Poopy Diaper / Soiled Diaper / Dirty Nappy

Poopy Diaper / Soiled Diaper / Dirty Nappy

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

If you happen to see a baby with a dirty diaper in your dream this is representative of your own desires to nurture and care for someone else, particularly children.

If you are the actual baby with a poopy diaper in the dream, this suggest that you are in a phase in your life where you need others to care for you but you are ashamed about needing help. This is a time of your life where you need to allow others to be compassionate for the purpose of allowing them to feel a connection with you. Being vulnerable in a dream is associated with connecting with others. So, to dream of being a baby who needs to be changed by others, communication is required.

Babies with dirty diapers are particularly symbolic of great riches on their way - as well as being a positive omen for money in the future of the dreamer.

 In this dream you may have

  • Found a sink full of dirty diapers.
  • Been wearing a poopy diaper.
  • Unable to change your babies nappy / diaper
  • Could not see the diaper
  • Had old fashioned diapers (with a pin on the front!)
  • Had to have someone else change your dirty diaper.
  • Found dirty diapers in your briefcase.
  • Found dirty diapers somewhere else.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You picked up the dirty diapers from the sink and cleaned it out.
  • You pretended like the dirty diapers were a joke when they fell out of your briefcase.
  • You laughed when you were changed by a lover.
  • You decidedly cleaned your own dirty diaper.

Detailed dream meaning

When one dreams of finding a poopy diaper in the street while walking, this is representative of the dreamer’s desire to move away from the town in which they live.

When one dreams of seeing a dirty diaper on the bus, this is representative of the dreamer’s need to travel but feeling like they are escaping and leaving a lot of loved ones behind. When one dreams of finding a dirty diaper on their doorstep, this means that the dreamer does not feel good about their overall living situation, their home or their neighborhood.

If you see a sink full of dirty diapers in the dream this suggests that one's home life is overwhelming with clutter and it is time for a vacation or a good spring clean!

When one is wearing a dirty diaper, this is representative of the dreamer being a little overly childish in their actions toward others. This is also representative on occasion of being too dependent on others.

When one sees dirty diapers all around them this represents the dreamers need to pick up after themselves metaphorically.

To have a baby in the dream not be able to change the diaper indicates a possible terrifying experience in waking life.

If the diaper suddenly becomes clean in the dream this indicates that you are hanging on too tightly to old thoughts and feelings. To not be able to buy any diapers in a dream or to lose them indicates changes that you have made in life means that each day you will experience new opportunities which will alter your worldview. We hope you like this interpretation. Please support us by liking us on Facebook. The button is below.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • The need for nurturing.
  • Being overly babied.
  • New money.
  • New work projects.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of poopy diapers

Embarrassment. Uncertainty. Lack of control. Nurturing. Compassionate. Supportive. Capable. Contentedness.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012