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Watermelons are delicious fruits they have from the family known as Cucurbitaceae. As the watermelon appeared in your dream it is a positive omen and I will provide you an overview

A watermelon is a large berry whose swollen roundness and vibrant red flesh connote fertility and sexuality. Filled with sweet nectar-like juice and bursting with seeds, the watermelon is an invitation to sensual delight and a promise of fecundity. Unlike other berries which can be crushed rather easily, the watermelon has a hard, waxy outer rind whose green color suggests new life. Watermelons grow on vines whose tendrils creep along the ground and curl around one another in a sensual embrace. Dreams of watermelons, therefore, signify love, lust, passion, and fertility, family and harvest.

Watermelons can appear in a dream in many different ways. From eating the juicy watermelon through to picking watermelon and even rolling a watermelon down a hill many users have contacted me about some strange dreams but here I hope to provide insight into what your dream means. I like to fully research every dream meaning and interestingly, watermelons take great effort to produce. I’m Flo and I’m going to be covering your dream of watermelons from a spiritual and psychological perspective. Inside the watermelon, we generally find black pips, which spiritually represents great luck. Now, these pips can be either red or pink, yellow, white, green or orange. The watermelon is interestingly a flowering plant and is generally found in Africa. Your dream could be associated with many different things and what I’m going to try and do is break that down in an easy to understand way. So just scroll down to find your dream.

What is the general dream meaning of a watermelon?

To dream of a watermelon growing on a vine signifies that some form of bounty will come to fruition in your life. This could be the blossoming of a new relationship, becoming pregnant, or gaining wealth or material success. If you are female, then you may dream of watermelons when you are pregnant or ovulating, which is your subconscious alerting you to your fruitfulness.

Dreaming of cutting into a ripe watermelon indicates that you are ready to pursue a sexual liaison or follow your passion. You are literally cutting into the heart of things to reveal the potential waiting inside. Planting a watermelon seed in the fertile ground in a dream signifies that you are investing in your future. You are laying the groundwork for a new project, making a financial investment, starting a new relationship or returning to school. Planting a seed in barren soil suggests that you are involved in a dead end job or toxic relationship. Your dreams will not bear fruit unless you are willing to move on. Dreaming of having a watermelon growing inside you implies that the new possibilities burgeoning have to do with love or creativity.

Dreaming of sharing a watermelon implies that you are open to making connections with others. Pay attention to the people in the dream with whom you are sharing in order to get an indication of the area of your life in which you are willing to spread your bounty. Dreaming of becoming entangled in a watermelon vine signifies that you may be caught up in casual affairs, infidelity or financial entanglements. Dreaming of hitting, exploding, dropping or destroying a watermelon suggests negative attitudes toward your sexuality or a fear of intimacy that could blow up in your face. Alternatively, it could suggest that you are possessed by a blinding, explosive lust which is clouding your reason.

What does it mean to dream of eating watermelon?

Spiritually eating watermelon in my research indicates that it is time to communicate your feelings or express your emotions to somebody. In spiritual terms, the watermelon implies success, prosperity and also happiness. If you are cutting the watermelon in your dream then this can suggest a relationship problem or issue. If you are eating watermelon on the beach it can suggest that you are trying your hardest in life. Historically watermelons were derived from the Nile Valley in India. Eventually, the watermelon reaches China in today it is a worldwide fruit. There are various health benefits associated with watermelons which is quite interesting from a dream perspective. If the watermelon was bad or did not taste right then this dream can indicate that you are not exactly happy with some aspect of your life.

As watermelons are quite tropical fruits this is a positive spiritual omen. may normally surviving check temperatures over 25° this indicates spiritually that despite everything you will be able to achieve. It indicates that you are using the trappings of money or family security in the wrong reasons at times. There are different varieties of watermelon and any can appear in your dream. As I’ve already discussed the watermelon shape and size is important. If the fruit is pink unripe it can suggest that it’s going to take a long time in order to get something back. This is due to the fact that it can take up to 70 days for a watermelon to harvest.

What does it mean to cut a watermelon in a dream?

This dream signifies that it’s time to get practical in your life. If I turn to dream psychology, the archetype of “cutting” is generally associated with cutting our ties to somebody or something in waking life.

What does it mean to see other people cutting a watermelon?

To see other people cutting a watermelon indicates you need to take a break and consider who you are socializing with. It can also indicate a sexual relationship or if you are sharing the watermelon somebody else this can you are creative. Seeing a person cut a watermelon with a sharp knife can foretell that there is a possibility of change.

What does it mean to dream of eating watermelon with your family?

To eat watermelon with your family illustrates that you have an important duty right now to your family - it could mean that you are being pulled in various directions you’re not sure the way or how to focus yourself and life. As I’ve said before a watermelon is like a harvest. It will take a long time to develop due to the fact that watermelons themselves take a long time to cultivate. It could mean that you will persevere with your projects but it can take a while for you to see any benefits.

What does it mean to dream of growing watermelons?

Growing watermelons is all about the harvest. Sexual relationships and fertility growing watermelons means nerve and contentment. If you are looking for love just met a partner that it is not uncommon to dream of growing watermelons. Seeing them on the vine suggest marriage or the marriage of minds.

What does it mean to pick a watermelon in a dream?

To pick a watermelon which is fresh is a beneficial omen stop you can in time expect general mutual attraction with somebody. It is essentially the union of opposites, this could be spiritually and also emotionally. This dream signifies that something is stopping you from working hard in a relationship you or another person needs to sew more seeds and start again.

What does it mean to see a watermelon field?

To see a watermelon field in your dream can mean that you aren't simply in love with the person that you should be. It denotes romantic love, sexual attraction, and the merging together with another person. The watermelon field's representation of relationship connection.

What does it mean to roll a watermelon in a dream?

Rolling melons or seeing them roll on the floor as an omen of magnetic attraction. As watermelons indicate relationships and also harvest it means that in time two lovers will come together. This dream indicates harmony connection and also mutual understanding. To walk through the field of watermelons indicates the time for forgiveness. Watermelons still in their skins indicates recognition and forgiveness.

What does it mean to see a misshaped watermelon?

To see a watermelon that is not in a rounded shape can imply that you need to focus on clarity in a relationship rather than issue you must rescue somebody. This dream can imply that you are restricted by events in love all that you are bound by situation if you're feeling powerful at the moment it can often be associated with being objective in love.

In conclusion, watermelons represent love and fertility. An important spiritual association is the fact that watermelons take 70 days to harvest this can indicate there is time to communicate your feelings and express your love for another. This is a very positive omen in dreams as it often is associated with inspiration and direction especially in matters of the heart. In regards to your future, the watermelon can predict happier times in a relationship.

In this dream you may have

  • Cut a watermelon.
  • Eaten a watermelon.
  • Shared a watermelon.
  • Grown a watermelon.
  • Dropped a watermelon.
  • Planted a watermelon seed.
  • Had a watermelon grow inside you.
  • Hit or exploded a watermelon.
  • Had a watermelon vine twist around some part of your body.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You share a watermelon.
  • You plant a watermelon seed in fertile soil.
  • Your hunger or thirst satisfied by a watermelon.
  • You cut open a watermelon.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Being pregnant.
  • Making a financial investment.
  • Coming out of the closet.
  • Menstruation or ovulation.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Watermelon

Desire. Lust. Productiveness. Barrenness. Anticipation. Aspiration. Confidence. Disloyalty. Fecundity. Passion. Cleverness. Originality. Blossoming. Fruitfulness.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012