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A dream that involves acne is related to your self-esteem and can cause negative feelings and make you feel uncomfortable and unattractive.

If you noticed severe acne on your face, it could indicate that you are facing problems because of your insecurity or worry about how people look at you wherever you go. If you notice other people's faces are covered in acne in your dream, it could indicate that you are trying to find reasons in order to distance yourself from someone close to you. It could also mean that you always judge people by their appearance and you never care about other people’s feelings.

If you dream that you squeezed a spot then you are ready for a change and you will take actions in order to increase your self-confidence. It could also mean that a certain solution or a problem that’s been bothering you for a long time will finally come to light. I am Flo and I am here to help you with this dream meaning after 20 years researching dreams. Scroll down to find your meaning lovely!

If you had a massive boil or skin disease in your dream then you will to face a big change that will hurt your feelings. However, once the pain is gone, you will realize that this change is the best thing that could ever happen to you. If you see scarring in your dream, it could mean that you will finally let go of your past and forgive people who are not even sorry for what they’ve done to you. Keep in mind that will make you stronger, and certainly increase your self-confidence. If your skin was another color in your dream, it could mean that you should stop judging people and accept the differences between you and the people around you.

What is the dream meaning of acne?

To have severe acne in a dream can be quite worrying. To see yourself with acne indicates that you will have difficulties with other people in the future. Squeezing a spot or a blackhead in the dream indicates that the dream is neither good or bad. The other aspects of the dream need to be analyzed. Squeezing a spot is however good for all matters in life and you may encounter some disagreements or conflict. To see a massive spot on your face or body is a suggestion of pent-up energies. To see acne lesions in the dream foretells that you’re going to encounter an extremely nervous person.

If you are suffering from acne in waking life is not uncommon for this being featured in your dreams through your subconscious mind. If you could see yourself with a cyst on your face or alternatively a breakout of acne across your forehead then this dream actually means something. In fact, it depends on many different factors, but basically, acne in dreams is a reflection of how you are being stubborn in waking life.

The type of acne featured Airdrie is equally important. Here I have broken down some dream meanings specifically related to acne. I will say though that if you are treating yourself with acne in the dream such as a prescription medication like hydrocortisone or spironolactone then this indicates that you are subconsciously open to new ideas. If you are you are spot on this indicates you are looking both ways to approach a problem. 

Emma stone has suffered from a form of acne and she is making some amazing movies, what I am trying to say with this is that if you have acne in waking life, and you dream of the condition it is not related and these dream meanings should not be taken literally. A famous dream psychologist called Sigmund Freud believed that all our dreams are “transitions” of areas of waking life. 

What is it mean about popping your acne or a pimple in a dream? 

To see yourself popping a large pimple or acne is a subconscious representation of a problem. You need to solve this yourself - it can also be connected to possible disagreement with how you are feeling in a work environment. Turning to dream psychologists the symbolism of a pimple according to Sigmund Freud is connected to how we are perceived sexually. It may mean that you feel that you are not being judged or loved as you should be.

The interpretation of a pimple in dreams - in the records of psychology also differ. Carl Jung believed that to see anything on our face indicates that all you are trying to avoid something rather than facing up to it in waking life.

What is a dream interpretation of popping a cyst?

Popping a cyst or acne in dreams indicates that you need to get away and focus on your own qualities in life. Popping the cyst in a dream means that you are trying to get away from problems in life. 

What does it mean to dream of acne if you are a teenager in real life?

Acne can be rather traumatic, it can often, in waking life make one feel extremely stressed out. If you dream of acne you need to boost your own confidence.  After all, acne can be seen from a distance and can make you feel rather crappy. Therefore, the subconscious matter what happens you need to stop being stressed-out and focus on yourself and your own achievements in life.

What does it mean to dream of a large zit? 

A large zit seen in a dream is connected to our own authority in life. The emphasis must be interpreted in terms of the traditional significance and how this is featured in our dream. If you see yourself with a large zit on the face this can indicate that you need to be careful you do not gossip about others.

There are many different traditional dream meanings of a large spot on the face, most of the dream books that I have read I don’t believe provide much significance. I will however briefly provide an overview of the Fred settings 1930 dream dictionary meaning of a spot or zit on the face. "To dream of a zit indicates disappointments in love and also an increase of family affairs”  in this respect I believe more in the dream psychology side of this interpretation indicating that the zit itself is a symbolism of our own dignity and power in life. After all, the face is how we connect with others and see people.

What does it mean to dream that blood comes out of your face when you pop a pimple? 

We have all had the yucky experience of squeezing a spot and then blood comes out. To dream of a cyst indicates that there is a situation which is become inflamed or too much to handle. This dream means that things are often getting under your skin - literally. If you are messing about with popping a pimple in your dream or you see blood your face due to spots - then this indicates that you are going to feel some sort of difficulty in the future.

In life sometimes we need to work through difficulties in order to understand how we move forward and this will be a positive time in your life. Is it after all is over-reactive oil glands which have bacteria inside, therefore from a dream psychology point of view it’s as if something is standing in your way such as a roadblock when you dream of popping a zit and blood comes out. Sometimes when I’m writing these dream interpretations it makes me wonder

What does it mean when you see pimples on your face?

To see pimples on your face in a dream illustrates that you’re going to receive much attention from other people. To see a pimple on the faces of other people in a dream signifies that relationships at home are going to be good. To dream that your whole face is "pimply" implies that through the attention of others you will gain success, but be warned you that you should not be prone to carelessness. The pimples, I believe are related to hormones and stress which often causes flare-ups in waking life. Therefore I feel that this dream denotes the same, in that you have experienced some stressful situations recently!

What does it mean to see boils on your skin during a dream?

Boils carry the same meaning as pimples in dreams. Boils are connected to our hormones they denote that you have encountered stress in life which has caused your emotions to go up and down. 

What is a dream interpretation popping a boil?

Popping a boil indicates trying to move away from a problem in waking life. To suffer this painful form of boil in your dream indicates a new start. Popping boils indicates that you are waiting for problems to disappear. Sometimes it’s better to face things head-on I believe.

What does it mean to dream of popping a huge pimple?

A huge pimple in a dream is associated with a problem that we are feeling within. Our face is how we communicate with other people so this dream can signify that you are having difficulties communicating with others which are causing problems in your life. Oh, and after looking at many dream dictionaries from ancient times I found that popping a large spot indicates unrevealed secrets - which means news is on its way. Perhaps you’re going to be imparting some information to somebody else soon and the huge pimple is an omen that communication seems to be blocked. If a pimple is causing you distress or is extremely huge and this can signify that you are finding it difficult to see the good qualities in another person.

What does it mean to dream of pus coming out?

Oh… gross dream right! Pus coming out of the boil, pimple, zit or any other spot on the face can be a disturbing dream. In order to understand the meaning I really need to turn to the spiritual meaning has itself. Any type of bodily function in a dream is often seen as a worrying sign. Pus in dreams indicates that there is something you are trying to get out. It could simply be that you feel that you have not been given the chance in order to succeed in life. To dream that you see pus is a sign you will surely have an opportunity that will be presented to you. Many older dream dictionaries state that puss itself is not a positive symbolism.

There were some rather strange meanings when I researched what pus means spiritually, one stated: "your sweetheart will turn a bit sour." I believe in the modern world pus itself is a symbolism of how we are trying to remove a personality trait that is holding us back. If you comfortably remove the pus in your dream then I believe this is an excellent omen that interprets unexpected success. If you do dream of squeezing pus then I feel you will likely expect success in the future!

I am going to first give you some quick dream meanings of acne but scroll on to find out more.

  • You noticed you had severe acne = a change is coming.
  • Other people had acne = don't rely on others.
  • You squeezed a spot in the dream = change is coming and releases your fears.
  • You had a massive boil in your dream = a new start in life.
  • You had a skin disease in the dream = don't rely on others.
  • You could see scarring in the dream = new beginnings.
  • Your skin was oily in the dream = find out how you can focus on yourself.
  • Your skin was another color in the dream = change
  • Your skin was pimply in the dream = new starts.
  • You had acne lesions in the dream = a bright future.
  • You could see dark marks on your skin in the dream = difficult times in the future.

Your skin was oily in your dream:

It could mean that your future and emotional state depend on your feelings and judgments. Consider changing your attitude in order to change your life. 

Your skin was covered in dark marks:

It could mean that although you know your value, some people are always telling you that you are never good enough. You are good enough, and you don’t need any improvement at the moment. What you need is to get rid of those people. 

Your skin was pimply in your dream:

It could mean that you are obsessed with other people’s opinions of you and that’s what stopping you from living your life the way you want. 

Feelings that occurred during a dream of Acne: 

Insecurity. Fear. Unattractive. Sad. Depression. Fear. Shame.

By Florance Saul
Aug 12, 2017