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Dirty Toilet

Dirty Toilet.

A dream about a dirty toilet indicates toxic thoughts, emotions, beliefs, judgments or relationships. To see a dirty bathroom, full or even back-flooded toilets implies that one needs to try to sort out problems in life.

Additionally, it may symbolize deficiencies in how one communicates with others. This dream is rather common. If we break down this dream into simple terms -the bathroom is about removing waste from our body. This dream suggests there are feelings or people in waking life that one needs to get rid of.


To see a dirty bathroom can be distressing or difficult. We either leave a bathroom happy that our waste has been removed, alternatively, if one is unable to go to the toilet can turn into a nightmare. These bad dreams may appear as dirty toilets. Finding yourself in such a place means that one must work with natural processes in waking life. When you see a toilet in your dream it shows that you need to release your emotions or you have to get rid of useless things in waking life. It can also be a manifestation that your bladder is full and you need to release yourself in the toilet and the dream, therefore, is trying to wake you up!

Everyone has an inner child but the majority of us remain oblivious to what it's. Whenever we miss out listening to our inner voice we have a tendency to encounter trouble and face conflict. After we know about our inner child, we are responsible for our own mess and, consequently, start to clear our own mind. This is a message of this dream, that it is time to clear away the old, to make way for the new. If this is a repeating dream, then inner work with our inner child is a necessary part of one’s life. When one is too busy, or disinclined, to heal ourselves, that's when the dirty toilet dreams start to appear.

Positive changes are afoot if: You are going to the toilet: This dream shows that you are trying to express yourself. It indicates that you are releasing your feelings and letting go of tightly held attitudes. It means that you are avoiding the past and your sexuality and you are accepting yourself, your natural drives and your needs.

You have a dream that you are putting something into the toilet: This shows that you are eliminating what is least important and unpleasant to you. You are forgetting all the bad experiences you had in the past and you want to move on with your life. In your dream you may have: Seen the toilet overflowing and it cannot flush: this dream means that you have a problem getting rid of bad relationships, people, and emotions among others. Maybe you are not willing to let go of people that are polluting your life, body, and mind.

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Seen something you value get's flushed down the dirty toilet. This means that you are letting something go and you have a feeling that you should have held it out. It also means that you have a feeling you have lost something important to you. Seen a clogged dirty toilet. This shows that you are keeping your feelings to yourself and holding them back from others. Seen a flooded toilet: this implies that you have a desire to express your emotions to someone in waking life.

Detailed dream interpretation: When you have a dream about a filthy toilet which is unusable, it shows that we need to listen to our inner child. In some instances, the dirty toilet means we need to visit the toilet in waking life. We resort to just holding ourselves in - instead of going to a dirty toilet. This dream is mostly experienced by women who tend to hold on instead of visiting a dirty toilet.

When you have a dream that a toilet bowl is full, then one needs to deal with old attitudes and emotions. This means you find it hard to enjoy current everyday relationships with others and even with yourself. When you see excrement on the walls of a toilet it suggests that you are having difficulty in close relationships. To go into a toilet that has urine overflowing in the bathroom means that meditation is required to solve life's problems. If everybody could see you or the walls have fallen down in the bathroom it means that you need to have some privacy in your life. It also shows that you need some time to be alone just with yourself.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Dirty Toilet: Nervous, fearful, irritation, exhausted, bad, anxious and worried.


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