Hotel dream meanings

Hotel Dream Meaning

Life is a lot like a hotel --- just like your hotel dream. Think about this: a hotel has a lot of different rooms, each with its own purpose. To succeed, we must learn to navigate each one, just like life we need to go through different rooms to get to the top floor.
Stay with me in this analogy. It is in the lobby that first impressions are made. In order to make a good impression on everyone we meet, it's important to put our best foot forward. There is magic in the kitchen. This is because cooking nourishes our bodies and fuels our minds, so learning how to cook is important to feed our minds. What do you need to feed your mind? It is impossible to succeed in anything else without a healthy body and mind.
Hotels mean that you need to rest and recharge, and these take place in guest rooms. It is a spiritual message about taking care of ourselves, or we will be unable to cope with life's demands. I do feel this is about taking care of yourself in life. Collaboration and brainstorming take place in the meeting rooms. In order to achieve success, you must learn how to work well with others. We will all make mistakes in life. Learning from them will eventually lead us to the penthouse! Your goal in life is to get to that penthouse. I can’t wait to share more of the spiritual meaning of this dream. 

What is the spiritual meaning of the dream of a hotel?

Our homes are places where we feel safe and comfortable and we normally enjoy being home in waking life, therefore to dream of a hotel can indicate that you are in the process of transitioning from one path in your life to another in waking life. 

Hotels are associated with temporary places to stay. As transient places of residence, hotels and motels in dreams represent a transition between one path and situation in life to another. Our dreams are about our repressed impulses and are connected to our conscious life. Dreams are associated with directions in life and we can sometimes dream of a hotel in color or black and white. The theme of the dream is also important and provides us with a clue to the meaning. 

In the real world, hotels are temporary places to stay. Spiritually, hotels in dreams are about sticking together through thick or thin. It can also mean taking care of one another even when all is lost. This dream frequently conveys to me the feeling of "being left out" or a deep sense of deprivation and problems in life, as the hotel is temporary it can mean enduring unhappy times but overcoming these. For example, you can be financially well and still feel "poor", emotionally and spiritually. There is also a yearning for something more fulfilling, of a spiritual nature in life. This dream can be a sign of a lack of connection. There are many interpretations that can be made depending on the surrounding details of the dream, which I will briefly go over.

Is the dream of a hotel good or bad?

Was the hotel in a beautiful or unattractive location? You are likely to experience positive changes if the hotel in your dream is pleasant. There is a possibility that things in life will be slightly difficult in a close relationship if the hotel is displeasing or in a bad neighbourhood. A hotel indicates that you do not feel secure in your current life. Such a dream will have a distinct impact on your present living conditions. As a hotel is only a temporary area where you can relax, the dream signifies that you do not feel content in your waking life. It is up to you to understand the reasons behind this and try and create a solution. Life is sometimes difficult and challenging and not easy. Relationships can overtake our headspace. Hotels in dreams are associated with not only transition (as I mentioned above) but reviewing our internal energies, in order to get these back into balance. As I have already said, this dream can be interpreted as either good or bad as the dream is about your home life, detoxification and purification and pleasure. 

What does it mean to see a hotel in a dream?

When we look at a hotel under the microscope, this is about sticking together as things have been temporary. In order to decode our dream, the hotel is essentially lodging for a temporary fee, that fee can be a large or small amount depending on the calibre of the hotel. This could transpire in life as a temporary relationship, job, money or that something is not going to remain for long. If you could see a luxury hotel room or alternatively a range of hotel facilities. (These can range from a pod with a mattress that is low quality or a luxurious large suite with a king-sized bed, flat-screen television, a minibar and a bathroom) the dream is about overcoming a difficult transition, it can seem very surprising that we find ourselves in sticky situations in life in regards to our relationships.

Our physical and emotional needs are often complex and engaging with others is important. If you see family in the hotel during the dream it can indicate that you are feeling stress in a relationship situation. There is one thing to remember. Hotel rooms in dreams are about connecting with your inner self. Every one of us is part of a larger sphere, and this dream meaning about your hotel room aims to help you connect more deeply with that larger sphere. Because you are an integral part of this larger sphere, and you are a valuable part of it, I wrote this article specifically for you, that have had the hotel dream. It's likely that you can relate to one or more of these categories if you have had a dream about the hotel. It is important to understand the details of the hotel in your dream. 

What is the biblical meaning of a hotel in a dream?

So what does this dream of a hotel mean biblically? In Luke 2.7, Mary and Joseph are unable to find a room in an inn. Of course, this is the most famous part of the bible. Luke calls it a kataluma, and if we look at the meaning of this word it means to loosen. Thus, in dreams, it can mean you need to lose up. Another important area to note is that in biblical times hotels were referred to Inn's. Inns were somewhat basic. Unlike in our modern world, the definition of an Inn within the Bible can be defined as a place where one can sleep on the ground. It was not like the hotel rooms of our modern world. An inn was normally a room in a home near the highway, or a building that charged rent and provided food, the hotel in dreams according to the bible is your determination to find your own rooms in life.

I want to put this into context for you. My close friend dreams of becoming an actress one day. She does not, however, seem motivated to go to auditions. According to her, her “day”  job keeps her too busy to attend acting school. Because of this, she will never really get the part she wants. Despite her reluctance to commit, she doesn't want to open the door to the possibility that "I can do this if I try". We all struggle with being put on the spot or responding to criticism, and clearly, she does not want to run the risk of being vulnerable on the stage - or being rejected. When she calls me she always says if only she had the time or the right environment and had the talent, she could go far. In five to ten years, she may use other excuses such as, "I am not young anymore" and "I have a family to take care of now." So the dream of the hotel from a biblical perspective is saying that there should be time for you to put yourself out there - to be happy with going into the room to reach a goal.

What does a dream of an old hotel mean?

To dream of a historic old hotel, perhaps a castle or a towering old building can suggest you need to restore the magic in your life. As the hotel in the dream seeps into history this dream is about the architecture of your life. If the old hotel had lancet windows this can indicate you need to open yourself up in life. Suits of armour in the dream (as you sometimes get these in historic hotels) can be associated with protecting yourself from others. 

Old decor in dreams (especially in the old hotel) can indicate the tapestry of life. Open fireplaces in the hotel are about the fire in your heart. If the hotel was old and unsteady, maybe derelict or falling down in a dream then this can indicate conflict in life, conflict doesn't always disappear if people acknowledge the other's points of view, it is almost certain that it will get worse if they don't. The older and more broken down the hotel the more it can often mean that you have not listened to others. 

While some people are easier to listen to than others, conversations often place between two people who both contribute to the outcome. We have a tendency, unfortunately, to blame each other when we are unable to communicate with one another and the old hotel is connected to the power over others. The message of the dream of an old hotel is that a conflict doesn't always disappear if people acknowledge the other's points of view, it is almost certain that it will get worse if they don't. Why don't you take the time to listen to each other? Because the art of listening doesn't come easy. It can often be a burden. It's not the superficial attention we give as part of our daily life. The sustained attention that comes from careful listening requires a lot of effort and selflessness. Listening well requires that we forget about ourselves and allow others to listen.

What does it mean to dream about hotels and elevators?

In larger hotels, you will find an elevator which sends guests to their rooms. Elevator dreams are often about our own emotions and this is up and down. Often, dreaming of a hotel elevator can represent temporary emotions that are unbalanced. If you have been through a difficult period recently, even complex - the sight of an elevator (lift in the UK) in a hotel during a dream can suggest that this dream is about our feelings and coming out of depression. If the elevator is stuck, we are all looking for an escape route. It hurts the most when you feel that people you care about are not listening to you. Having our feelings heard is something we can never forget. When it comes to human relationships, a sympathetic ear is a powerful tool. It's also why it's hard to understand how you feel. 

What does a luxury hotel mean in a dream?

This is a positive dream, the grander the hotel the more positive the dream. A lot of people crave thrills in life and the luxury of the hotel can indicate that you The luxury hotel lobby is a metaphor for better things coming in life. To see a magical and beautiful hotel during a dream is a positive omen. a peaceful and luxury resort in a dream can indicate that you are approaching a positive time in life. The hotel may be an oasis of calmness in dreams and striking and this is about making the best of your life, I also think that these types of images are sent from spirit to relax us. If you see the ocean, and white sand beaches this dream becomes even more interesting. A luxury room or resort in a hotel is spiritually connected to happiness in life. Think of the hotel in your dream is your own sanctuary. Equally, we need to understand that the more stunning the hotel or bold architecture the greater the success you will have in life and that you will need happiness. 

What does it mean to dream of a normal hotel?

Each room in the hotel can represent a relationship. A normal hotel featured in a dream is about your comfort levels in life - they are normal. Often, people have contacted me because they have stayed in the hotel before and then seen the same hotel in their dream, this is common. The dream is about how you are going to approach life soon. A business or city hotel is about your career and a family hotel is about your relationships with close relatives. The more official the hotel the more focused this is on your work and career moves over the coming weeks. I have outlined much detail about the hotel and symbols that may have appeared in your dream so please scroll down.

What does it mean to dream of a scary/ run down hotel?

If the hotel was run down or scary the dream is about fear. This is a fear to confront the truth about others. To dream that a hotel is sinister or scary indicates that times are changing quickly, and you need to adapt to these changes. To dream you are running in a scary hotel represents conflict. Conflict doesn't always disappear if people acknowledge the other's points of view, it is almost certain that it will get worse if they don't. It's hard to learn how to avoid conflict, but if you find yourself in a scary hotel it could indicate superficial attention we give others as part of our daily life and that you need to work on your relationships.

What does it mean to dream of a resort?

Resorts can conjure many thoughts in dreams, from happiness to terror. The good news is that resorts in dreams don't usually have anything about contentment but more about resorting to new things in life. Resorts are places of recreation and are often connected to a course of action that you need to adopt something different in life. Let's think about it a resort is a place that we tend to visit in order to relax and unwind. More like a refuge in life. 

Now is the perfect time to let your dreams bloom and thrive. Imagine yourself and your dreams as blossoms opening up, as if you were a blossom. Your dream of a resort means you need to follow the same pattern. It may not be possible to see the manifestations of your dreams right now, but they will appear soon, just like the resort that appeared in your dream. Where the resort was located is another important element of your dream. The sunnier the resort the happier you will be in the coming weeks according to older dream folklore.

What does it mean to dream of a hotel bedroom?

The bedroom in a hotel is the central area that we all associate with hotel rooms. After all, we are renting this bed for a period of time. Dreaming of more than one bed in the hotel room (such as a triple bed) can represent more than one person. A large kingsize bed in a hotel room is about the choices you make in life. An unmade bed in a hotel room during the dream is about not seeing the way in life. A queen bed can indicate that you need to think about how other people treat you. Most sheets in a hotel room seem to be white, dreaming of white bedding is about spiritual development and this can indicate that you feel that your development is being reduced in some way. 

The bedroom can connect to your own attachments in life, even from a spiritual sense. We all have connections with people - we often get emotionally attached to people, lovers, friends, parents our own children. As humans, we crave desire and expression of this attachment. Hotels are temporary places of refuge that connect this to the attachment of others. The dream could mean that you have a temporary attachment to someone or maybe you had to break your own emotions. Hormones that we drive our own attachment and we can often experience this in regards to our bonding with people. 

This dream shows that you need to have faith and courage. Pursue what you want. Having courage isn't always easy. Failing can be a result. If this is something you struggle with, you're not alone. Therefore, you should work harder at the relationships around you if you dream of a hotel bedroom.

What does a hotel lobby in a dream mean?

Dreaming of being in a hotel lobby shows emotional reactions that you have made without thinking, and can indicate the need to be more caring and understanding. Each person in life reacts differently to situations. This dream can mean there is a message that causes hurt, anger, or impatience, but at times we don't listen to it. Unfortunately, even all the "active listening" and advice can't stop the maddening tendency of people to react defensively towards each other. We must recognize and harness emotional triggers that cause anxiety, misunderstanding, and conflict in order to be better listeners and transform our relationships.

What does it mean to dream of being asleep in a hotel?

To dream that you sleep in a hotel signifies that your accomplishments will be unstable, and your close relationships will be unpredictable and casual. To dream that you see yourself sleeping in the hotel means you will need to be the person to push through new changes. To dream that you are embracing someone in a hotel bed can indicate an understanding of others. To sleep in a hotel bed with someone unknown is a sign of a prosperous business in life. To dream you are sleeping with someone you know in a hotel bed in a dream can indicate there is an element in a relationship that needs to express. 

What does it mean to dream of visiting a hotel?

To visit a hotel in your dream can mean that a new viewpoint or a shift in your persona or identity is on the cards. This dream can suggest that you are undergoing a life-changing experience, and there is a need to remove bad habits and negative ways of thinking. If you meet someone you know in a hotel during a dream then this can suggest the relationship will go through a transition. If you meet someone you don’t know in the hotel dream it can indicate a situation that will require you to think differently in life. 

What does it mean to dream of a high-rise hotel?

To dream of a high rise hotel (skyscraper) denotes that you are going to be engaging in some highly challenging objectives in the future. If you climb the hotel, in a lift or staircase, then you are likely to succeed. However, if you cannot reach the top of the hotel, you may encounter disappointment. A dream that the building is swaying or the hotel is moving is related to your confidence, and you need to make sure you keep this confidence and you do not lose it.

What does it mean to dream of a hotel moving?

To dream that the hotel is moving in another direction or even flying can suggest you have a fear that events in your life will soon come crashing down in failure. The main advice is that you need to try to escape from your life to retreat and decide what is important to you. Hotels are difficult dreams to interpret as they can often mean several things depending on your life. To dream of being in a hotel room moving indicates that you could close yourself off from others.

What does it mean to dream of seeing a fire in a hotel?

Seeing a fire in a hotel denotes that people around you are making it difficult. Hotels can symbolize your feeling of losing security and confidence, and it is important that you have the care and attention needed to move forward in your life. Hotels can also relate to people in life and what they think of you, even temporary thoughts. 

What does it mean to dream of a hotel telephone?

In life, to use or hear a hotel telephone means to listen to others. To listen, we must put ourselves aside and let others speak. This dream of telephones is about listening to each other. While some people are easier to listen to than others, conversations take place between two people who both contribute to the outcome. For the reception clerk in the hotel to use the phone or if there is a problem with the telephone in a dream, it can symbolize our tendency to blame another party when we are unable to communicate with someone.

What does it mean to dream of lots of hotel rooms?

Constantly bombarded with images through television, email, junk mail, the internet, and mobiles. Our attention span is shattered. Our society believes in social media doing more things at once. Many of us check our emails while talking on the phone, or browse the internet while watching TV (which I am doing now). There are times when we are fooled into thinking we can handle more than one task at once. Unfortunately, we end up failing at each one. Multiple hotel rooms are about how you layer up all the difficulties that you have in life - yes we sometimes have multiple difficulties. We often think to quit while we are ahead and at times we have to protect ourselves. We all have feelings. No one can deny that. In contrast, if you believe people can't resist emotion, I disagree. We are not controlled by emotion. Despite the fact that emotions cannot control people, it also shows that the past can't control us. Therefore, the dream of hotel rooms is about controlling our emotions when we have many things that are taking our attention. 

What does it mean to be in a hotel room with a lover?

Perhaps you long for an exciting encounter with someone new. It is both exciting and fulfilling. You wish you could have stayed in your dream hotel room, but you regret having to wake up in the morning. There is more you want from your dreamy partner. Maybe your current relationship can't fulfil your dream, these are questions you need to think about. This dream is about experiencing new challenges and experiences throughout life. Despite our desire for stability, life sometimes does not offer it. Life will always remind you that you are not "arrived" at your destination. Of course, life is full of change. Healthy relationships are not part-time like a hotel room, this is about embracing change, adjusting to it, enjoying the stability and celebrating the challenges and changing dimensions of life when it comes to relationships.

To dream of your partner in a hotel room can be connected to romantic love/passionate/idealized relationships. This is an important dream because it allows you to be brave and take a risk in a serious relationship. As you see yourself in a hotel room it is usually a phrase that is usually short-lived and fragile. It lasts 6 months to one year and rarely lasts more than two years. A challenge for serious couples, whether they are married or not, is to incorporate intimacy and eroticism into their relationship. It takes effort and attention to find the good things in life.

Dreaming of a penthouse - what does it mean?

The penthouse is a dream is associated with the highs in life. The penthouse is normally found at the top of a building and the name comes from the french meaning "appendage." In dreams the penthouse is a positive sign, meaning happiness. It's not easy to live a full life. The past cannot be altered. Taking meaningful steps forward would be impossible if that were the case. How would that impact the situation? How might things change? These are questions that one would ask when interpreting this dream.

What does it mean to dream of living in a hotel?

In our dreams, we sometimes process information from the day. If you are not happy at home it could mean you wish to escape. Dreaming of living in a hotel can indicate that you wish to fly away from problems in daily life. Do you feel rushed to find solutions? You should find the answers yourself, and not depend on what others say. You can only use other people's answers as temporary solutions. They may be no use to you. 

What does it mean to dream of making love in a hotel?

Following on from the dream above I just want to mention what it means to dream of making love in a hotel room. Being with a lover in a hotel room is often a steamy dream. This is about connection in regards to a lover or someone close to you. We all get emotionally attached to others and the sign of a hotel means there is temporary attachment. Feelings cannot always be switched off like a light. The dream could feature someone you know, maybe even a crush. A real connection even. This dream often appears when we are infatuated with someone and we become emotionally attached to someone. 

What does it mean to dream of an innkeeper?

An innkeeper is historic. According to Luke 2.7, a guest room is more important than a formal inn. If we look at the famous painting of the last supper this was probably in an inn. The innkeeper represents loosening problems in life, it symbolizes wisdom. Depending the details of the dream can indicate that you will need attention to your home life. Who is the innkeeper in your life?

What does it mean to dream of being kidnapped or murdered in a hotel dream?

Evil behaviour is not in short supply. But no criminal acts merely because they are motivated to do so. All criminals have reasons for committing crimes. One of the most common reasons for committing murder is because of a dispute. A perpetrator can justify it and reaffirm it as being "good." if you are finding that the hotel was used as a murder scene or that you were kidnapped then this can be associated with going through difficult times. The good news is the hotel is temporary and not a permanent thing - therefore there are difficulties. Therefore, the dream of being hurt in a hotel can indicate that there will be a temporary problem in life. 

What does it mean to dream of being trapped in a hotel?

Following on from being murdered or if the dream is adverse in any way I would like to consider what it means to be trapped in a hotel during a dream. Being trapped in a hotel room in a dream can suggest that you have chosen "unhappiness" at some point in your life. It's not a result of being raised in unhappy circumstances or living in an unhappy place. It's because you thought "being unhappy" would be a positive thing. Being unhappy is never a positive thing. Think about your perspective on life. What do you think about yourself? On the other hand, if taken a bit more broadly, it refers to a person's worldview and outlook on life who is trying to get out onto a happier road in life.

What does it mean to dream of a caravan park?

A caravan park is associated with change, spiritually or psychically. The caravan is normally made of metal and is connected to processing change that has needed to take place for a while. If you see the caravan in your dream this is associated with inaction and that desires are hidden away in life. Therefore, a caravan in a dream (as a temporary place to stay) includes making sure that you connect to others and listen to your own desires.

What does it mean to dream of an apartment hotel?

The apartment hotel is normally a serviced apartment with rooms, in dreams, the apartment is a symbol for checking out in life. If you think about the apartment hotel it is complex in construction with different rooms. There is a word of advice when you dream of apartments. Understanding each other is one of the most powerful motives in the world. Being listened to means we are taken seriously, that our thoughts and feelings are acknowledged, and that ultimately, what we say matters. This is what we all want. It is our desire to escape from isolation and close the gap that separates us. Through connecting with others, we hope to bridge this gap. The apartment hotel is about putting areas in your mind into “compartments” therefore understanding that you might be getting feelings for someone / or something but not listening to others.

What does it mean to dream of a hotel by the sea?

Seaside hotels have existed since Roman times. You may not even know the destination of the hotel during a dream but you can see the ocean which is a representation of your own emotions in life. The ocean is a symbol of formlessness, emotions and chaos. Our modern Western culture is prone to obsessing over the past and imagining the future. During the night, I am sure you have contemplated the mistakes or conversations you have had throughout the day and this has helped you prepare for the next day. If you find it difficult to slow down and live in the present then this could be why you have dreamed of a hotel by the sea.

My advice, from having this dream is that you can build mental fortitude with meditation and physical activity. When you start seeing the benefits of just relaxing your emotions and compartmentalizing problems (rather much like the separate hotel room in your dream), it will be easier to reach your goals. Find your spirit right now. This dream is calling you to bring your attention back to the present moment which is your mission today. Don't dwell on the negatives. It might seem impossible to give your full attention to your loved ones or spend quality time with them if the dream of the hotel by the ocean featured family members. Keep your commitments in mind and living in the moment is the general spiritual meaning of this dream.

What does it mean to dream of a haunted hotel?

There are many hotels that are haunted in the world, so if the hotel was creepy in any way then this can be connected to your own security in life. As I have already mentioned, our minds tend to ignore many aspects of our daily surroundings. Even if you don't pay attention to certain environmental factors, they can still affect your life. For example, if you have watched a haunted horse movie or read a book about this it can affect your dreams. But what if this dream came from nowhere? Let’s face it we can all feel depressed and tired in the dark, unattractive hotel or a cluttered office desk. You may find it more difficult to connect with Spirit in your daily life as a result. And this is the dream meaning.

What can you take from a haunted hotel dream? Consider how your day feels in different environments. Are you different at work and at home? What about when you're at work, in the car, or riding public transit? Write down all the places you go during the day. Consider how your mood, energy, and attitude are impacted by these settings. Often, it is not the environment that is the problem. Often, the problem is not the environment, but the lack of it. Once you have analyzed how your environment affects you, you can do one thing to make it more spiritual. If you want, you can add something beautiful, something natural, or something that brings you joy, such as photos of your family and pets. Sacred spaces will be explored later in the book, but for now, make every space a little more sacred. In a nutshell, the scarier the hotel the more it is urging you to review your external environment to bring calm and relaxation.

What does it mean to dream of a hotel in a city?

The city in dreams is connected to the hustle and bustle of daily life. Every city normally has multiple hotels. The dream is about making small decisions that can have a big impact on your life, just like steering a car safely on the road can change the pathways of life. Making small adjustments to your life can help you improve things. Keep in mind the future fruits of your labor if you find yourself in a highrise hotel during a dream. 

The city hotel is the symbol of career abundance. Its appearance has been compared to that of a pregnant woman with a full belly. This is a time for blessings. Acknowledge your accomplishments and enjoy them. Secondarily, the dream symbol of a busy hotel is a good time to ask for things. It does not matter if it happens in a month or if it will happen in succession. 

This dream can suggest abundance as physical fertility, financial wealth, or just being able to appreciate life. Dreaming of staying in a city hotel indicates high hopes and dreams. If the city hotel in your dream is negative in any way this dream is urging you to eliminate negativity from your life. You can either have been working towards your wish for some time, such as gaining confidence in your career, or you can just start a new goal and follow the universe. Prepare to eliminate any negativity from your life if you dream of sleeping in a city hotel and think about your work-life balance. One can take small steps or big strides to gain a better life.

What does it mean to dream of a hotel room?

The dream of a hotel room is often associated with travel. Planning a trip by yourself or with friends? What is more important to you - spending time with your family or close friends who are spiritual mentors or peers? Decide if you want to go on a retreat for a short time or for a longer period of time, and what is going to fuel your spirit. Think about what you can bring and what you can leave behind. You may experience hotel room dreams because you are trying to distance yourself from others.

The people in your life find you closed off if you dream of hotel corridors. An abundance of rooms in a dream can indicate that you are forming an invisible wall around you and are not comfortable letting anyone in. Being surrounded by people does not interest you; you prefer to spend time on yourself, and maybe consider a trip away to spiritually develop yourself. Bring books to inspire and leave your work at home. Consider going on a hike or taking a spiritual retreat. What you are doing in the hotel room is also important to consider:

  • Sleeping in a hotel room during a dream: travel in life and indicates knowing about something in life.
  • Eating in a hotel room during a dream: This is about whispers in life about making sure that you don’t listen to rumours.
  • Meeting someone in a hotel room: You might be focusing on weight loss, and cutting down on frivolous spending.
  • Bathing or showering in a hotel room during a dream: work on creating abundance in life. Your timing will always be perfect if you allow the universe to flow, and not fight it.

What does it mean to dream of a hotel bed?

In hotels, the bed is the key element, after all, you are paying to stay. Many hotels have white bed linens, some have elaborately colored ones. Sleeping in your hotel room can suggest that you need to get better rest at night. Are you tired for no apparent reason? Do you find yourself getting agitated or jittery when you want to relax and be calm? This is known as a change in energy levels. During a dream, the bed is connected to our own energy, which pervades all life and the entire universe. Through certain practices, you can steadily regulate your own internal energy. Energy can be stabilized by grounding. It is vital to connect with Spirit through grounding. I believe it is important to consider grounding as a bed was featured. If your energy is chaotic and wild it will be difficult to focus on the subtle energies. You may also find it difficult to see the bigger picture when your energies don't feel grounded. Sometimes it can feel like everything is falling apart in your life. It can be difficult to remember the value of Spirit in a life filled with daily minutiae.

So, my questions to you are: Do you feel too energetic, which can make you angry or anxious? Would you rather feel like you have too much energy and you feel tired or blue? No matter what direction your energy imbalance is, you can start by pushing out any negative energy through the soles of your feet. If you wish, you can imagine a flow or system of roots. Once you have eliminated all negative energy, it is time to draw in new energy from the earth. You can also visualize light and colours or just focus on the sensation if you want.

What does it mean to dream you cannot find your hotel or hotel room?

These are popular dreams. Maybe you are running down a corridor not able to find your room, perhaps the numbers on the doors of the hotel are removed. There are many scenarios where we find ourselves unable to find our hotel room in a dream. In older dream books if you cannot find your hotel it is a positive dream, it means you will be rewarded by the kindness and friendship that you show other people. It is a positive dream but shows you are “searching” for something in life. 

What does it mean to dream of staying in a hotel?

To dream of staying in a hotel (maybe for a prolonged period of time) is connected to communicating with others. Are you being critical or exasperated and appear irritable? Staying in a hotel with someone you know can represent the best efforts to control and curb emotions at work, or it can mean a journey will be taken. It is also a wake-up call to recognize shortcomings and work to improve your own moral outlook so you can accept the different viewpoints or responses of others. I hope this makes sense. 

What does it mean to dream of a motel?

A motel is normally a cheap hotel. The motel is a hotel designed for motorists and is connected to the highway in dreams. The distance of the journey in dreams can indicate communication with others. If you think about the routes that led to the motel in the dream that is about connecting with others. Think about the "rooms" and are connecting to each other - connecting with people. A motel in a dream is about a situation tumbling down. My experiences have shown me that true believers believe goodness is rooted in love, nonviolence, and the truth of their faith. It is possible for us to not fully understand how the spiritual side of dreams actually works and how they relate to each other in reality. 

What does it mean to dream of a timeshare?

A timeshare in a dream is something that is shared in life. Timeshares were important in the 1990s and many people bought this at the height of their popularity. To see a timeshare tout in a dream can indicate that you would like to focus on learning. Reading a book is one way to learn new things. Knowledge keeps growing. By reading more, you become more knowledgeable. You discover new concepts of value and experience their positive effects. The amount of knowledge you acquire will not change your personality or disposition. Your base will be distorted if you lose all your knowledge. Everything you've learned will be lost. The dream of a timeshare is connected to your own knowledge, to make a decision in life. It means you need to make your own decisions.

What does it mean to dream of high rise hotel?

​​A high-rise building is around 150 meters and hotels that are tall in height in your dream are about your objectives. Think about each floor of the hotel in your dream as being a challenge you need to complete. If you notice panoramic views during your sleep, or you are on a high floor in a tall hotel it can indicate luck. 

What does it mean to dream a hotel is moving, shaking or swaying?

I remember once I had a dream I was in a tall hotel and it was shaking and swaying, I was also walking down the fire exit. Do tall buildings sway in reality? Yes, skyscrapers do sway in the wind and the building moves, this is due to the suction force. The scary thing is that 100mph gusts can result in the structure moving around two feet. Of course, skyscrapers (like you in life) are designed so they can cope with the extreme weather. To dream of a hotel swaying or moving in a dream can indicate that you will need to cope with any risks in life due to pressure.

What does it mean to dream of a hotel being destroyed/bombed/falling over?

Of course, hotels have in reality cracked, fallen over, and been destroyed and to dream of this is similar to the tarot card the tower. The destroyed tower can represent arguments or conflict with a lover, father, mother, or a father figure giving others the structure and support they need to be responsible adults. This dream is "Who's the boss?" It is a crucial question. It refers to being in control of your environment, body, temper, instincts, and love life. The dream of a bombed hotel encourages the dreamer to be bold, aggressive, courageous, and in control.

The dream could also be a symbol of the relationships around you or any father figure in their lives. Either a demanding tyrant who is hated and feared or a charismatic leader who is respected and admired. To dream of being in a hotel when it is destroyed during a dream is a warning dream. It may remind you to consider whether your empire is becoming an unwelcome chore. Having a solid foundation for the future is also indicative of the destroyed hotel, which is now overcome by fear. What if everything you have worked for is stolen, lost, destroyed or disappears? How would you react if everything you have worked for is stolen, lost, destroyed or disappears? And what if all you have created is not enough? You might panic and seek refuge at the hotel. This is about fear in a dream.

What does it mean to dream of hotels all the time?

There are times when dreams of a hotel appear more than once because they contextualize an emotion. Since ancient times, humanity has used its power over our dream world to guide others. Through alignment with a greater good, people have been able to guide others, in life. The hotel is about freeing yourself if you dream of this over and over. However, this greater good is not always for the greater good - as we have all experienced. Our exploration together must take this into account. There is almost universal agreement that everyone is trustworthy or able to help one another. We live it now, and we have for a few thousand years. To dream of a hotel is connected to how we as human beings strives for a dream that will bring us closer to the realization of greater possibilities in life. It is urging you to think about travel and making sure that you can navigate all obstacles in life successfully.

What does it mean to dream of room service?

Room service is about advice in dreams. Either you give up what you fear losing so that it has no power over you or you consider what you'll still have if you lose your fear. The dream is about food, which is a positive omen it is about everything you have built, Think about how you would still be able to use the knowledge and experience you have gained. To eat a meal in a hotel is about nourishing your mind in order to make relationships better. 

What does it mean to dream of concierge or waitresses?

Hotel staff in a dream is connected to dreams, unexpected old relatives show up. In the dream the person in the hotel could represent a grandparent, a parent, or an elderly aunt or uncle. They are present in a typical or unusual scenario, reminding you about the most important quality. This dream is about taking action. What are your good qualities? Your psyche might be telling you how to change your attitude or behaviour towards others. You could also be welcomed into the midst of a dream group of wise people. This doesn't mean you aren't important to them, they're all equal.

What does it mean to dream of the front desk of a hotel?

In dreams, the front desk of a hotel is about communication with others. What are you trying to communicate? To check into a hotel during a dream can suggest a new goal ahead. I do feel that this dream is also about checking up on others.

What does it mean if your hotel dream is a nightmare?

What does it mean if your dream of a hotel becomes a nightmare? Maybe you saw a murder in the hotel? Or you were kidnapped in a hotel? When we encounter a nightmare this indicates we are open to new impressions and bewildering input. It is paradoxical that scary hotels in the dream is an effective method for us to learn that we are not afraid in reality. This is another step towards gaining self-confidence.

Nightmares usually occur within the first hour of sleep, during the REM phase. Persistent nightmares are often the result of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Additionally, sleep disorders can be caused by worrying too much, depression or substance abuse. The meaning of the dream of a hotel does not change but the negativity of the nightmare can indicate that you are feeling left out in life.

What does it mean to dream of a restaurant or hotel buffet?

Eating in the hotel during a dream is about survival. We eat to be social, to survive and to see a hotel restaurant or buffet can indicate that it is time to go out and have some fun. If you saw breakfast in your dream, or you stayed on a bed and breakfast basis then this dream can indicate that new beginnings are coming. 

What does it mean to dream of being homeless and staying in a hotel?

Understanding all levels of your dream is important in order to fully understand the dream's meaning, why you dreamed of being homeless is key to unlocking the power of your dream. Clarinempathy is a term used by many esoteric practitioners to describe a psychic skill that allows you experience the thoughts, emotions and symptoms of others. However, dreams are multidimensional. I have seen a dream mean that the dreamer must experience empathy in a variety of ways. Empathy as a broad term is more meaningful to me because it covers the entire spectrum of empathic experiences, both worldly and subtle. The dream of being homeless and sleeping in a hotel can indicate a rich and heartfelt experience, just like other words such as caring or love. Empathy is a feeling of connection. All of us love to connect and this is what the dream is all about.

Conclusion of a dream of a hotel

Success requires dedication. Through the temporary waves of difficulty in life, this dream is urging you to stick with a course of action through any bumps and difficulties that may come your way. Remember, hotels are just temporary places. Any problems are just temporary.  Despite obstacles, persistence entails sticking to your goals. Finishing what you wish to do is essential. The dream is about overcoming obstacles, distractions, and setbacks. You cannot reach all of your life goals by running a marathon. Without the strength to complete the entire course, you will stop halfway and give up. That is the advice of this dream. 

Meaning of 1920s dream dictionary related to hotels

  • To dream of a fine hotel indicates wealth is on the cards.
  • To dream of a tall hotel means people will respect you.
  • To dream that you own a hotel means that fortune will come your way.
  • To dream of trying to find a hotel in your dream means that you are going to be confused.
  • To work in a hotel featured in your dream means employment is coming your way.

In your dream you may have

  • Been in a hotel.
  • Been in a hotel room.
  • Encountered a very nice hotel.
  • Encountered a bad, ugly hotel.
  • Spent the night in a hotel.
  • Seen a sinister or scary hotel.
  • Dreamed of a hotel while you were staying in one in the waking world.
  • Done any activity in a hotel.
  • Drank at a hotel.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You had a good experience in a clean hotel.
  • You were only in the hotel temporarily.
  • You stayed at the hotel alone.
  • You were there for a short vacation.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a hotel

Strange. Unrewarded. Alone. Unhappy. Worry.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012