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Poo Dream Meaning

Life is an amazing journey. We spend on average 6,000 hours of time on the toilet. At age 76 the average human produces 24,320 lbs of poo - which is the total weight of around three to four hippos! At some point, everyone will be asking questions like 'What is my purpose in life?', "Is there life after death?", or "Why did I have a dream of poo?

What is the dream psychology on poop dreams?

Sigmund Freud was a famous dream psychologist in the 1930s he analyzed thousands of dreams and came up with a detailed, valuable interpretation from a neurologist's perspective. Poop's dreams in his manuscripts connect to the following: control in situations, unsettled emotions, humiliation, worry over money, concerns about others, and that finances will play on the dreamer's mind. Spiritually, Poop in Dreams is about how we navigate our life. When one dreams of poop, this is symbolic of a situation that has become rife with stress. This dream is so much more spiritual than you can ever imagine. 

The symbolic meaning of a dream of poop can indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed by messy things in your life. It could also suggest that something poisonous has entered your life - either literally or metaphorically. This could mean someone poisoned the cat, metaphorically speaking, or it could symbolize a feeling of betrayal from a loved one or work colleague. Dreams involving feces usually involve fear of loss and being left vulnerable to harm. They often point to feelings of anxiety associated with intimidating situations such as: entering new environments, meeting new people, taking on unknown responsibilities --- which leaves us feeling helpless and out of control. 

Another dream interpretation is that dreaming about feces reveals repressed emotions held within ourselves - unpleasant feelings we might be afraid to express in our waking lives because they may not fit the image we’d like others to see us as having. In this case, subconsciously expressing these feelings through poo-related dreams provides us an outlet for those hidden emotions allowing them to manifest in harmless ways without being too overbearing on our conscious selves.

Is poop in dreams good or bad dream?

We feel poop it is a nasty disgusting thing to do, but this is a chance of removing all those toxins from your body. You are two distinct people. One goes about his or her daily life – taking care of the family, following routines, going to work – day after day without thinking, much like a machine. It's like a continuous loop of the same thing. Before you fall asleep at night, you may spend hours thinking about your day. And then there is the other you; the night-time, dreaming you. Think about a dream as a key to a greater life. Your dream life runs parallel to your daily life, and the dream state is not unreal; it is just synchronized with another dimension, so what is the dream telling us. I think this dream is good, it is telling you to remove those “toxins” or difficult situations in life. Removing for the greater good! 

In life, we sometimes feel dissociated from both our spiritual natures and the world around us because we are caught up in the fast pace of daily life, rapid communication, and transportation. Mind and body are now two separate forms of consciousness. This has led to two lives. We must be sincere in our efforts to maintain a connection. There is no interaction, or at least no significant interaction, between mind and body. We tend to see the body as a machine or as something that is different from ourselves. An interesting author called Drew Leder argues that dualism enabled us to create a mechanistic view of the body and its functions. It seems the world has become more materially wealthy, but less spiritually rich. The phenomenon is also called the "absent body." The reason I mention this is that when we dream we are ‌outside our own bodies and I would like to now consider what this dream is saying in regards to quantum physics.

In addition, most of us will have a poo dream at some point in our life - that is probably why you are here reading this. To understand what this dream can mean for you, we have to consider complex questions about humans, the universe, and their immediate natural and inanimate environments. We also need to look at the relationships between people and their past and present lives. Here is a video I have done on this so you can play it while reading my article.

I can remember myself having a dream about overfilled toilets with poo all over the floor. It was above all shocking, but it actually means something.

What is the biblical meaning of poop in a dream?

I always like to review scripture when reviewing a dream, and, biblically this dream can be about covering up something difficult in life. Are you covering something up? The Bible has many scriptures about the use of poop, dung and feces. You sometimes wonder in those times people’s perception of poop. It was, from the bible considered quite a difficult and uncertain association (spiritually).  

The taboo subject of faeces and dung can be seen in the following scriptures: 16:4, 8:22, and 25:33 verses from the book of Jeremiah. In this book, we learn more about poop and the fact that people believe this is an unpleasant omen. In this text, Jeremiah compares the people's deeds to poop and intimately acts against God seen further in Jeremiah 8, 2, 9, 22, and 16. 

God commanded Ezekiel to bake bread over a fire of poop and eat it every day in public for more than a year - yes very interesting and indicates that the problems you may have in life, need to be set on fire or removed from your life. The scripture later outlines that Ezekiel 4 protested this unclean behavior, and the Lord enabled him to light the fire with cow dung rather than human poop. So what were the lessons here? God intended to show Israel's attitude and motivation, hinting that in life we often cover up difficult things.

What does dreaming about your own poop mean?

Dreams about poo often refer to our own poop. I will go into great detail about the meaning of a poo dream, but there are a few things I'd like to mention about dreaming of your own poop. What is important is our own poop during our dreams conveys an important spiritual message. Firstly, in Korean folklore poo is connected to wealth and money, it was believed that dreaming or stepping in poop can be an indication of improving our own fortunes. However, we must understand that we need to reflect on elements in our life. In dreams, the consistency, colour and general dream environment whereby the poo was featured reflect what the dream is trying to tell you. There is always a hidden message in each dream that we have, through careful analysis we can understand what seeing your own poop can really mean. If you have been facing challenges in life recently, then this dream can often appear. Some people are surprised to dream of their own poop, and generally speaking, your own poo can indicate opportunities coming to you. Don’t be surprised at changes at work or in your financial areas of life. I do feel this is a dream which is positive in nature. Improvement of salary may happen over the coming weeks (hopefully).

What does someone else’s poo in a dream mean?

When I dream of poo it is often someone else's poo. Why? If you look at life through an energetic lens, you can gain a lot of useful information. We are all energetic beings. In the past, people who are interested in life's knowledge and wisdom have debated various matters. The poop in your dream is energy from others. Taking these arguments into consideration, we can now see that they are distracting from the bigger picture of what other people's poo really means in your dream. Physics is concerned with energy. When we dream we transmit energy from the core of the body and absorb energy from the outside.

This is how I define our dreams. It is an organizational center that allows for the reception, assimilation and transmission of vibrational energy. It is important to understand that what we create during our sleep determines how much we receive. Therefore, it is important to focus on other people's negative waste during our sleep. We are always at the center of our actions, the dream of someone else poo could be about repeated actions and habits which has created an energy field around us. After having such a dream think about if you are stuck in a cycle that keeps you at a certain level. It could be a relationship or a job. But most importantly, it can simply be a way of thinking. Being stuck, the dream of someone else’s poo is about being stuck in life. Are you stuck? How can you become unstuck?

What is the type of poo in your dream?

It is also important to consider the type of poop in the dream. You could find normal poop, diarrhea, cat poop, dog poop, and human waste. More commonly (those that have contacted me about this dream) is the consensus that the poo in the dream is brown and solid. However, you may have found another type. I will say this, If you dream of animal poop this is because of our connection to domestic animals such as dogs and cats, dreams of animal feces are associated with being crossed by a friend. 

It is also true that this dream is connected to our own financial decisions since bathrooms are also about privacy, so perhaps the advice for you my lovely, is that you shouldn't broadcast too many financial details. If you dream of the smell of poop, this is rather negative, it can suggest that you will be supported regarding addiction or problems in waking life. Loose stools/runny poop in dreams is about money and spending too much. If you have spent too much money recently it is about making sure you are more careful. The coloe of the poo is also important:

What is the color of the poo in your dream?

Brown poo in a dream: this is the most common color of poop in a dream, seeing brown poo can indicate that you will need to be firmer with people if the poo is solid. Maybe you have let people get away with bad behavior. Brown is also the color of mother earth and soil. Therefore, the brown poo in a dream is about growth and renewal. If the poo is a general normal poop in the dream then this indicates that times are going to be challenging but on the other hand, money will come your way.

Mustard poo in a dream: dreaming of a mustard color poo can indicate there will be some harmless banter in life. Mustard poo is normally seen in babies due to breastmilk, and sometimes when we have diarrhea. In dreams, the yellow poo can suggest that 

Black poo in a dream: In real life, black poo indicates dried blood and is not healthy, but in dreams, this is spiritual (according to ancient dream books) about other people being difficult. It is about surrounding yourself with others that make you happy. You need friends that are happy in their lives when you see black poo. Also that these friends are authentic. It’s very easy for us to get wrapped up in negativity (I know myself) and this dream is asking you to become more optimistic instead for focusing on the “black” parts of life.

Green poo in a dream: a common poo consistency for babies, especially the first few poos. Seeing green poo in a dream is about growth and new beginnings. If someone is talking about other people to you then try not to trust them is the message of this dream. This is also a dream about being thankful of what you have and trying to find some practical solutions to any problems that you have at the moment.

Red poo in a dream: Red poop in a dream can indicate that you may need to think about gratitude. red is the color of danger, but more importantly red also symbolizes life, energy, strength from within, creativity, and also security. the spiritual meaning of red is associated with positive feelings. If we turn it around in the dream meaning it can indicate that we are looking to move towards a better vibration. As red is a physical bright color it can suggest that a Dream of poop which is red is a direct indication that you need to take action in life. only you will know what the action would be.

Dreaming of White poo: To dream of white poo is to harness your own energy. You may need to focus and concentrate in order to analyze your own actions in the past. White is about spiritual healing and symbolizes peace, and action and also strengthens relationships. White poo in dreams is also connected to healing. Having a dream whereby the poo in white could mean that you need to heal - after all - poop is about healing yourself and promoting the qualities from within. After having a dream of white poop think about how you can promote and emphasize your own healing in life. We are all individuals and are on different vibrational planes full stop dreaming of white poop can signify a spiritual awakening.

Future predictions after dreaming of poop - from the 1930s

What does this dream predict? In old dream lore, you may find an up-and-coming work development or a meeting at work that will be of benefit, also wealth or money. Such a dream can also denote not feeling on top of a plan for a presentation or an important project. You may feel lost or frustrated and cannot get on with a job. When you dream that you cannot flush the poop, this means major fear change or that you are not able to accomplish a particular project to the end. This also represents the dreamer’s inability to let go of the hurt and guilt. To dream of poop or that this is all over the floor can indicate that you are being controlled by the negativity around you.

When one dreams they are playing with poop, this represents a time for the dreamer when money and financial issues will be taking over the dreamer’s waking life and it is time to get all of that handled as soon as possible. Sometimes when we dream of wanting to go to the bathroom, this is actually just showing us that we need to relieve ourselves (in real life), but most of the time; it has more of a spiritual or psychological meaning.

So, to dream of actually "going" to the toilet indicates you need to review or restore a part of your life you have forgotten. Maybe your spiritual side? When you dream that you are a child who is pooping, this shows that the dreamer is going to go through a fascinating time of developing social structures as if they are childlike.

What does a poo dream mean spiritually?

Many of you contact me about poop. Yes, this unpleasant thing appears in our dreams often. Here I am going to help you understand what this dream means. I am going to first turn to dream lore. When one dreams of actually touching poop this means that there is a fear of getting lost in an experience that is challenging to the extreme or even sticky. If you come into contact with the excrement or poop in your dream this shows that you have a guilty conscience or feel that you are in fact a dirty person. To dream of having a poop, you may find yourself in a situation that is either disgusting or filthy and you cannot find a way out. 

Dreaming of poop is a common dream, especially pooping in public. But what does this mean? To poop in public in your dream indicates ancient dream lore that you are feeling exposed and vulnerable, open to new possibilities and removing negativity. To dream of pooping in a public restroom with unknown people watching you signifies that you are naturally or even constantly comparing yourself to others. 

Bowel movements vary from person to person and understanding this dream can give you a clue to your own mental state. What are you trying to get rid of? I’m Flo and I will be helping you understand this dream. We all dream, and normally psychologically we project our own worries from waking life into our dream world. Flooded toilets full of poop are often popular dreams and this illustrates how we can sometimes be filled with negative energy which we need to release. In reality, seeing human poop in a dream can indicate that you will overcome any negativity. Dreams are all individual and sometimes we keep having the same dream of poop. Many of you have contacted me when this occurs. I will say, that it is normal and you should not worry too much. I will now outline some of the most popular dreams, and if I have not covered yours then please get in touch. 

In one way or another, there is a level of misunderstanding related to the inability to let loose and relax in your life. If the poop is hard or you are constipated in the dream, this means that you are feeling blocked or held back in your creative endeavors or, you need to eat that all-important fiber. If one dreams of being blocked in this manner this is symbolic of the dreamer needing to express their pent-up emotions so they can release the necessary energy which is being required by a situation around them.

When one is freaking out in the dream because they have touched a toilet seat, which had poop on it, this is symbolic that the dreamer is obsessive-compulsive and fears that which they cannot control. To see a toilet overflow with poo can be quite a disturbing sight. A dirty toilet signifies difficult people in life. There are hidden enemies that you are aware. I have covered a lot of dream meanings about poop in the feces dream interpretation. But here I am going to expand on some things you may find in your poop dream. 

Does dreaming of poop mean money?

People often wonder if poop dreams equal money in life. According to Scottish folklore, poop dreams truly do mean money will be given to the dreamer in the coming weeks. Poo dreams are a symbol of the practical, pragmatic side of life and also denote money but also higher vibrations (which I will speak about shortly). Poop dreams represent what we do to provide for our family and how much we have saved to pay the bills. It seems the world is becoming more materially wealthy, but less spiritually.

This is what contemporary civilization appears to be on the cusp of. We are so drawn by money that it is the pinnacle of our world. In ancient dream lore, I associate poo dreams with health, money, and luck, especially on the physical side of life. I connect poop dreams to our bodies, homes, and valuables. All things that are solid, real, and part of the world. To dream of poop can signify indulgence in luxury items, things that money can purchase according to ancient lore. It is about creating something real, you will see the value in what you have built, whether it is in trading stocks or shares or starting a company. This dream also addresses social interaction and responsibilities. It is also a dream about feelings. The dream is about greed versus charity, and about what we do for ourselves and for others. Additionally, it considers what one has and how that impacts how others see you. Furthermore, it considers how we react to being fortunate or wealthy. 

What does it mean to dream of runny poop / loose stools?

Liquid bowel (known as diarrhea) is normally in waking life linked to food poisoning or a virus. To dream of loose stools is about infections internally. If you think about real life sometimes coffee and spicy food can cause loose stools. In my evaluation, runny poo in dreams is about something metaphorical in your life that can cause a whirlwind of issues. Diarrhea can materialize in the dream space. In real life, suffering from runny poop can be worrying as well as painful. If you see runny poop in a dream, make sure your money will not slip through the cracks (excuse the pun!) and budget better going forward.

Dreams of runny poop or loose stools can be quite unpleasant and uncomfortable. But what does it mean when we dream of such things? This dream is associated with releasing emotions or thoughts that you are feeling overwhelmed with in your waking life. It could also reflect a need to get rid of something that is lingering in your life; this could range from toxic relationships to habits you want to break free from.

In regards to a dream specifically involving runny poop or loose stools, it may mean you are feeling emotional burdens have gotten unmanageable and out of control --- as if there is nothing you can do about them anymore. This dream can indicate feelings of being poisoned by someone or something external to you. Was there someone on the outside who was saying something nasty about you? Is there an environment at home or work that's making it hard for you to feel comfortable? These kinds of questions will help narrow down what the dream may be referring to.

Perhaps your dream was reflecting some deeper issues, perhaps even repressed emotions buried beneath conscious awareness. Did something happen recently enough which made it worth revisiting these topics through dreams? If so, then consider assessing how best to tackle these feelings head-on and address any underlying problems they signify as soon as possible.

What does cleaning poop in a dream mean?

Think of cleaning the poop as a form of healing through self-cultivation. No matter what stage in our lives we are in, self-cultivation is fundamental. Self-cultivation is about understanding what you want in life and how you are going to get it. If you think about it,  you cultivate a plant to allow it to grow. We educate our children to make them good adults. So we 'cultivate our minds to help ourselves live in harmony with our bodies. Cleaning is a dream symbol that means focusing on us - this spiritually shows clearing all the clutter out of your life. It is about trying to cover something up in life.  

What is the ancient meaning of poop in a dream? 

If we turn to ancient Babylonian and Egyptian times they created clay tablets that outlined various dreams and predictions which were uncovered in the 1800s. I have spent considerable time studying these tablets for my up-and-coming book (which I will post here once published). Now,  dreaming of poop indicates that we as humans are unique in that mind-body unity (or 'oneness') can be achieved through physical practice. This means that the dream of clearing up is associated with taking the time out that you deserve in life. 

Why do I keep defecating in my dreams?

To keep having poop dreams (over and over again) is about limiting yourself. To keep having a dream about poop is about your own mind. I believe that the dream of poop can show us our own real or imaginary limitations. Dreaming of pooping more than once a month is about trying to limit yourself in life. Maybe you are trying to overcome the feeling of restriction, or, less often you need to learn to live with restrictions. The concern about limitations can lead to a person being very aware of your own needs and attempting to meet them despite the restrictions. This leaves little time to consider the needs of others. 

What does pooping in your pants mean?

pooping in pants during a dream is about containing yourself in real life. It can mean you don’t want to deal with “poopy” situations in life - maybe you have been through problems lately. To dream you have actually pooped your pants can indicate that in ones life space is required to fully decide what you wish to do. The pants in a dream symbol is a safety net to who you really are, it can mean you are hiding behind a barrier.

What does it mean when you can't flush the poop away?

If the toilet had water coming out or you are unable to flush the toilet this is about overflowing emotions in life. I always see the toilet as our own internal emotions. The most common dream to have is toilets full of poop, maybe even overflowing with poop, perhaps you are trying to clean up the poop.

What does wiping your bottom mean in a dream?

This is what I call quite a strange dream. Often when we see ourselves wiping our bum in a dream it is a metaphor for wiping the slate clean, if you know that term. If having this dream is about looking at your life and cleansing it. This is a dream about how we as souls embody love, connection, and peace. Within you is the Divine. We are creatures of action. This dream is spirit's way of showing you what is right in your life and still be yourself.

After having a dream about wiping your bottom try to learn to recognize your own patterns and those of your family. Once you begin to see your life as something you have created, you'll be able to realize how you can make significant changes in yourself and your ability to help clients. As you begin to feel love, peace, and compassion, you will realize who you really are. When you stop trying to change your life, you will become who you were born to be. This is who you are meant to be.

What does it mean to see poop swimming in water in the dream?

Water in dreams is connected to emotions, this is about how you manage emotions in life. The importance of looking within yourself and doing inner work cannot be overstated after seeing poopp in water during the dream. The message, of this particular dream is that it is imperative that you stop looking at the outside world if you want to heal or change your actions in life. Your transformation begins now as you take back control. Let go of your ego at this point. Be patient.

What does vomiting poop mean?

This is a dream about the transcendence of the soul. Vomiting is considered a serious action, but to vomit poop can indicate that you have lost the connection between your soul and who you really are as a result of your experience on Earth. It is necessary to let go of the illusions, and mental and emotional energy that keeps you believing you are just a human. Such a dream denotes that you are ready for higher vibrations and to connect with your higher consciousness.

What does dirty poop in a bath mean in dream?

In dreams, pooping in your bath indicates you are multidimensional. Understanding the way the Planes of Existence interact with different dimensions will empower you. The Planes are crucial in helping us reach the highest vibration. Poo is energy, the bath is water which indicates that energies are constantly interconnected. Due to the infinite dimensions, we interact in, it is crucial to learn about the different levels of existence that house these infinite dimensions, so when we dream of poop then this shows we need to focus on our dimensions in life. Where we are, where our emotions are. Especially as the dream featured a bath, which shows emotion.

What does not being able to poop in a dream mean?

Dreaming of constipation is spiritually about trying to unlock your own skills in life. This is quite a strange dream, it could be that you want to go to the toilet but are not able to find one, equally, it is a dream about being on the toilet but not being able to go. Here is my advice if you have encountered such a dream. Understanding how we interact with different dimensions will empower you. The dream of not being able to poo is all about your highest vibration. Remember, that we live in a multi-dimensional universe with many energies constantly interconnected, in this dream the “energy” of releasing poo indicates that it is a time in which we need to interact. Above all, it is important to learn about the different levels of existence in our lives and uncover what we need to release. Remember, that constipation in dreams is around keeping something hidden in waking life. What are you hiding?

What does seeing someone poop in a dream mean?

In dreams, we can see people we know and someone we don’t. Dreams of seeing someone go is about how we interact with others. Our bodies contain literally billions of atoms, a remarkable notion. In times of uncertainty, the dream of seeing someone go for a poop (excuse my bluntness)  encourages us to find comfort in our own darkness. As a medium, I am drawn to live in ancient mysteries. I want to reach out to the part of our soul that existed before we were born. I have learned a lot about poop from reading text from ancient civilizations, in Egypt for example dreaming of poop equals challenging times, especially if we see someone else go for a poop it can mean we may have some difficulty for others. The “someone” in the dream could be a person we know or someone we don’t. In essence, whoever is featured in the dream can indicate that it is time to focus on relationships for a while. 

What does drowning in poop mean in a dream?

Drowning in poo during a dream indicates drowning in your own anxieties in waking life. To see, water filled with poop (such as a swimming pool or toilet) can suggest emotional turbulence. To see yourself drowning - not a very nice thought - can be connected to how we process difficult times in life. Drowning in water in a dream is connected to emotions, so if we turn this around dreaming of poop can suggest drowning in difficulties. We all have challenges in life, and we need to weigh up if things are worth it. Sometimes, events in life stress you out to the point that you turn around and wonder if it is really worth it. I honestly believe that life is too short, you must run before you walk and deal with things as they come. Poop in dreams in my experience is about navigating challenges. Therefore, if you dream of drowning in poop then the recommendation from your spirit guides is to find new ways to approach problems. I hope this helps you. 

What does a large amount of poop in a dream mean?

Seeing a large amount of poop in a dream is not uncommon. Maybe the floor was covered in poo, or alternatively. In life, we sometimes have to review things, just like we often stare at our poop just to make sure everything is ok with our health. Our brains create our minds and along with the natural laws of physics we have free will. To see a large amount of poop can shows a linear spectrum in life and that we need to process forward in what we believe in.

What does it mean to dream of smelling poop?

Yuky! I know. Although poop in dreams isn’t that pleasant some dreams are so vivid that we can actually smell the poop, yes, it does have a positive interpretation. If you dreamed of poop it’s a sign of financial luck and wealth according to older dream lore. But if you smell your own poop in your dream, it has a whole different meaning.  From a psychological point of view, the poop smell in your dream is a form of energy in life. After all, poop is a form of gas that rises into the air. To dream of animal, manure indicates that something will be no bed of roses.

To dream of smelling terrible poop can indicate that you are ready for a new phase of life. The smell of poop often is dependent on what we eat. To dream of stinky human poop can predict a difficult issue that needs focus in order to overcome. Plant-eating animals surprisingly have sweet-smelling poop and dreaming of poop in the wild indicates a new opportunity will present itself. Communities around the world generally use poop to make energy. For example, my local swimming baths are heated from the sewage plant.

And, it is normally very hot! What I am trying to say here is that poop that smells in a dream can indicate a new phase in life. As we produce around 227g of poop every day then it is no surprise that we sometimes dream of smelling the poop. I love to include some interesting facts  And who is often associated with putting food. Most poo is rich in bacteria.

What does smelling someone else's poop in a dream mean?

To smell poop in your dream means that you will get an opportunity to make some extra cash according to 1920s dream lore. Seize that opportunity but be careful. If your dream was calm and then it suddenly started smelling like poop, it means that something isn’t right in your waking life and that you need to focus on moving forward. This dream may gross you out. But I will say, it is a normal bodily function. We all poop and even though not a pleasant dream it is all about power to remove negative thoughts. Let’s think about pooping as disposing of something that is worrying you. Of course, in waking life, your fluid intake, diet, hormones are all connected to the digestive system. 

What does it mean to dream of pooping in public?

Poop is associated with removing something in life. It is a symbol of renewing and although can be embarrassing in real life, in the dream indicates that you are removing any negative thoughts. Seeing yourself sat on the lavatory having a poop (with or without a door) can indicate that you need to remove any difficult feelings in life. 

What does it mean to dream of pooping yourself?

To poop in your dream suggests that you need to get remove any negative thoughts and the evil energy circling your life right now. Pooping is really associated with removing waste from your life. If you have had problems recently now is the time to sort them all out. Things will work out eventually. The advice from this dream is to “remove” the mental barriers and break free from your own rules. If you are scared of enjoying your life because you think that you don’t deserve anything good. But you’re very wrong.

What does it mean to dream of poop in your mouth?

I know this may seem somewhat a yucky dream but many people often see poop in their mouth during a dream. To dream of having poop in your mouth can be an unpleasant dream that signifies disease and disbalance in your health in the future. Your dream also foretells an argument with someone unknown. You talk too much. And people don’t like your talking because you always choose to tell them the ugly truth instead of fancy lies.

What does it mean to dream of an animal's poop?

To dream of an animal’s poop is a good omen in dream lore - that represents wealth, happiness, money, and of course profits. I know this sounds yuck but the bigger the poop, the greater your success and your fortune will be. A dog's poop in a dream can indicate that you may have a hard time getting rid of negative thoughts.

What does it mean to dream of poop in the bed?

To dream of poop in your bed symbolizes sexual energy and the realization of your many sexual fantasies. The question you need to ask yourself: are you more aware of your needs and sexuality than you were before? Poop on the bedsheets in a dream (I know gross) indicates spiritually that you are comfortable with your body and who you are. However, your dream also denotes some conflicts in your love life if you could smell the poop. If you’re single, you may get hocked up with the wrong person but luckily, you will realize your mistakes.

What does it mean to dream of seeing poop everywhere?

To see poop everywhere in your dream reveals an unhealthy relationship you have with a partner or that you have problems setting goals. I will say that you need to release the psychological and emotional baggage that you’re carrying if you want to feel “free” again. Such a dream also predicts an unpleasant situation. You may find yourself in the middle of some conflict - but thanks to your abilities and mental strength – you’ll find an exit.

What does it mean to dream of poop that has strange colors?

Did you dream of: Rainbow poop? Orange poop? Green poop? White poop? If the poop had strange, unusual colors in your dream, it denotes a warning about problems associated with your family. If the poop was red in old dream lore try to pay more attention to your home and less to your career. Soon, you might lose some people who never deserved you. For the poop to be brown (as we would expect) is related to mother nature and how we connect naturally and spiritually. 

What does it mean to dream of manure or horse poop? Manure is created from animal poop. Maybe you have dreamed of cow dung, fertilizer or even chicken droppings. Animal manure in dreams is connected to being a risk. If you dreamed of horse poop or manure it symbolizes profit in older dream books. A company, or family business or new career possibilities will present themselves. And you will finally be financially stable.

What does dreaming of dog poop mean?

To dream of dog, poop suggests that you must solve your inner issues. If you are feeling down most of the time due to your low self-confidence and lack of control in life. Try to never back down and fight for what you believe. I will say, that you need to create a plan to follow this. Maybe it is time to start working on yourself and your life. Become the person you always wanted to become. And keep your distance from people who don’t believe in you.

What does it mean to dream of a toilet overflowing with poop?

I have covered this a little in the opening paragraph. To see a toilet overflowing with poop in your dream is not a good sign I am afraid. Your dream indicates some financial troubles in the future and conflicts with people you’ve tried to avoid so far. You may feel lost and won’t be able to see a way out. But there’s always a way out – all you have to do is keep your eyes and mind open in life. To dream of cleaning up poop from the floor denotes cleaning up something in waking life - which is out of your control. This could possibly be a type of danger or worry. In older dream lore, an unknown, tempting person will walk into your life and break your heart in the near future – so watch out. 

What does human poop in a dream mean?

Human poop in a dream symbolizes worries, doubts and the inability to face or deal with a problem. Are you having some kind of a dilemma over something? Or feel unable to solve a problem? Or get out of a complicated situation? If the poop was your own in the dream, it implies that you will experience something new and unpleasant. But if you noticed someone else’s poop, it signifies your desire to become like someone you know and admire.

What does dreaming of poop on your hands mean?

If we are clearing up poop we can sometimes see this on our hands in a dream. Dreaming about feces on your hands - suggests that you are dealing with a problem or that you are coping with difficult circumstances. You might not be getting what you want in life. This is a spiritual sign that you have an unsolvable problem. Dreaming of your hands covered in poop  can indicate that things will not go as planned, and in life, they rarely do. If the poop is on other peoples hands the dream is about a problem with another person.

Dreaming of poop in a toilet

Seeing poop emerging from a toilet in a dream may signify an issue that's fixing of that there is a problem with others that you do not wish to have any further involvement in. In a dream, if the poop was overflowing, it suggests scenarios or social gatherings that need to be avoided. Dreaming of a bathroom or toilet and feces may represent having a "crappy" situation occur in your life. In a dream, to see the poop floating in the toilet suggests a problem that is out of control. What is out of control in your life right now? Are you in control?

What does dung or animal poop in a dream mean?

In the dream state, to dream of animal poop, especially in ecological places, means that you will likely face considerable challenges in life but you will fight this. Animal dung in dreams may involve the associated with waste in life. But what is the dream about animal poo mean? Analyzing the ingredients of fecal matter, we see that it consists of mucus, undigested fats, meat proteins, chloride, water, cells, and bicarbonate. Seeing an animal rectum in a dream suggests that you should deliver something with the mass movement in your life. If the animal was pooping by you in a dream it can mean something difficult is going to be on it’s way. We all encounter these types of situations in life, but as it is an animal it denotes to me that the problem is going to be with someone else who is related to your life. Maybe they will ask you for help. Cats poo in dream is about feeling comfortable. A cow pat can indicate that you may hear news soon (especially if you stood in the cow pat) 

What does a dream of poop on walls mean?

To see the wall covered in poop shows financial problems in real life, you could have seen the walls of a prison, a toilet or even your own home. Overflowing urine in the bathroom suggests you need to connect with your inner self - seeing such a sight can be a bit worrying. Privacy is also important in life. Do you feel private? Are you oversharing with others? Poo on walls in real life is uncommon but if you come across such a thing it would probably repulse you. We can learn from own feelings we have in life. Poop on walls in dreams could mean; difficulty understanding others, worried about the future, or even the fact someone will make life slightly and that things may become more complicated in the weeks to come. 

What does it mean to dream of a dirty toilet that was covered in poop?

You may have material problems if you dream about a dirty toilet or are exposed to a dirty bathroom frequently. Bathrooms are connected with earnings and wealth. It is believed that seeing feces or poop in a dream represents how you earn money. Seeing a dirty toilet, therefore, can signify problems with money and greed this was generally the belief in the 1930s. I do feel that seeing a dirty toilet is the most common “poop” dream. If you are on the toilet in your dream - or in the bathroom and other people can see you, then this indicates that you will receive blessings. When you see toilets that are unsanitary, dirty or have blood on the floor, it suggests you are worried about keeping your money. The state of a dirty bathroom in a dream is connected to financial gain or lack thereof, and the feeling of being private in waking life. The dirtier the bathroom the more likely financial gain.

To not be able to step on the floor of a toilet covered in poop

I've had a dream before whereby I could not step on the floor as it was covered in poop and toilet rolls. What does this really mean? Depending on how you look at it, dreaming of poop and urine can simply be the "urge" to go in real life. If you ‌want to go, or you wake up "bursting" for the toilet, then this dream shouldn't be taken literally it is normal to desire to use the bathroom during the state, just because we are in a state of dreaming,  a considerable amount of It is important to understand the meaning in a deeper context if the dream is somewhat vivid and disturbing upon wakening. Let’s now look at the more deeper meaning. Having a dream connected to the toilet or bathroom in a public place may indicate that the dream involves your professional or social life. If you enter a public toilet and you cannot actually go - due to the mess of poop on the floor then this dream could indicate firstly, financial gain but secondly that there are deep emotions in your life. This is about “dirty work” and you may find someone repeatedly denying something important in life.

What does it mean to dream of poo in a babies nappy 

Dream of a baby's poop is something every parent needs to deal with. From the color of light, dark to green seeing babies poo in a dream can indicate that you are worried about a child or your own feelings. Nappy changes are associated with a big part of the parent's routine, often changing many nappies a day. Thus, if you are a parent it is not uncommon to dream of a babies poo. The poo featured in the dream could be normal or not. A baby's first few nappies will contain what is known as Meconium which is dark green, to dream of this shows harmony and a new beginning. Dreaming of regular babies' poo is associated with rebirth or that you need to focus on yourself for a while. I will now quickly interpret what it means to dream of a nappy. 

To see a baby's nappy indicates that it is time for change according to old dream lore. Seeing normal babies poo is about how things are trending for you right now. If the poop is pale brown it is a positive sign. The nappy is also Appropriate for your own situation, symbolism in Dreams for the nappy can indicate trying to cover something that is important. The nappies in dreams indicate the dreamer's connection with others, it is about interaction and also creating happiness in life. The nappy is also associated with promoting clarity of thought in dreams. I do hope this resonates with you.

What is this dream trying to tell you?

Quantum Physics addresses the interplay of our minds (knowledge), and the matter being observed, or the physical. In dreams of poop we are dealing with the physical side of our bodies. Dreams like these often occur when people discover that our physical world does not conform to the commonsense principles we use every day. Also, think about the laws of nature that govern considerable objects such as our bodies. The energetic fabric that holds all the material in our universe has an unusual nature, according to quantum mechanics experiments. This is so bizarre that it calls into question our beliefs about the nature of reality. Elon Musk famously believes that we are living in a simulation. The reason why I mention this is because dreaming of poop can suggest that you are marrying up the physical and unphysical. When we look at science from a different perspective, we can solve some of the most difficult problems.

The study of modern Physics and the dream of poop teaches us that the world isn't as it seems. The basic components of the physical universe (including our brains and bodies), such as molecules, atoms and electrons, as well protons, neutrons and protons, are best understood by looking at them as vibrating strings in higher dimensions. It is important to realize that everything you have experienced since birth is actually an internal model of reality. Our mental construct represents something that we assume should be there. 

Conclusion on my dream meaning of poop

Dreams about poo are about money, a difficult situation or are stages in life, both personal and cultural. Poo is energy from within and is described as dimensions. The poo in a dream can be described as paradigms of consciousness, which are the dominant patterns of consciousness in a particular time period. Primitive humans believed that poo is about removing toxins or waste - which was the primary focus of culture. Our dreams allow us to create and experience our own world. The dream symbols are basically programs that control our lives. To dream of our own poo is associated with information about our bodies in terms of survival, sexuality and action. The message of this dream is to allow yourself to reach higher levels of consciousness and help us develop deeper beliefs about spirituality, meaning, and purpose. Sometimes, we become enslaved to a particular program that becomes our normal way of dealing with the world. A woman who view every situation as an opportunity to increase his power is orientated in life. The complexity of dreaming of poo is evident. You can use each of my dream meanings as useful metaphors for manifesting consciousness on different planes of activity. The specific dream meaning (which has been my goal to convey in this article) offers a greater understanding of the energetic dynamics of a human being.

In this dream, you may have: 

  • Pooped your pants.
  • Seen someone else poop.
  • Touched poop.
  • Sat on a dirty poopy toilet seat.
  • You had diarrhoea.
  • You were constipated.  

Positive changes are afoot if: 

  • You did not panic when sitting on the poopy seat.
  • You expressed boundaries to the person to whom you watched poop.
  • You relaxed and allowed yourself to poop comfortably.
  • You had regular-sized poop.  

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life: 

  • Public Embarrassment.
  • Constipated creativity.
  • Indecision.
  • Uncertainty in romance.
  • Childlike endeavours which are unsuccessful.
  • Childhood trauma. 

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of pooping:

Constipation. Understanding. Indecision. Embarrassment. Uncertainty. Lack of success. Boredom. Trauma. Fear. Love. Rest. Comfort. Ease

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012