Ship dream meaning

Ship Dream Meaning

Ships in a dream indicate drifting emotionally up and down in life and a spiritual journey. The ship has also been seen as representing the "mother" figure.

Ships can appear in all sorts of ways in our dreams. I have provided an overview in another dream meaning in boats and ships but here I just want to discuss ships more specifically and why they appeared in your dream as well as what they mean spiritually. I will start with the different types of ships that can appear in a dream. Such as: an ocean ship, fishing ship, a battleship, brig, clipper, catboat, cog, collier, ocean liner, warship, slave ship, victory ship and I can go on and on. I will cover all these types of vessels in this dream meaning. I know that it can be odd having a dream of ships and you are probably a bit perplexed. I am still thinking of my ship dream which was months ago. In fact, I would assume that you could see ship but not know for sure it's make or even function. Scroll down to understand your dream. Each type of ship has its own spiritual meaning. Some of the most common are listed below:

  • Cruise Ships: Cruise ships are often associated with luxury and relaxation. Symbolizing the finer things in life, they can also represent the good things we enjoy in life. The dream of this ship can mean good times ahead!
  • Fishing Boats: Fishing boats typically symbolize hard work and determination. To reach our goals, we must also be patient, this is the key message of the dream.
  • Rowboats: Rowboats often symbolize the challenges we face in life. These challenges can also symbolize our strength and determination to overcome them, let's face it we have to "row" to get somewhere. Where are you rowing to?
  • Canoes: Canoes mean our ability to navigate through life's challenges. Our ability to adapt and be flexible is also symbolized by them, also the canoe can symbolize getting to the right point in life.
  • General Ships: as I have said before, our journey through life is often symbolized by ships. As well as a symbol of our ability to withstand storms and emerge stronger from them, they can also reflect our ability to overcome obstacles.
  • Sailing ship on the ocean: A sailing ship represents the journey of life and can represent both good and bad times. Also, they can symbolize our ability to weather storms and come out stronger I will go deeper into this.
  • Cargo ship: A bulk carrier transports dry cargo in its cargo holds, such as grains, coal, ore, and cement. It is usually a larger vessel than a tanker that travels between continents. Bulk carriers are among the world's largest ships and if you had a dream of this ship then it can mean spiritually big things are coming.
  • Container ship: When I think of a container ship I always think of the larger ones carrying goods and materials in standardized shipping containers. I’m sure that you have seen containers stacked on top of each other that are securely fastened to the deck of the ship. This is connected to how we transfer our feelings and thoughts. Spiritually think of the cargo as emotions, all stacked on top of each other.
  • Tanker: Seeing a tanker in a dream is about emotions --- after all this is a ship designed to carry liquids or gases in large quantities --- from crude oil to wine. Most tankers are large ships that can carry over 2 million barrels of oil and emotions are connected to water and liquids in dreams. It could be that you are literally “containing” your emotions in life.

What’s the dream meaning of ships in general?

Ships in dreams represent our own movement and transport in life. I think how the ship is portrayed is important it often indicates how we travel between the real and astral worlds. Yes, I think this is an exciting dream to have! The ship’s self is a representation of our inner and hidden emotions depending upon the other symbolism in the dream. Obviously, in waking life we are transported by water. The water level from a spiritual context is associated with our own vibrations.

There is supposed to be a symbolic level of water where we decide to travel through astral dimensions. In plain English what this means is symbolically the ship indicates a time of transportation and movement in regards to your own emotions. If we turn to shamanism, they often use boats that fly in the air in order to meditate or move between dimensions. I’m quite excited for you that you did see a ship within your dream spiritually as you can already conclude this is quite an important symbol. What I’m trying to say here is that the boat is often used as a spiritual means of transportation. The ship in the dream can also symbolize spiritual existence, experience, and enlightenment.

Ships in dream lore, from what I have read are a symbol of travel, solitude, journey, and peace. To dream of ships implies you’re exploring aspects of your life. It can indicate that you are over-analyzing a situation, and in order to understand what you want in life, rather like the fool card it indicates a start. Something needs to be completed but it must be done alone. This dream reveals your deepest emotions and thoughts. Your subconscious is trying to send you a message. To see a ship on stormy waters indicates that it is important to not let others ruin your inner peace. If you are experiencing mixed emotions at the moment then this dream is common. To feel lost is normal when you have this dream. Try to connect with yourself and inner motives.

What does it mean to travel on a ship in a dream?

As I have already touched on, traveling on ships in dreams represents our journey through life. A ship represents our life path, while the crew and passengers on board represent different aspects of our personalities. Traveling on a ship in our dreams can thus symbolize our progress in life and our ability to navigate through obstacles.
You are making good progress if the ship is sailing smoothly in the dream. Nevertheless, rough seas suggest you are experiencing some challenges in your life journey if the ship is encountering rough seas. It is my view that our current mental state or well-being can also be reflected in the condition of the ship. A strong, sturdy ship represents a positive outlook, whereas a weak, frail ship indicates a negative outlook. You get my drift.
As well as representing our relationship with others, ships can also represent our relationship with ourselves. We can control our own destiny if we are the captain of our ship. We are influenced by someone else's opinion or decision-making when someone else steers the ship. The voyage of the ship represents the course of our relationship with others in either case.
We should pay attention to other symbols in our dream if we are traveling on a ship, as they may provide insight into the meaning of the dream. As an example, the ship's destination could represent our dreams or ambitions. A ship's cargo may represent our baggage or emotional baggage, which we carry with us on our journey. Weather conditions during a voyage can also be symbolic of the challenges we are facing in our daily lives. As a whole, dreaming of traveling on a ship suggests that we are progressing toward our goals and taking a journey through life. Understanding the dream's meaning requires paying attention to the other symbols in it and I hope that whatever is on the ship will have some significant spiritual significance for you.

What does it signify to dream about a golden ship?

I love this dream! A golden ship in your dream signifies positive energy, optimistic thoughts, and profitable outcomes. Whatever you decide to do implies a great outcome. And you will be extremely happy with your luck and general well-being. For the golden ship to be bobbing on the water in a dream suggests that you created your own luck this time. You’ve worked hard and spent much dedication to your life and above all your career. It’s time you relax and enjoy the positive period ahead. So, I will say that many positive surprises are on their way.

What’s the meaning of seeing lights on the ship?

Many ships have lights. They generally have a red and green light which are often known as sidelights. The light to the left is red and the green light is found on the right. These lights are known as “navigation lights” this indicates that the ship is approaching or exists. A flashing red light seen in a dream on the ship's masthead can suggest that you need to stop and think about how you are portrayed to other people. The red and green lights that appear on the ship often suggest that you need some help navigation. These lights are warning to other boats that the ship exists. Many boats also have white lights which I will come onto in a moment. A fishing vessel, for example, has many different lights in order to allow other ships to know that it is there especially if stationary. A white light seen on a ship in a dream can suggest that no matter what happens in life things will be pushed in the right direction. A yellow light seen on the vessel during a dream is connected to our ability to maneuver around difficult situations. If the ship was shining a glowing light in your dream foretells upcoming conflicts with judgmental people. Someone won’t like what you’re doing, even if you’re doing the right thing. To see a blue light indicates someone is probably jealous of your ability to come up with the perfect strategy or solution. To see many lights can indicate that you will progress but only after you deal with the person who’s standing in your way. Your dream also denotes conflicts in your personal life. The stressful period you’ll go through will prove you your strength if the lights were flashing.

What does it denote to dream about the ship on fire?

A serious fire on a ship in dreams indicates a delicate situation. If the crew is using distress signals in your dream this can indicate that you will encounter difficulties, But you need to undertake and overcome these problems in order to progress in life. To be safely returned to shore due to the fire in the dream can suggest that there will be a serious problem but this will be resolved very quickly. If you notice a search and rescue team – someone will save you. If the crew members are trying to jump off the ship and this can mean that no matter what happens you need to believe in yourself. It’s very difficult in real life to understand the cause of the fire on ships. Often, the situation is very critical many crew members end up missing. In the research that I have carried out and the news articles, I have read in regards to fires on ships generally the whole ship goes up and nine times out of ten the ships carry containers. If we turn to the dream psychologist Sigmund Freud, he believed that our dreams are sometimes brought about by the images we gain in waking life. There is no doubt if you have seen a news broadcast about a fire on the ship this could have an effect on your mind resulting in this dream. The dream leaves us with a mystery and it can bring about the thoughts of what are you trying to escape from? Is there an explosion in your life? Did the crew die from burns? Are you transferring all these elements into your waking life peaking fully understand decode the dream. If you escaped the lifeboat due to fire on a ship this indicates that things will become safer going forward and undoubtedly you will possess the important information that you need to progress in life.To dream of a burning ship indicates a warning. In old dream lore, this indicates that your enemies will try to take you down, however, you will predict their moves and act in time. If you are trapped on the ship it can suggest your position will be put in danger. The key message here is to use the exit strategies you have at your disposal. Try to limit any investments in the near future. Whatever you do avoid a negative outcome. I will say that often a ship fire occurs due to stormy relationships. it is imperative to keep quiet until the fire extinguishes (in real life). Think about your next move and avoid contact with suspicious people in the future.

What’s the dream interpretation of an old ship?

An old is normally known as a “rigged sailing ship.” This is the one that has many different masts and was often used as a Colombian training ship. Dreaming of an old-fashioned ship is rather common and this dream indicates that you will be thinking about the past. If you dream of an old, victorian type of ship, like the Titanic it means your dreams, and life goals will progress. In gypsy dream books, this means that luck will not be on your side so avoid gambling. I will say please don’t get disappointed because everything happens for a reason. If your aspirations are not met it’s because you deserve something better. To dream of traveling on an old ship can imply that you need to review your true path in life. Afterall, the ship symbol is associated with a spiritual journey to explore your real dreams.

What does a cruise ship mean in a dream?

Cruise holidays are quite popular in our modern world. These are often described as pleasurable voyages and the amenities on a cruise ship can be vast and often luxurious. Cruise ships are large because they need to be able to withstand the difficult conditions of the sea. Cruises have become a popular tourism industry worth a staggering $30 billion worldwide. It is not uncommon to dream of a cruise ship. In fact, you may find that you are on board a cruise ship, you notice a sinking cruise ship or you were watching a cruise ship from afar. In recent years cruise ships have almost doubled in regards to their width and can carry passengers up to 6000 people. I do love my facts when I’m researching these dreams. The reason being is that we can try to understand what the symbolism means from a spiritual context. The ship itself is generally connected to how we are emotionally connected to others. Some ancient dream books outline that a cruise ship is also been a representation of our mother or those characteristics of being caring. If you’re planning on going on a vacation on a cruise ship then this dream can imply that things will improve with time. Relaxing on a cruise ship can suggest that important projects are soon to be finished but you are also ready to take some time out.

What does a cargo ship mean in a dream?

Cargo ships are quite popular in our modern world. Many goods now transported from China using cargo ships. I have a specific dream meaning on cargo ships link at the bottom, however, to see a cargo ship in a dream represents trade but more importantly emotions. As I’ve already highlighted many times water is connected to how we are feeling the cargo ship could have appeared due to the fact your new business venture. The cargo ship is a representation of your own profits and benefits in life. If you see a cargo ship sailing across the water then you will gain what you want from life including any type of business progression. If the cargo ship is in the port during the dream then things may remain stagnant for some time. If there is a storm in your dream and the cargo ship is seen in the turbulent water and this is connected with feeling emotionally pulled in different directions. A sinking cargo ship represents intense emotions. The travel of the cargo ship represents part of yourself, therefore, if you see a sinking cargo ship this can indicate that there may be some dangerous relations. Our dreams are part of our subconscious mind and you must realize that each dream is a reflection of how you’re feeling inside. There are many there are literally thousands of types of a cargo ship and they often built of steel, which spiritually means you can overcome anything. The ships can carry food, furniture, military vehicles, and garments. There is generally two types of cargo ship liquid cargo and general cargo. In some cases is a refrigerated cargo ship. It may not be clear which cargo ship you are seeing in the dream but remember it is related to trade and a spiritual journey.

What does it mean to dream of an exploding ship?

To see yourself escaping from an explosion on a boat could represent that you will have a massive obstacle to overcome. A gas explosion on a ship can indicate that somebody may be critical. To be flung into the sea due to an explosion in a dream indicates that your emotions could be up and down for some time. If we look at how often explosions occur on boats they are generally quite rare. If the ship explodes when it is docked then this could represent problems. To dream of a “general” boat explosion can be pretty disturbing, especially if see a ship exploding right before your eyes. If you had such dream it represents your fear of surviving a disaster. The explosion predicts an unpleasant event for you and your family. Although it might be a hard time to handle, once you overcome the problems you will come to realize that hard times bring people closer together.

What does it mean to dream of a military ship?

Military ships are vessels built for combat purposes and in dreams, it is about protection and making sure that you are aware. A variety of weapons are typically equipped on these ships that are connected to your own spiritual weapons in life. There is a focus here on the ship making sure it can engage in battle with other vessels. Ships equipped with armor plating and other materials that provide protection from the enemy fire can indicate spiritual protection. I do feel this is a positive dream and that you need to keep looking to protect yourself. 

What does a navy ship mean in a dream?

A navy ship featured in a dream is quite an interesting symbolism. The Navy ship can appear with or without a crew. Navy vessel's always have a purpose of being armed and defensive. Spiritually, naval vessels from the military illustrate that you need to put up barriers or defenses around yourself stop think of the ship as being your ego in the water your emotions. Therefore seeing a naval ship in a spiritual context indicates that you are on your guard stop your waiting for a battle when you are not sure whether it’s going to take place. Often in life relationships are complex and seen a naval ship carrying weapons or military personnel can suggest that no matter what happens you are likely to engage with your enemies. There are various types of naval ships such as battleships, cruisers, destroyers or even submarines. In regard to the dream interpretation, any ship which carried weapons holds the same meaning. I researched much dream lore and this dream indicates that things will change over time but are likely to get better going forward.

What does it mean to dream of a sailing ship?

To dream of a sailing ship means you’re ready to walk the path you chose. You’re going to experience turbulence from time to time but arrive at your destination at a certain point. This may be a stressful period for you, however, it will help you realize your desires and improve your own perspective on situations. You will see things more clearly. You will also acquire knowledge and learn life lessons on your solo journey.

What’s the significance of a sinking ship in a dream?

To dream of a sinking ship has a positive interpretation. When we dream of the sinking ship we often think about the story of RMS Titanic. And, it was such a tragedy that a dream of a sinking ship could have many characteristics of the famous film the Titanic. So what does a sinking ship in a dream mean? A sinking ship can illustrate that our emotions are weakened. In my research into a sinking ship, this implies we need to improve relationships but obviously this takes time. There may be occasions when you have to move on but obviously, this is your final option. I’m not saying give up on people but a sinking ship in a dream can indicate your emotions are running high especially in those relationships around you. You don’t have to accept the current state of your relationships in life. The future itself can be very different but only if you are willing to see things in another person’s viewpoint. I believe to some extent that a sinking ship represents a struggle that we battle in various relationships. In life, we often experience both the highs and lows but more importantly, we learn and grow and above all develop. In dream lore, a sinking ship means you will face a few failures before you gain your major victory. Your deepest fears and negative emotions will sink to the bottom of the ocean. You will gather the courage to make a big risky move that might sink your ship but luckily for you – the risk will pay off at the end of the day. There are some mistakes you’ve made in the past that need to be fixed in order for you to become the person you always wanted to be. I hope this has helped you decode your dream.

What does it mean to dream about traveling on a ship?

To travel on a ship in your dream implies to your life journey. Currently, it signals that you are in the right place. You’re comfortable with what you achieved so far. Yet, you feel like there’s something missing. I would say this means you’re not whole. Maybe it’s time you reconnect with your soul and question your future goals. If you don’t have something specific in mind, maybe that’s the reason why you’re feeling incomplete. Old gypsy dream books denote that this dream also denotes a profit. You’re about to get lucky with your finances. So good for you!

What does it mean to see a boat on land?

Seeing a boat on land can represent that something is parked ready for the future. This could be an emotion or a relationship. If the boat is stationary on the beach it can represent troubled times but also a peaceful relationship. I urge you to look at the other aspects of the dream in order to gain a better insight. This can help illuminate the material of the symbolism. If the boat is dirty then this represents the foundations you have built so far going to be successful. If you dream of being on a ship which is on land and this can suggest enthusiasm for a career or work situation. The boat docked can often represent the feeling that we have learned all you can. There is nothing you really do not know you’re able to handle difficult people in life. It can also suggest that there are resentment and resistance in a work context.

What’s the dream interpretation of watching a ship depart?

To watch a ship depart from the dock in your dream indicates winning something. Maybe the lottery. Or win that promotion you’ve been waiting for so long. Your dream means the choices you’re about to make are right, however, you should reconsider your next moves. This will be a good time for you, so you make sure to take advantage of the many opportunities coming on your way. Refocus from small to bigger projects. To see a ship sail from the port can imply bigger risks. And you will enjoy even greater victories and gains.

What does a navy ship mean in a dream?

A navy ship featured in a dream is quite an interesting symbolism. The Navy ship can appear with or without a crew. Navy vessel's always have a purpose of being armed and defensive. Spiritually, naval vessels from the military illustrate that you need to put up barriers or defenses around yourself stop think of the ship as being your ego in the water your emotions. Therefore seeing a naval ship in a spiritual context indicates that you are on your guard stop your waiting for a battle when you are not sure whether it’s going to take place. Often in life relationships are complex and seen a naval ship carrying weapons or military personnel can suggest that no matter what happens you are likely to engage with your enemies. There are various types of naval ships such as battleships, cruisers, destroyers or even submarines. In regard to the dream interpretation, any ship which carried weapons holds the same meaning. I researched much dream lore and this dream indicates that things will change over time but are likely to get better going forward.

What does it signify to dream about a ship arriving?

If you saw the ship arriving in the harbor, it represents good fortune and happiness. Don’t be afraid to try new things. If adventures were never your thing. Maybe it’s time you change your lifestyle, and bring some excitement and adrenaline in your life. When was the last time you did something for the first time? The ship is a symbol of travel. It can indicate you may take that long-awaited holiday. To see crowds of people waiting when the ship arrives illustrate other people are going to provide you with focus and positivity. It’s basically a dream whereby you need to take on board other people’s advice. You will learn from your mistakes as well as your successes and work on making your journey of life interesting.

What does it mean to dream of a wrecked ship?

Although you might assume that a wrecked ship in a dream has a negative interpretation, you’re absolutely wrong. To have such dream foretells negative business choices and difficult investments, however, the positive interpretation means that you will cruise in life. To uncover a ship wreck in a dream can imply that you will experience the best time of your life. Someone special will draw your attention. The financial problems won’t mean anything once you have something money can’t buy.

By Florance Saul
Mar 17, 2018