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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve.

Dreaming of Christmas Eve is a pleasant dream that denotes new beginnings. Usually, dreaming of this event means you’re aware of the importance of your family.

It also suggests your family requires your love.

Possible dreams involving Christmas Eve maybe...

  • Family reunion on Christmas Eve.

  • Incomplete family reunion on Christmas Eve.

  • Disappointment on Christmas Eve.

  • Christmas Eve with no presents.

  • Christmas tree ruined.

  • Mass.

More information about this dream...

The most common dream that involves Christmas is the one of family reunion on Christmas Eve. This dream is a sign that the family must not be neglected and to remind you that it is impotent to forgive others. Forgiveness is the essential part of having a virtuous family reunion and it is necessary on the sacred time of Christmas Eve. To dream of mass on Christmas eve means that you need clemency of others.

To dream of an incomplete family reunion on Christmas Eve or that your preoccupied with others means someone will walk away from your life. To wrap Christmas tree presents in your dream means that you have many positive relationships in waking life. Take your time and consider the positive and the negative aspects of your life. Again, to forgive is the key to happiness, especially during Christmas time.

If someone disappoints you on Christmas Eve, than it is a sign that your expectations should be higher than they currently are. You accept things quickly. It can also mean decisions need to be made. It can also mean that you have to do something positive in life. It is possible that someone might try to take advantage of your kindness and you could get hurt.

There is no Christmas Eve without presents but we all know that when we dream all is possible. If you dream that you lack presents on Christmas Eve than this is a sign that you feel you are not appreciated by others. It is time to release your real value. To be the only one not give presents means you have lost your faith in a better life. This might also be a sign that you have grown up now and that you realized the importance of alternative gifts -- such as love!

Dreaming about a Christmas tree is a sign that you consider your family strong. If the tree is ruined in your dream, than it means you have doubts in members of your family. Your prosperity is not as desired. Christmas dreams are related to both positive andnegative aspects of ourselves, depending on exactly what one is dreaming. Some of these feeling can be forgiveness, love, family caring, deception, andwish for prosperity or self-confidence.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a baptism…
Surprised. Indifferent. Curious. Wondering. Happy. Grateful. Appreciative. Spiritual. Content.

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