Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Speaking in public can be a traumatic dream, especially if you are not good at doing this in real life.

Depending on the speech and the reason for the speech in your dream can give you insight into what is going on in your life, and why you are having this dream. The dream can be connected to being nervous or having a fear but it can also show a need to highlight a cause, emotion, or purpose in your waking life as well.

Voicing your inner thoughts can be a good sign for the future, or a warning. Pay attention to the audience, general color of the dream, and the purpose of the speech to get to the root of the dream’s meaning.

In this dream you may have

  • Been a public speaker.
  • Been afraid to speak in front of people.
  • Rallied a group of people with your voice.
  • Been to a public speech.
  • Were in a place of importance and had to speak to a large crowd.
  • Wished that you could speak.
  • Been unable to speak in front.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Your speech was warmly received
  • You were able to motivate people
  • You spoke out about a situation or cause that is important to you.

Detailed dream meaning

When you dream of public speaking to a large crowd, this is usually a sign about how you feel about speaking up in front of others. While sometimes it can simply be nerves about speaking out in front of people – especially during a trying time in your life – this can also be a sign of needing to speak your mind.

When you speak publicly in a dream this is a good omen for your waking world when your words are well-received in a dream. If you captivate your audience and get them on board with your speech it shows that you have made good decisions and you are in a place of control and peace in your life.

Even when you feel out of control in your life this is a sign that things will be coming together for you and that you are on the right path. This can also be a sign that you need to stand by with your convictions or face a difficult task head on.

If you are shy in a dream and you have a hard time with public speaking, consider ways in which you are holding back because you are fearful of how you are going to be received or judged in your waking world.

Dreaming of being shy or nervous to the point of being unable to speak indicates that you re being controlled or manipulated and is a parallel to your own life being taken over by another. Are there demands in your life that are not allowing you to be true to yourself?

What ways are you feeling overburdened in your own life. You may not feel comfortable being in the spotlight but now is your time to shine. It is alright if you don’t want to be the center of attention but make sure you’re your own voice is being heard – especially in work situations where you need to get credit, you’re your work.

If there is something coming up in your life that you are nervous about, you may have a dream about public speaking to exemplify your own nervousness. Focus on how you handle yourself in your dream in order to make heads and tails of how to handle the situation in your life with the best outcome.

If you are a strong speaker in your dream this is a sign of overcoming difficulties for success. If you are a bystander, listening to yourself speak in a dream, this is telling you to listen to your inner voice and to trust your own judgment. If you have no voice or it is weak, this can be a sign to hold your tongue or that there is a reason to need to be quiet in your waking world involving situations that require your own input.

In a dream, when you have to be a public speaker because you see yourself as a public figure, whether it is a government official, celebrity , or a person in charge this is a sign of seeing yourself as an important figure. In dreams like these you will usually have something to say that you feel needs to be said to many people.

This parallels your own life where you are needed or wanted. Even if you feel like perhaps your own voice is not appreciated, your psyche is telling you that this is a time to speak up and be heard. Your idea may be beneficial and your voice may be the key to solving a riddle.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Dealing with stress
  • Overcoming fear
  • Speaking out
  • Rallying up others for a cause
  • Preparing for the future

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of public speaking

Nervous. Shy. Scared. Unsure. Shocked. Speechless. Insecure. Judged. Courageous. Charismatic. Eloquent. Forceful. Bold.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012