you are feeling threatened. The mother is our own identity and to see your mother die or to be “dead” in a dream or that she is already dead in real life but alive in a dream denotes that you need to move through a period of calmness in order to come out the other side.

What does it mean to speak to your dead mother in a dream?

To hear your dead mother speak to you in the dream is significant. It can suggest that you need to look at the message she is trying to give. A visitation from a dead parent during a dream can be quite worrying. To dream of a long-lost dead mother then one must recognize that is understandable to be rather shocking and associated with the belief in life after death. We could be switching between virtual reality and real reality. During the dream state, our mind can re-live and hold onto things that have gone in the past.

What does it mean to dream of being a child again and seeing your deceased Mother?

Dreaming of a dead Mother and we are young in a dream can suggest that you are inspiriting that love and comfort in life. If we look at the dream state, we start dreaming when we are small children. The dream state is associated with playing a key role in shaping ourselves as our personality. Parts of having a dream of a dead mother is linked to one's personality by the governance of the association and the dream of a dead mother can sometimes trick us into thinking about our own identity, or our relationship with our dread mother. As we know the state of sleeping is associated with both REM and non-REM sleep phases.

Is the dream about a deceased Mother good or bad?

I personally feel that this is a positive dream for you. I believe this is a good dream. Humanity has a double paradox. The first is that no one can help you live your life. No one can give you the strength or courage to do what you want. In our single lives, we are here to love and be loved. There is no explanation for this. After the loss of a loved one, it is hard to heal. But I can also tell you that it is possible to regain what can be a meaningful and fulfilling life. The loss of a loved one can be a powerful catalyst for something important after a period of reprieve. If one is open to the possibility, pain can be the ultimate teacher. Grief must be let go at some point. Otherwise, he or she may regress or remain stuck.

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a deceased Mother in a dream?

If we are committed to loving, we will always experience loss and grief. If we avoid grief and loss, we will not be able to love. Nevertheless, it is what makes us truly and deeply alive that makes us powerfully and mysteriously alive. Dreaming of a deceased mother can be an eye-opening experience and bring about many feelings in life. If you have experienced loss and love for your Mother then dreaming of her is common. Our Mother after all is a caring and strong companion in our lifetime. I also feel It is not possible to get over it completely in life. But it is possible to move on. Our landscape is forever changed by loss and grief. There is no place to go back to because the ground is constantly changing. 

Seeing a deceased Mother in a dream could make you feel you have experienced a visitation dream, and this is more about you actually connecting with the spirit. Truth is, those who suffer have a lot to offer the rest of us. We live in a society where people are afraid to feel. It's important that we open ourselves to our humanity and allow others to experience the deepest aspects of the human journey.

The true bond between friendship and love is formed by the way we can share our love and losses together. Real safety comes in accepting each other's pain [and] being able to recognize ourselves within it.

To see all things broken. The gift and practice that makes us human is to try to restore the things we care about and to use our hearts when we are in trouble. The truth is that your Mother in the dream arrives not with the expectation that everything will be okay, repaired or forgotten. However, she could be there because she believes that everything will improve and become real. Those who have suffered the great loss of a Mother young in real life often have many of these dreams in a lifetime. 

What is the biblical meaning of dreaming of a deceased mother?

Mothers are frequently mentioned in the Bible. Motherhood is mentioned in some verses in a general sense, while others specifically refer to Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. "Honor your father and your mother, so that your days may be long in the land that God is giving you." (Exodus 20:12) and "Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward." (Psalm 127:3) are just a few examples of what the Bible says about mothers. Biblical interpretations of dreams about a deceased mother vary, but they generally represent guidance, protection, and love. The relationship between mother and child is typically reflected in dreams involving mothers. It is possible, however, that such dreams are the result of unresolved issues or negative feelings toward the mother figure. I believe that the biblical reason for you dreaming of a deceased mother indicates hope and reassurance that God is with us in our time of grief and sorrow, and that he will one day wipe away all our tears. This dream can remind us that we are not alone in our pain and that we can find comfort and strength in God. When we dream of our deceased mother who appears alive biblically I believe, it symbolizes the nurturing, caring, and selfless aspects of our own personalities. It also represents the part of us that longs for unconditional love and acceptance, I do believe that this could come at a time when you perhaps need her help. This dream may also be a sign that we are yearning for the comfort and security that we felt during our childhood. We can also interpret this dream as our subconscious coping mechanism for grieving over her loss.

What does it mean to dream of seeing both dead Mother and Father?

Your guilt could be related to something your parents did. You may also have unresolved issues or feelings towards them. It could also be your subconscious expressing some hidden feelings about your parents that you haven't been able to express openly. Having this dream could be a way for your mind to process the terrible loss. Our parents have a big impact on how we turn out as adults, according to some research. Parents who support and involve their children tend to do better in school and are more likely to succeed in their careers. Also, children who have emotionally unavailable or absent parents have a higher risk of mental illness and addiction.

It is important to remember, however, that our parents are not entirely responsible for who we become as adults. Regardless of what our parents may have taught us, we have the power to make our own choices and forge our own paths in life, and dreaming of both your Mother and Father could be connected to how you go on this path. It is not uncommon to dream of seeing a deceased Mother and Father together in the dream, this is a greater dream force than seeing a single parent. To be, it basically indicates that in time the road to a better life will open itself up - just like how things feel to you in life.

What does it mean to dream of crying for my dead Mother in the dream?

To find yourself crying over your Mother’s death or crying with your deceased Mother may symbolize sadness, grief, or remorse. It may also indicate a need for emotional release or focus in life. In most cases, crying in dreams may also serve as a form of self-awareness, helping you to recognize and confront your own inner emotional turmoil. I also feel, the interpretation of dreaming about crying and how this connects to your Mother will depend on the symbols you see in your dream. If you dream of crying over your Mother’s death in the dream then this could mean that you miss her in real life. Maybe there was a situation where you needed your Mother?

What does it mean to dream of your deceased Mother hugging you?

Depending on your context and life experience, the meaning of dreaming about your deceased Mother hugging you will vary. Some people, however, believe that this dream symbolizes comfort, protection, and unconditional love. Your mother may still be present in your life, even after she has passed away. The dream may also reflect your own desire to be hugged or comforted. In the end, how you interpret this dream depends on the associations and feelings you have about your mother.

What does a sad dream of a dead Mother mean?

The meaning of a sad dream involving a dead mother will vary depending on the individual's own personal context and life experience, and the feelings that you still have for your Mother. I do believe that such a dream may indicate unresolved grief or sadness about the loss. It may also indicate a need for emotional release or catharsis. In some cases, if you are sad in the dream may also serve as a form of self-awareness, helping you to maybe confront and deal with your own inner emotional turmoil.

What does it mean to dream of seeing your dead Mother in your home?

The dream about a house often reflects your own internal need for comfort, especially if a deceased Mother is in the home during the dream. The house is a symbol that is representative of us in life, many of you have contacted me about seeing a deceased Mother in an old childhood home or your own home. If your Mother is present in your dream in a home this indicates that you are feeling the need for her comfort. The house is a spiritual symbol and it is thought that our bodies are the house. The roof is our head, the chimney is our mouth, the windows are our eyes, and so on. Our dreams about houses are symbolic of ourselves. Disrepair in the house may indicate that we need to address some issues in our lives. We may also associate inner peace and contentment with a beautiful, well-kept house. Individual circumstances will determine how dreams about houses are interpreted. The reason why I mention this is that the tidier the house the more positive the dream.

What does it mean to dream of your dead Mother and sister?

When you dream of your dead mother and sister, it means that you are feeling guilty about something, it could be that you simply miss both of them if they have passed on. Perhaps you have done something they would not approve of, or perhaps you simply miss them and feel guilty for not being able to spend more time with them. In either case, you need to take a good hard look at your life and see if anything needs to be changed. Consider talking to a friend or a therapist about your feelings, and try to make some positive changes.

What does it mean to dream of your dead Mother-in-law?

Your grief and processing of her death may still be ongoing. You may have unresolved issues with her, as well. You may also dream of her death as a manifestation of your guilt or feelings of responsibility. One of the most important relationships in a woman's life is the one she has with her mother-in-law. Complex and challenging, but also rewarding and close. Mothers-in-law in dreams is about feeling valued and appreciated.

The dream of a deceased Mother-in-law indicates mutual respect, communication, and a willingness to compromise. If the dream was negative in any way this can mean you need to accept someone for who she is, even if she is very different from you. The dream is about communication and working together to solve problems with someone in waking life.

If you had a good relationship with your mother-in-law prior to her passing, this dream can be a source of strength and support for you throughout your life. If you're having difficulty getting along with your mother-in-law and maybe you had a dream she died, then this means you need to be more open-minded and understanding. 

What does it mean to dream of your dead Mother dying again?

Reliving a death in a dream can be quite a difficult dream to have. If you are in the depths of a dream of death then this can indicate that there may be anxiety in waking life. The symbols seen in the dream will of course have distinctive meanings. The dream of your mother dying again can indicate that we are manifesting stress. It is important to focus on the emotion in the dream, and ask yourself if these is the emotions that you are feeling in life. 

What does it mean to dream of your dead Mother cooking food?

Sustenance or nourishment could be symbolized in this dream. In addition to stirring up things, it can also be a metaphor for creating something new or bringing something to life. You might also dream that you're cooking as a way to nurture and care for others. In your dream, consider what you are preparing and how it relates to your daily life. If your mother has passed away, a dream could be a way for you to connect with her and feel close to her again. It could also mean that you are worried about her health. It could also be a sign that you feel guilty about something you've done.

What does it mean to dream of your dead Mother being sick?

If you miss your mother, it could be a sign that you are concerned about your own health. A dream about your mother being sick (or maybe in hospital) could also be a metaphor for something that is "difficult" in your life, like a bad relationship or a harmful habit. Dreams that are particularly upsetting may indicate unresolved issues with your mother and this can dredge up some thoughts of grief. This dream is normally connected to how we are dealing with our stress and anxieties, maybe these are catching up.

What does it mean to dream of your dead Mother giving you money?

There are a few things that this dream of money and your Mother could mean. It could be that you are feeling guilty about something and your conscience is trying to get you to make things right. If your Mother was lending you money this dream is about your job situation. I do also feel that maybe it is a dream that is focused on how you navigate your life and money at the moment. It could also be a sign that you are in need of some financial assistance and your mother is trying to help you out from the other side, from the spiritual realm. 

What does it mean to have a lucid dream of a dead Mother?

Dreaming of a dead mother could be a lucid dream, if you believe the dream is real then this is associated with our dream state. In lucid dreaming, it enables one to jump out of the body into another dream. If you dream of your dead mother being alive then this denotes that she is a protector and you currently needed protection in life.

Final conclusion on dreams of a deceased Mother

A new baby is born from the great nowhere. The soul then enters another stage of life, through death. It returns to the great gulf from which it came. Some people may find their belief system is severely challenged when faced with the loss of a child or a spouse. The research shows that the grief experienced will impact following the church doctrine. They are often expected blindly to believe in the Bible, relying on the accounts of others. There are many questions that may be asked, such as: "Why would God take away a person I love?" I have been faithful and a good person." What I am trying to say is that the deceased mother's dream could bring up these types of questions. This dream communication can bring healing to you by bridging your faith gap--the space between belief and knowledge--giving hope and comfort that your deceased Mother lives on and you will be reunited with them eventually.

In your dream

  • Your mother died and appeared in your dream.
  • Your mother keeps sending you messages in your dream state (when she is deceased)
  • Your mother passed away recently and you dream about her.

Feelings associated with dreaming of a deceased mother

Pain, sorrow, worrying about living life without a mother figure.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2017