Bagel dream meanings

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Dreaming of a bagel is the omen that a period of calamity and trust will end soon.

Buying bagels mean comfortable life, and that you should seize an advantageous situation. A bagel that is filled with cream cheese denotes a missing part in your life. You don't feel like you are fully complete and you need someone to help you. This might be a call for a new way of life. If you see others eating bagels if denotes the need of a life partner if you are not married, or the need to be close to being with your spouse, if you are married.

In the dream

  • You eat a bagel.
  • You see a bagel.
  • You eat a warm bagel.
  • You buy a bagel.
  • You see a bagel shop.
  • Someone you know eats a bagel.
  • Someone you do not know eats a bagel in the dream.

Detailed dream interpretation

The bagel “featured in the dream” is one of the most mysterious dreams connected to bread. Freud opened our eyes to the idea that dreams of bread are connected to our material possessions. Consequently, if we dream of eating a bagel then we may be trying to get beyond our own material comfort zone.

Every dreamer has a specific association to bagels. Perhaps you eat one on a regular basis alternatively you had a one for breakfast? The actual regularity of eating a bagel should also be considered when interpreting the dream.

If for example, you eat a bagel the day before and then that night dream of eating a bagel it can just be symbolic in nature and therefore this meaning does not apply. So what is a dream about a bagel telling you? Is it saying that you need to review your material possessions?

The bagel is connected to the interpretation of bread and is focused on life forms. It is all about how you are perceived in life and the connections that you can make in order to increase your material possessions.

Eating a bagel in your dream which is warm or just cooked indicates that you will encounter some material gain in the future. To work in a bagel shop suggests that you have an attitude that does not want to feel controlled by anyone. There could possibly be a power struggle in a relationship. To dream of cinnamon, bagels suggest that somebody is going to sweeten you in the future. If the bagel is representative in a nightmare when you are unsure of what's going on in the dream this suggests that you may feel humiliated and vulnerable in waking life.

To see a bagel in the store represents inner calm. If you notice poppy seeds on the bagel then this suggests that something is going to grow in the future. A montréal or Toronto bagel is connected to sowing the seeds of life.

Poppy seeds themselves featured in a dream suggests that exciting times ahead. The actual topping on the bagel is also important. The bagel could contain onion, garlic, raisins, cinnamon, chocolate chip, cream cheese or even jam. It is quite interesting to interpret and if the bagel itself is sweet then you can expect some money / financial gain. For a savory topping to be featured indicates that you need to work hard in order to gain what you want in life. If you see a bagel store in the dream this suggests that people are going to look to you for important information.

A familiar person eating a bagel in your dream implies that a friend or family member is lonely and your intervention might be needed. If they approach you, be ready to socialize with them accordingly. If you see a stranger eating a bagel in the dream, it means that someone close is having issues in a relationship. In conclusion, a bagel is connected to material possessions and how we see ourselves in life.

Feelings associated with your dream

Happy, joyful, grateful, intimate, adventurous and growth.

By Florance Saul
Jun 12, 2017