Balance Beam

Balance Beam

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A balance beam is a gymnastic apparatus; it signifies a situation that requires “balance.”

The balance beam is also the name of the event which is performed using the beam apparatus. Most people refer to the beam by the abbreviated BB. If you see a balance beam in your dream, it means that there is a situation in life which requires you to be careful and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of what is to be done before making a decision.

In the dream

  • You are balancing on the beam.
  • You fall off a beam.
  • The beam is extremely high.
  • You are in a gymnastics competition.
  • You may be the one walking on the balance beam.
  • Someone you know might be the one walking on the balance beam.
  • A strange person might be the one walking on the balance beam.
  • You see a female gymnastic.
  • You gain a score in a beam competition.
  • You are wobbling or stumbling to ensure balance.
  • You fall from the beam.
  • You are barefoot in the dream on the beam.
  • You see a coach in your dream.

Detailed Dream Interpretation

To balance on a the beam indicates that there is a need to change direction in life. There is a sense of dexterity and also the flexibility that is required. To fall from the beam suggests that you are going to juggle many situations going forward. It is a warning to be ready to juggle many different options in life. If the beam is extremely high you are looking down on the earth but trying to walk across the beam indicates, again that you are juggling many situations in life, these challenges in life require careful thought. To be a participant in a gymnastics competition suggests that you are going to have fun lively times ahead.

To win or be part of a beam gymnastics competition indicates that you will find new ways to handle difficult problems. To see a female gymnastic suggests that you are juggling emotions over a woman.

When you are the one walking on the balance beam, it means that there is a situation in your life which is causing you so much anxiety because you need to make a decision. To see others on the beam suggest challenging times ahead. You need to use all the wisdom that you possess so that you don’t ruin yourself with a decision which will have more cons than pros.

To see the beam on television indicates surpass emotions. Weigh up the pros and cons of making a decision emotionally; you can go ahead with a decision. There are a few disadvantages or areas of concern that your decision will cause. If the cons surpass the pros, it is best to reconsider your decision as it will be impossible to control the outcome and manage the many problems that may occur.

If the person walking on the balance beam is someone you know, then it means that a family member or a friend is walking a tightrope and is confused on what to do in life. They need guidance on which way to go as far as decision making is concerned. You are the person who will bail them out and make them come out victorious. If they are not approaching you, make an effort to approach them and try to win their trust.

To watch a beam routine indicates that something in life is disturbing you and you need the wisdom to resolve it. Don’t be quick in reaching a conclusion, try and be attentive and take your time to give gain a conclusion.

If you happen to see a strange person walking on the balance beam in your dream, it denotes that you and those around you are making decisions which are working for all of you. You haven't found yourself in a situation whereby you are unable to make a decision. But this said it is important that you should be ready for future goals in life.

To see a beam that is not straight indicates a tough decision to make. A beam of light in one's dream indicates that you need to learn something new. When you learn, it will be easy for you to sort anything that comes your way in future. A beam of light from a UFO suggests you need to find the inner energy to approach a problem. For more information see our meaning on a beam of light in your dream.

Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream

Indecisive, hard working, anxious, worried about others. Trying to balance situations in life and emotions that are not balanced.

By Florance Saul
May 6, 2017