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An auditorium is a room used for public speeches, performances; it accommodates both the performers and the spectators.

When one sees an auditorium in a dream it denotes possible problems that are worrying you. Something adverse is happening in life. Take the time so that you can understand the truth or the reasoning behind why some things happen in life. In an auditorium, people focus on a story, a person or an event. Everyone who visits an auditorium is driven thereby a desire to learn. The to the audience something that they didn’t know, and the audience walks away learning something.

An auditorium featured in your dream implies that you are going to learn something from someone or you are going to make someone learn something from you. Dreaming of a full auditorium can suggest that you are tired of the suspense created by your life and you want to help those around you. You want people to understand how you feel about a certain issue. Try to take the time to understand your honest opinion. If there is something disturbing you in waking life, then an auditorium can mean that there is something which you need to learn from others. It will be impossible to understand others if you were scared or worried about speaking in the auditorium in your dream.

​​​​​​Detailed dream interpretation: 

A dream where you see an auditorium empty implies that you are self-contented and you can handle your own work without any clarification from those around you. You have in the past achieved and you are about to gain control in a matter close to your heart. A dream where you see an auditorium which is full of people denotes that, you are encountering a number of problems. You wish would like people to understand things from your point of view. Communicate clearly and precisely going forward. An auditorium, that has no screen or stage in your dream denotes that people are trying to influence you. These ideas have no benefit to you and will not better your life. You are better off with thinking about what you want in life. Don’t mix yourself in ideologies that others have.

When you see yourself sitting in the stalls in your dream it implies that you are anxious to learn something new which is not forthcoming; you need to be more aggressive, go out there and challenge others. Try to create a career that is meaningful. If in your dream you could see yourself seated in the auditorium gallery or balcony, it denotes that there are things which need to be learned in life. You can only learn them through specific lessons in life. If you keep secrets to yourself you may just miss out on things which could make your life better than it is at the moment. A dream where you were in a box watching a performance implies that there is a revelation in life. You are now able to handle a problem which has been disturbing you for quite a while.

When you see in your dream that you buy tickets to watch a performance (such as an opera) in an auditorium it calls for a review your life. You need clarity of thought. When a chair is broken in an auditorium (during your dream) it denotes that things in life have become complex. Nothing seems to be clear; you are struggling to find solutions to problems that present themselves to you but it seems to be in vain. This is causing minor frustration on your part and stress.

Watching a magic show in an auditorium in your dream is an indication that, your life is surrounded by fake people. Nothing seems to be real and there is no-one around you can discuss matters with. Basically the “magic show” is an illusion which denotes that you are living a disillusioned life. The royal family is in the "royal box" in an auditorium in your dream is a positive sign as it denotes that you will be able to understand others better. It can also suggest possible corruption. To see yourself in a sports venue (stadium) in your dream is a sign that, you have a desire to be yourself. It also foretells that you enjoy your own company. For a fire to be in an auditorium suggests you need to be attentive to your workers and colleagues to enable you to learn all the skills of the job.

In this dream: 

The auditorium was empty. The auditorium was full. The auditorium had no screen. You were in the stalls. You sat in an auditorium balcony or gallery. You were in a box watching a performance. You chose tickets to watch a performance (such as an opera) in an auditorium. Your chair broke in an auditorium. You watched a magic show in at the royal family says in the “royal box” in an auditorium. You were in a sports venue (stadium) 

Feelings Associated with the Dream:

Regrets. Strong. Royal. Struggling. Stressed. Disturbed

By Florance Saul
Jun 19, 2017