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A sensation of flooded in a dream means that you have no control over your emotions.

To dream of a swamp suggests a need for more control in your life, so that self-assurance may be reconditioned. Swamps are regarded as dank, mysterious, and harmful locations. How does this surrounding reflect your present existence? Are you encompassed by a swamp life?


In your dream you may haveā€¦

  • You are in a swamp.
  • You see floods.
  • You are in a swamp.
  • A swamp in your house.
  • A swamp on an entire land.

Advice from your dream...

  • You escape the swamp in a dream.
  • You do not drown in this dream.

Detailed dream interpretation...

To dream of a swamp is a sign that you should protect yourself or beware of people that are about to harm you. This dream could portend large unpleasant events, even a catastrophe. A swamp in a building is an omen for temporary problems with your health. Seeing a swamp in your house is the symbol of misfortune, ill-luck, disaster, and disillusion.

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A limited swamp means that some financial problems are coming your way. If all the land is a swamp in your dream, this is the sign of big financial worries. Seeing a swamp withdrawing suggests that you will start again an endeavor of yours that will end up being very successful. Seeing the land covered by a swamp foretells a business endeavor that might bring you losses and damages.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of swamp.

Worried. Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Scared.


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