Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Property featured in one’s dream is associated with of material wealth.

The house itself represents the area where we feel most contented. Other aspects of the dream must be reviewed in order to get the defined meaning.

One point should be carefully noted, the emotions within the dream is important. If the dream is negative in nature then this indicates pressures upon your material possessions. If positive, is directly associated with happy family times.

Positive aspects of the dream suggests that you are methodological in your approach to material matters.

To dream of your own property will yield an entirely different meaning than if you are dreaming of someone else's property. So will dream of buildings or items of property. We will try to cover all of these within this dream meaning.

To dream of acreage or a farm, suggest's that hard work is required in order to buy material possessions. If you are dreaming of a new house or office building this indicates that your temper is likely to be fierce, and obsessions are always possible. It is important not to show any cruel streak when dealing with other people.

Most of the time ‘property’ in dreams are connected to potential or opportunity in waking life. When you dream of vast property or limitless property this indicates potential for growth and success in business as well as social relationships. To dream that you own a portfolio of property denotes that, you will be successful in affairs, and gain friendships.

In this dream you may have

  • Looked at property.
  • Inherited property.
  • Wanted to buy property.
  • Made plans to build on a property.
  • Planted or farmed on yours or someone else’s property.
  • Discussed property values.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You planted or grew something on a vast open space property
  • You bought property
  • You inherited property

Detailed dream meaning

If you are in a current position to buy or will be soon purchase a property then this dream is just symbolic and has no real meaning. However if you have a dream of property and are not actively looking to move, it is often an omen to keep your eye out for new possibilities for expansion, growth, and success in your own life.

When you are discussing purchasing for planning work to a property - especially a home or a farm then this is a fantastic time for new hobbies. Solid growth is predicted  if you purchased the property within your dream. If the property was on fire in your dream then it is a time to delay matters of the heart. Perhaps it is time to take the next step in a relationship or to settle down your own roots somewhere.

To see a business building or commercial property suggests you need to consider new possibilities in managing your own finances and ways in which you could make your current income work better for you. Sometimes it is a sign that you need to take better care of your money now in order to plan for the future. When there is an opportunity to make money from property in a dream though, this is usually a positive sign for investments and positive fiscal growth.

Another common dream that people have is inheriting property. Sometimes these dreams are connected to wanting something for nothing. Who wouldn’t want to have an elderly relative that they didn’t know existed to leave them money and property? However, when you dream of inheritance you may want to consider ways that you are skating by in your own life. Rarely is there items in life for free and you are likely taking the easy way out in your life rather than working smart towards success.

In the case where the inheritance comes from an established relative know that this is something in the future and it is a call to duty to be more present in the now and focus on aspects to improve yourself

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Buying a home.
  • Positive opportunities in a relationship or work.
  • Fiscal gain.
  • Not putting your full effort in but expecting rewards just the same.
  • Being too ‘in the clouds’ and not focusing on the ‘now’.
  • Taking the next step in a relationship – marriage?

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of property

Happy. Rewarded. Hopeful. Impressed. Excited. Tired. Shocked. Surprised. Pleased. Honored. Unsure. Startled. Disbelief. Flabbergasted. Great. Impressed.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012