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Dreaming of a deed foretells difficulties and worries. In the Eastern tradition it is said that if you dream of a deed, you will quarrel with people in your life.

If the deed is a contract that is torn, it is a sign that a specific person will upset you. In the Western tradition the dream of deeds has more explanations. A deed refers to paper sheet, document, manuscript, bills, and receipts. Therefore, the interpretation of the dream depends on the meaning that the dreamer attributes to these items when considering the context.

In your dream you may have

  • Performed a good or bad deed.
  • Encountered the deed of a house or mortgage.
  • Seen a clean paper deed.
  • Seen a dirty paper deed.
  • Encountered a torn deed.
  • Examined some deeds.
  • Found a lost deed.
  • Written a deed.
  • Ripped or shredded a deed.
  • Seen a pile of deeds.
  • Cut a deed with scissors.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You know how to manage your finances.
  • The deed stays intact in the dream
  • You appreciate the honesty of people in your life.
  • You pay attention to opportunities.
  • You learn to relax.

Detailed dream interpretation

To visualize deeds in your dream demonstrates there are likely to be difficulties in the future. If the deed is connected to your mortgage, it indicates that you are going to be concerned with financial difficulties. If you find yourself examining the deeds, there are quite a lot of possibilities in order to overcome these difficulties, and you have to choose the best one for you.

To lose a deed or property implies anxiety in waking life. You need to relax and take care of yourself at the moment. If you dream of dirty and torn deeds, you will lose money. Clean paper deeds also foretell money loss, not a big loss, but rather an insignificant amount. Old deed means you will enjoy trust and honesty from the people close to you. To be given a deed is a positive omen.

If the deed in your dream is made up of white paper, it means you will have to work , but also that you will be successful. A white paper deed can also suggest that your innocence may come forth in a situation you are experiencing at the moment. If the deed is black in color, you will soon receive news of this problem. If the deed’s paper has another color than white or black, it is a sign that your efforts will not generate results. If the deed is old and worn, it means that you will have a good chance of accomplishing your plans.

A brand new, clean paper deed is a sign of trouble. If the deed has stains, this is a sign of good fortune. A folded deed means you will be disappointed. If in the dream you are folding the deed yourself, it is an omen of wishes coming true. If the deed is ripped in small pieces of paper, you should remember that appearances can deceive. If you are ripping the deed, you will encounter unfounded grief, you could lose your rights and you will be furious. If you are destroying the deed by using a paper shredder and you see the shredded deed, it means that somebody will upset you in your travels. If in your dream you are cutting a deed with scissors, this is an omen that you should take good care of yourself in the future. To burn the deed means competition in waking life.

If in your dream you see a lot of deeds, you will lose your trust in somebody. Dreaming of writing a deed suggests that you will receive some profitable offers. It can also mean that you will quarrel and you could be persecuted. Writing a deed means disputes. A dream showing a pile of deeds suggests that somebody will try to take revenge. Lots of deeds means losing trust in somebody. Dreaming of your own deed means you will be cheated.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a deed

Anxious. Confused. Upset. Cheated. Confident.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012