Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Letters in dreams indicate new challenges. There are many different letters of the alphabet that can be associated with different dreams. For this dream interpretation, we will interpret letters A-Z.

The alphabet is also connected to how we writing life. You may have been writing in your dream. In ancient dream dictionaries, the alphabet is connected to an absent friend. If you are writing your name then this suggests that good news will soon be yours. If you are unable to understand the letters of the alphabet then this is connected to a warning of indiscretion. Alphabet letters are also associated with numerology if we look at the letters themselves we can indicate the number with each corresponding letter so for example.

Detailed dream meaning of letters A-Z in the dream:

  • Letter A in dreams = If you dream of the letter A then this dream is connected to a new start in life. The letter A symbolizes in numerology a number one, therefore to see the letter A in the dream this suggests that you are going to encounter a new beginning. You can also imply somebody that is going to be cold hearted in waking life.
  • Letter B in dreams = To see the B in a dream is associated with the numerology number two. Number two indicates that you have will have intuition in life. To see a large B in the dream denotes that you underestimate your skills. To see the letter B written in a dream suggests that you are going to have to be forgiving in a given situation with a loved one. It is important to be tactile at the present time.
  • Letter C in dreams = If you notice the C written or drawn in your dream and this symbolizes a representation of survival. You need to have a more resilient source in life. If the C is written small then this suggests that a gentle person will soon enter your life.
  • Letter D in dreams = Seeing the letter D in your dream is an indication that you have the power to achieve in life. The problem here is that you may not have the pride required in order to fulfill your obligations. In numerology, the D represents the number 4. The number four is connected to balancing lives difficulties.
  • Letter E in dreams = If the E is featured in your dream, or you draw the letter E or to see a letter E in the dream state suggests that you will be under attack by a female. The E is the second vowel found in the alphabet and in numerology is connected to the number five. As we've already concluded it can suggest you may become under attack by a female, most importantly follow the advice here is that you show compassion for this person. Deceit will not last.
  • Letter F in dreams = The F letter is connected with the numerology number six. This suggests that you will encounter somebody who will nurture you. If the F is handwritten in the dream and this can suggest that you will encounter some minor upsets in the near future.
  • Letter G in dreams = To see the letter G in a dream is a suggestion that you can overdo things in life. This normally occurs in a dream if you need to ensure that loved ones are cared for.
  • Letter H in dreams = The H letter is connected to protectiveness and being anxious about a project in the future. You may encounter somebody emotionally unstable and it is important to try to give them support.
  • Letter I in dreams = If the I is featured in the dream then compassion needs to be shown, especially towards friends. As the letter, I is the third vowel of the alphabet in dreams it can be associated with being more sensitive and compassionate to people. It can also suggest that somebody is going to create conflict for you go forward.
  • Letter J in dreams = The J letter in a dream has an important influence. If you see this written, or a large J and see this written in a dream then this suggests that you need to think about your home. Maybe you've been your home for far too long and it is time to move on, alternatively, it could just mean that you need to clean your home.
  • Letter K in dreams = If the K letter is featured in your dream then indicates that you will have riches and splendor in the near future.
  • Letter L in dreams = A letter L in the dream is associated with loving relationships, especially in a family unit. In numerology's equivalent is the number three and indicates that somebody is going to offer you a gift.
  • Letter M in dreams = The M is associated with mysterious and conflicting influences. Many people associate the M with masculinity, the M is also extremely powerful because it is exclusive to only the English language. In addition, the M is the 13th letter in numerology - and therefore can indicate some deception in the waking world.
  • Letter N in dreams = is the 14th letter of the alphabet and in dreams is associated with rebirth. This is because in Egyptian hieroglyphics the letter N was associated with the snake symbol. It might be useful for you to review the dream interpretation of a snake.
  • Letter O in dreams = The letter O is generally associated with a new beginning and start. Surprisingly, the O is the fourth most common letter of the English alphabet. In numerology, the letter O is the number six and is associated with negativity. It can be connected to difficult events in waking life.
  • Letter P in dreams = in dreams P represents power and also the knowledge of others. If we look at numerology P is equivalent to the number seven. Thus, the number seven is focused on thinking about the future. you may find in the near future you need to understand other people better. There could be some possible hidden truths.
  • Letter Q in dreams = the letter Q is 17th letter of the English language. Surprisingly, the letter Q was also used in Roman times. In terms of a spiritual definition, the letter Q can be associated with the numerology sign of eight. As its 17th letter, we just add one to the seven. The good news is that eight is an extremely lucky number and material wealth and spiritual balances enlightenment. It is a number that is associated with justice and also bringing together exciting times. Therefore, to dream of the Q is positive and shows that you're going to be valued by others.
  • Letter R in dreams = The letter R in dreams is associated with being more of a leader in life. Perhaps you have taken the back seat for a while and it is time for you to step up to the mark. The fact that you have dreamt of the R suggests that you do have the power within in order to lead people. In order to gain a clearer understanding of this dream, you need to look within in order to gain the strength required in work matters going forward.
  • Letter S in dreams = The letter S in a dream is connected to the number one which is associated with new beginnings in life. You're going to ask somebody for assistance. To draw a letter S in your dream suggests that you need joy and fulfillment going forward. See snake dreams for more information on seeing this letter in your dream.
  • Letter T in dreams = The letter T is connected to the numerology sign of two and suggests that you are aiming to grow in life. In dreams, it is associated with asking questions of yourself. Have you felt overburdened recently? Have other people taking advantage of you?
  • Letter U in dreams = the letter U in a dream is connected to feeling that you have the freedom to carry on in life. It can suggest that you have overcome a period of depression. In terms of the numerological sign, it is connected to a conclusion. The U is the final vowel of the alphabet. Therefore and end is near.
  • Letter V in dreams = V represents that you going to build something. It is connected to the number for and indicates capability and strength.
  • Letter W in dreams = The W is associated with number five in numerology. It suggests that you need to define your life path. You will encounter somebody who will want everything out of life. If we look at the spiritual significance of the number five there are five elements, five senses and also five wounds of Christ. You may also encounter a lover if you write the letter W in your dream.
  • Letter X in dreams = The X letter in a dream is a representation of the number six in numerology - it can indicate that you will encounter a sexual liaison in the near future.
  • Letter Y in dreams = The letter Y in dreams is connected how we view ourselves in the world. In dreams, the letter Y can suggest that sometimes you will struggle in life but through this you will learn many lessons.
  • Letter Z in dreams = The Z letter in dreams is associated with the conclusion in life it can indicate that you are intellectual that you sometimes fail in seeing opportunities. The good news is that if you see or write the letter Z in a dream it is associated with material attainment. The Z's equivalent is in the numerological sign of eight which suggests that you will destroy any negativity in life.

In conclusion, we can see that many different letters denote different meanings and it is interesting to take the numerological viewpoint. Any type of drawing or handwriting seen in a dream is a positive omen of creativity.

By Florance Saul
Oct 3, 2017