day dream meanings

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This kind of dream has no real meaning unless otherwise specified. If you dream of a specific day or all days of a week, this meaning is simply referring to your reality.

Your dream can show you over an entire day of your life, or can display a birthday, a holiday, or any other significant day. It can happen at the beginning or the end of a day, or it could be just a feeling you are having about your day to come.

If you see a day passing in your dream, it indicates that you need to spend more time on something that is important to you, and that you either ignore or do not have the time for at the moment. This dream simply points to your subconscious mind. In there, you have deposited things that, despite their importance on a spiritual level, do not seem profitable in your immediate life. You should really attempt to dig them out. They are more important than you could ever imagine.

In your dream you may have

  • Had a normal day.
  • Been through many days.
  • Celebrated a birthday.
  • Been through the beginning of a day.
  • Gone through the end of a day.
  • Had a good day.
  • Had a particularly unpleasant day.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The day was sunny and beautiful.
  • The day had something positive to offer.
  • The day fell on one of your days off from work, school, or during a vacation.
  • The day was productive and worthwhile.

Detailed dream interpretation

A day in your dream means a wish of yours will come true. If in your dream you see a bat flying during the day, it means calm times and stability are coming your way from an unexpected direction. The beginning of a day or the dawn shows that your affairs will start working well. The dawn is generally a good omen. It is a sign of joy and new beginnings. Seeing the light coming means excellent times are ahead, rich in meaning and joyfulness.

Dreaming of a birthday foretells a calm period of your life. It is a good dream letting you know that you will enjoy a time of good health and a life of ease. Dreaming of your birthday or anybody else’s for that matter means good fortune is coming your way. The more gifts you receive, the more good luck you will have. A good anniversary day means you will be appreciated by family and friends.

A day off in your dream means you will gain some money and your neighbors will like you. It could also mean that you literally need a day off and you postpone taking it, so the dream shows you how it would be to have a vacation and enjoy it. This dream can also mean that you are in search for something more meaningful in the waking life. It tells you to take a break from whatever seems useless at the moment and take care of things that would nourish your soul.

If in your dream you are enjoying a festive day, a big holiday such as the Christmas or Easter day, this is a good omen especially if you are in the company of loved ones. Having fun during such a day means excellent prosperous times are ahead. If in your dream you feel the day is long, this means that you will enjoy somebody’s company for a very long time. If your feast is short, it means that somebody you love will depart soon.

The end of a day in a dream means that something in your life will change its course. If you are happy the day is over, this means that you are grasping for some of your past experiences. You should find a way to give up this grasping, as it is not useful at all in your present.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of day

Amazed. Happy. Content. Jolly. Thankful. Loving. Sad. Unpleased.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012