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Bracelet .

This dream is connected with your inner self. To dream that you find a bracelet is a sign that you will receive an inheritance.

If you lose a bracelet it is a sign that you have some problems. To dream of wearing a bracelet on the arm means that you will receive a gift and you will have a happy marriage. An ankle bracelet is a sign of troubles caused by slander friends.


In your dream you may have...

  • You lose a bracelet.
  • You find a bracelet.
  • You wear a bracelet.
  • A silver bracelet.
  • You find a bracelet.
  • A gold bracelet.
  • A bracelet of pearls.
  • A bracelet on your arm.
  • A bracelet on somebody else’s arm.
  • A broken bracelet.
  • Buying a bracelet.


Positive changes are afoot if...

  • Think before you talk.
  • Enjoy the present.
  • Expect a wedding.

Detailed dream interpretation: If you have been given a silver bracelet in your dream by either a friend or a lover, then this represents happy love affairs in the future. This dream also indicates that you will be able to prevent any losses of financial gain. To find a bracelet indicates that you will have good prosperity over the next year. A gold bracelet shows that you will be invited to a wedding in the near future. A dream of a pearl bracelet indicates that times are going to be content and happy for you in the future.

To dream of losing a bracelet means that you need to think about the things you say, and the way you say them. If the bracelet was part of a set, then this dream is associated with trying to progress yourself socially. We are all born with certain bromidic tendencies; do you not recall the smug, confident look, and the assurance of someone close to you having said a particularly happy thing?

According to old dream dictionaries, if the bracelet was broken you need to protect yourself against a sulphite. What, then, is a Sulphite? Ah, that is harder to define. A Sulphite is a person who does his own thinking. He is a person who has surprises up his sleeve. He is explosive. One can never foresee what he will do, except that it will be a direct and spontaneous manifestation of his own personality. You cannot tell them by the looks. Sulphites come together like drops of mercury. A bracelet in your dream means luck, joy and prosperity.

Having a bracelet featured in your dream could foretell marriage. If someone is putting a bracelet on your arm, you will fall in love or even get married in the near future. Buying a bracelet means debts, slavery, and mistrust for those in love. A dirty bracelet tells you that your enemies are against you. Wearing a bracelet in your dream means hidden love. Losing a bracelet indicates a joy followed by a hidden pain, or that you may become poor. A broken bracelet suggests that your enemies are plotting against you. Seeing a bracelet on somebody else’s arm means big loss, while seeing a bracelet in your arm means you will be dependent on a stranger.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of bracelet: Happy. Enjoying. Having fun. Content. Barred. Upset. Scared. Sad.

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