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Adversity can mean that you’re going through a rough period in life.

Adversity can come in many different forms in a dream.  Apparently, dreaming something negative, unpleasant, such as a death or natural disaster or torture could suggest that we’re physically and emotionally drained and we need to take a rest from everything in life. Or maybe your energy is drained from people who are having a bad influence on you without you even noticing.


In the dream…

  • Something negative occurred in the dream.
  • You were killed in a dream.
  • A difficult or unpleasant dream occurred.
  • You had a nightmare during the dream.
  • There was a natural disaster that occurred during the dream.
  • You were heartbroken during the dream -  due to a lover leaving.
  • You encountered torture in the dream.
  • You felt emotional pain in the dream but cannot remember the full details.


Adversity dream meaning…

People who are experiencing nightmares are unusually surviving a trauma and that could be the reason for their unpleasant dreams. However, nightmares can sometimes be caused by watching a scary movie before we go to sleep and could mean absolutely nothing.

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According to researchers, if we dream of natural disaster, that could suggest that we are tired of everything and in some bizarre way, we want to start a new life.

People who are killed in their dream will experience luck and happiness in real life because sometimes what happens in our dreams is opposite from what will really happen in real life. Crying and feeling sad in your dream is also a sign of experiencing happiness and pleasant moments in real life. Sometimes in dreams we wake up upset and crying. To he heartbroken in a dream is a negative omen. If the dream was bad and unpleasant it can suggest difficulty in life. To see "torture" in a dream denotes emotional problems in life. To dream of your child being taken by another or lost in a dream can also suggest you have emotional problems with the inner child.

You are heartbroken: If you’re feeling heartbroken in your dream, it could suggest that you are going to meet someone special soon. However, it could also mean that you’re dedicating too much of your time on people who take you for granted. Learn how to send your spare time on yourself more than spending it on people who don’t appreciate you enough.

You survive torture: If you’re surviving a torture in your dream, it could suggest that you’re going through a happy period in waking life, however, be careful and don’t share your happiness with everyone because there are people who wish to destroy everything that is beautiful. Dreaming of torture is a warning to keep your happiness to yourself, so it can last longer.


You’ve experienced trauma: If you’re experiencing trauma in your dream, it could suggest that you still remember a physical injury that stopped you from doing something you wanted badly. However, it could also indicate that you are still holding on your past and you’re not focused on your future prospects, which is a mistake and that’s what your dream is trying to tell you.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of Adversity…

Fear. Scared. Terrified. Unpleasant. Unhappy. Heartbroken. Tortured. Tired.



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