Beam of light

Beam of light

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A beam of light in one's dream indicates success.

The "beam" element in your dream is associated to are aspects of life where you may feel that success is going to be yours. If you have undertaken an exam, then a beam of light in a dream suggests that you are likely to pass. The beam of light itself is connected to success and being in touch with your emotions.

In the dream

  • A beam of light in the sky.
  • A beam of light from a UFO.
  • A projection of light in the sky.
  • A symphony to a beam of light.
  • A beam of light from a car.
  • Christmas beam of lights.
  • A parabolic reflector.
  • A beam of light from the fire.
  • A beam of light that is artificially produced.
  • A spiritual beam of light.
  • Scattered beams of lights.
  • A flash light from a torch.
  • A beam of light from a lighthouse.
  • A beam of light from a searchlight.
  • A laser beam of light.
  • A searchlight from a helicopter.
  • A beam of lights from an airplane.
  • A beam of light featured in a movie premier.
  • A laser or fiber optics in a dream.
  • An alien beam of light.
  • A pencil beam of light.

To see a beam of light from a car headlight represents your partner's experience now if you're a single then this can indicate that something will happen. To see a beam of light on another vehicle such as a lorry or bus indicates new beginnings. There are things you need to be aware of; you need to scrutinize others so look at all contracts you are going to be signing. If you make a promise, try to ask questions. Be sure to ask for more time to delay things so you can look at things in more details.

If you see a beam of light from the sun, it indicates that you need to research and follow up on situations. Don't be afraid to ask for time. Look into things this month. Seeing a beam of light in a show or circus suggests that you will have positive health going forward. To see a beam of light in the sky suggests a reaction to problems and surrender your concerns. Firstly, review your problems and then find the solution.

A symphony to a beam of light indicates that gratitude and protection will be yours. Seeing a beam of light from a Christmas tree suggests that you need to protect yourself spiritually. To see an illustration of a parabolic reflector indicates you should not rush, take things slow. Do not rush things if you see a projection of light in the daylight sky.

To see the beam of light from the fire indicates you're going to have fun in life, try to look for ways to approach different problems. You'll find yourself adapting to the world around you.

A spiritual beam of light projecting from the sky is a great omen in a dream. It can indicate that you have creativity, enterprise and also initiative. The spiritual beam of light is a vision that must be used to inspire you into creative thinking. To see a flashlight, torch or lighter suggests that you are often worried about situations in life. This type of light featured in a dream indicates positive thoughts and how you can manifest your own goals.

To see a lighthouse in a dream is an indication of guided direction. The lighthouse itself signifies that you need to help others. Can also suggest your insecurities may be holding you back. Perhaps you don’t feel like you belong to anything in your current life. You could join groups and also try to get a sense of belonging.

A laser beam of light is associated with the darker side of our own natures. It indicates the unknown. Are you concerned about anything in your life company? Tried to tap into your intuition. To see a laser from a gun indicates success but you need to be careful.

To see a beam of light from a searchlight is an indication that you may be a role or your judgment is unsound. If the searchlight is following you or looking for you, it indicates that someone out is going to initiate change.

To see a searchlight on a helicopter is a suggestion that you fear change. You've got to embrace that fear, obviously, once changes happen - you can then move on in your life. To see a beam of light featured in a movie premiere in the introduction is associated with the transition to challenge your belief system and undergo a sense of transformation in life.

To see fiber optics or a red laser in one's dream in its simplest form is that you are trying to solve a mysterious situation. It can also indicate frustration of trying to resolve something with another person.

An alien beam of light featured in a dream is a suggestion that you need to act without thinking. Perhaps you've been afraid of the unknown in life. It's time that you need to let go of any worries that have been holding you back. A pencil beam in the dream is a suggestion that needs to believe in yourself and trust your heart more.

Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream

Happiness, spiritual awakening, light in life, a situation that is resolved, hard working, anxious, worried about others and trying to see situations in life for what they really are.

By Florance Saul
May 6, 2017