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A dream about beating something or beating a person up physically means there is something important to you that you need to address. To be beaten, whether physically or in a game, can suggest that some things in life are acceptable, while some are unacceptable.

This is a warning to ensure that everything you carry out in your life takes others into consideration, and more importantly other people's feelings. In life, we encounter both positive and negative emotions during the dream and such a dream is about how we cope in life, what is going on and our overarching objectives. Being beaten, beaten up or seeing someone being beaten can indicate that is just how you are feeling - a lack of control. Or to a lesser extent, a bit deflated. If you are surrounded by good friends and family (in real life) then this dream can indicate that you may find that you are worried about losing comfort in life, even materially. Often these types of dreams occur when we are feeling deflated. Almost, questioning our careers or relationships. At times life can be hard and with this comes anxieties. Bad things happen to good people, and the first question I feel you should ask yourself is: who do you feel beaten by? I will cover beating in regards to violence followed by beating in a game and so forth.

What does it mean to dream of beating our children/son or daughter?

I am sorry that you had this dream I am going to include this first as quite a few people have contacted me about this. It probably disturbs you still now. I will try to help you with this interpretation. The fact you were beating your child in the dream could be a reflection of your own control in life. You will be pleased to know it is not associated with the actual act in real life (which cannot be condoned) but rather your child or a child indicates your own “inner child” is being beaten. The questions you should ask yourself is: what is your key goals and what control have you lost recently?

General dream interpretation:

Here I am going to just throw in all the dreams regarding beating that I have found in my private library subscription library. Some of these dream meanings are quite old but I like to keep them alive so just scroll down to see if your dream is covered. After this, I have focused on some specific dreams about beating. So here we go.. If you are beating others in your dream, like winning a game, then this dream suggests you have power over others. This may be a good thing; however, it is important to treat people with respect and dignity in order to reap the rewards in the future. To dream that you are beating someone at a game is usually, however, a positive omen.

If you have been involved in violence or a fight in your dream, and you have been beaten up, then this suggests you could have been running away from some responsibilities you took on quite willingly. You may now be realizing that these situations are preventing you from reaching a closure. To dream that you beat a person or an animal means that someone is trying to ruin your mental equilibrium and sanity. Any physical fight between people could foretell a quarrel in your family. If you are watching a fight, this is an omen of recovery. The dream is positive if you see a fight or a beating with fists, such as boxing, for example, or a fight between armies. In this case, the dream denotes good luck and good health. Dreaming of people that you do not know beating each other suggests that problems may stumble on you. Beating up people weaker than you in your dream means that you will have troubles or a bad luck.

A fight or beating, in general, suggests that you need to watch out for enemies. If the beating of your dream occurs in the army, it means danger and unrest, but also difficult times in regard to your romantic life. Animals fighting or beating each other is the omen of victory in facing your daily conflicts. Beating someone and winning suggests that you will triumph in a trial. If you are fighting with a wild beast, it means that you will defeat your enemies. Beating many people and winning is the sign of obtaining riches - with great effort.

A dream involving beating, in general, suggests that you should bridle your anger. If in your dream you beat your partner or loved one, this foretells that your love life will be disturbed by a new occurrence, but it can also suggest your fear of the opposite sex. Beating dough in your dream predicts good news is coming your way. Beating or hitting anything with a hammer means happy marriage and good business. Many people beating each other in a dream suggest a disorder.

To dream that your mother or father is beating you is usually a bad sign and you may have a family dispute. If the dream is about beating a child, in old dream lore indicates that you will become a better person in all situations. To beat a runner in a race indicates that you are going to have happy times ahead. To beat someone at sports points to good relationships. This dream often points out that you have experienced trouble in the past and it is likely to end soon!

If you are fighting a lion, this is the sign of scandal. If you are fighting a wolf, this dream means contempt, while fighting a bear suggests slander. If you see people beating each other, you could win at gambling. If geese are beating each other, there might be a jealous and quarrelsome woman in your life. If you are involved in a fight during which people are beating each other, you enjoy risk and you are an enterprising person.

What does getting beaten up in a dream mean?

Negative things at times happen to good people. Success sometimes comes with coping with adversities in life. It could be you are absorbing the pain of something that has happened recently or even in the past that made you stressed, depressed or angry. This dream of being beaten up, in my view, is telling you that healing can occur. Being in an optimistic and supportive environment is important so that you can be more effective and shape your future how you want. I would say that this is the main interpretation but the details need review. Who is beating you up? Can you escape? These are all questions that need asking after having this dream.

What does a dream of beating someone to death mean?

This is quite a powerful dream symbol and I am not surprised you looked up the meaning. Death itself can signify transformations in dreams. Witnessing a scene of “beating somebody to death” can be quite traumatic. In my dream research, it indicates that you are trying to clear up any uncertainties. If you want to be good fighter, is an important need to think and operate in a different way in a normal person.

What does it mean to dream of getting beaten up by my boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband mean?

I know that being beaten up in a dream, in my view can haunt our mind during the day. If you are beaten up by a girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife then this is connected to your relationship. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Remember the words of Doug Larson “more marriages might survive if the partners realized that sometimes the better comes after the worse.” So basically, this dream is about keeping your sanity. Remember forgiving others is a gift that we have or we will always be bitter.

What does it mean to dream about someone else getting beaten up?

To see someone getting beaten in the dream indicates that you need to fight for your beliefs. This also calls for visualization to understand how you would like to live your life. Seeing someone beaten indicates that you may need to review who you feel is not acting honorably in life.

What does it mean to be punched in the face in a dream?

Being punched in the face during a dream indicates the need to change your outlook. To have a black eye after the punch indicates someone hiding something from you in old dream lore. For this interpretation I like to use a quotation from Henry Ford. “those who believe they can do something most they can’t both right” being punched can indicate you should walk away should try to stay the course.

What is the dream psychology interpretation of being beaten in a dream?

From a dream psychology point of view if you are attacked or beaten up in the dream it is associated with controlling your life. Turing to the famous dream psychologist - Sigmund Freud he mentioned that any form of violence in a dream indicates that you feel that there are internal difficulties mounting. There are certain areas of your life that you need to question after having a dream of being attacked. Alternatively attacking somebody else can mean losing control of your life. It can often be connected to feeling that your comfort is being taken away from you. Try to understand what you need to remove in life, even the fact that you need to change the way you are thinking. If you find it difficult to function due to a problem at work or in a relationship then dreaming of being beaten up is often connected. The weapons that were used during the attack, if any, are a direct association of your own perceptions in life. Being beaten is often requires close contact. If you noticed a knife was used and this could suggest somebody may new sharp words against you. In some books, being beaten up can also symbolize a possible problem with your health, such as not being able to sleep properly, dependency on substances such as alcohol or cigarettes. It could be that your subconscious mind is trying to communicate you feel you need to expand your life going forward.

A little note on this dream meaning: Before I close, there is something I wish to share with you as well in relation to being beaten by a partner. I honestly believe this is about being faithful to that partner. Either you will be tempted or they will. I will now explain something that happened some time ago. Some people contact me about their dreams as I have been writing about this for ten years and studying dreams for almost 20 years, in particular, one woman that always resonates with me. She kept having a dream she was being beaten up by her best friend so she contacted me.

I told her to meditate and try to unlock the true dream meaning by replaying the details in the dream. She contacted me again a few months later and said she thought her best friend was trying to hook up with her husband, but she had no evidence. About a year passed then I got a mail from her saying she found out her husband was cheating, very distressed and she was upset. I decided to offer her a Skype call. I wanted to help her and for some reason, I felt that I had to do her cards. (By the way, I did not charge for any of this as I never do.)

Anyway, at the end of the reading, she decided to forgive both her husband and friend, the reason being was she was not going to reward her best friend with her happy life. Her partner worked in law in New York, she was a stay at home mum and had a relatively comfortable life. Of course, she did not remain friends with the women but wished her well. It took me a long time to work out why she stayed. I guess because if she divorced her husband that friend essentially “beat” her.

I have not contacted her since, nor she contacted me but I presume that the infidelity was part of the beating up dream she encountered in 2009. I am sharing this with you in case there is anything that you feel would be of value to you. Additionally, I will also say that the dream could be about control. That you are losing control over a relationship. I am going to close now and hope you come back to see me with your next dream meaning. Blessings, Flo

In your dream you may have:

Been beaten by someone. Beaten someone up. Seen a physical fight between two people. Seen someone else being beaten. Positive changes are afoot if: You won a fight with words rather than violence. You realized the beating was wrong. You have not beaten up yourself.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of beating someone:

Upset. Anxious. Confused. Scared. Angry. Weak. Afraid. Running.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012