Pulling Something Out Of Mouth

Pulling something from mouth dream

Pulling something from mouth dream

Pulling something from your mouth in a dream indicates communication problems. Dreams of taking something out of your mouth in my view indicates gossip surrounds you, or you have talked about something stupid or regrettable in real life. I have had this dream so many times! It is so strange to have the sensation there is something in your mouth. But what does it mean?

In so many words, I will say that pulling something out of your mouth in your dream indicates “shut up.” Maybe it is a business idea that you have or that other people are talking about you. Only "you" will be able to understand the implications of this dream. Your subconscious mind is trying to alert you to focus on yourself at this time. I am Flo and I have been studying dreams for 21 years. I have had many dreams of something in my mouth or pulling something from my mouth. I remember pulling a scarf out of my mouth once in a dream. Here I will explain what your dream signifies and the implications of pulling something out of your mouth. 

Repetitive Dream? Possible Obstructive Sleep Apnea

To dream of gum, wire, hair, or anything else for that matter being pulled from your mouth regularly, is unlikely to be sleep apnea, but it could be! There is a scientific term known as obstructive sleep apnea. This happens when part of your upper airway is blocked when you are asleep and this can affect your chest muscle.

There are some signs to look out for. Night sweats, headaches in the morning, fatigue, dry mouth, and the most essential side-effect - snoring. Snoring is super important because when my Dad was diagnosed with this problem he had such loud snoring you could hear it downstairs!

If you KEEP on having dreams of hair, gum, or anything being pulled out of your mouth then I urge you to go to your GP just in case it is this problem (very unlikely). How do you know you snore? Try to record yourself when you sleep and track your snoring. As I said it is rare to be diagnosed with this condition but I would get checked out just in case you keep having such dreams, I've had this dream many times. I'm now going to move onto the spiritual and psychological meaning.

Pulling something disgusting from your mouth can simply mean that you are feeling threatened by others. The mouth is associated with our secrets, pleas, and communication. Even though this dream could cause confusion the “item” that is pulled from the mouth is important. 

What does it mean to dream of removing something from your mouth?

When you have a dream of taking something out of your mouth – or even having the “pulling sensation” it means that you have a feeling that you might say something wrong. This is because it could make you feel sad and hurt. Your mind is trying to convince you to focus on yourself for the moment. It is true to say that life has its ups and downs but it is important to move forward with vigor. To pull material from your mouth could mean you feel guilty but you need to shut your mouth as others will use your own information. After the dream, you will need to think over your actions and try to fix things with the person. After making peace with them, you will start enjoying your sleep.

What does it mean to pull a scarf or something long from your mouth?

I had a weird dream once I was pulling a sock out of my mouth. This has lead me to write about pulling out “long objects” maybe you were pulling and pulling and there was no end. Well, in my view this indicates that you need to keep your mouth shut. Friendships are like treasures and you never know what you will find. Also, it can mean that people will not be honest. There is an opportunity for growth when you dream of pulling an object from your mouth. Even though you have to “watch” what you say you will have joy and comfort in life.

What does it mean to pull hair out of the mouth in the dream?

Pulling hair out of the mouth indicates that it is a time of contemplation. The hair stands for the focus on “you now” in addition the hair also signifies that in time things will work out well. The hair is a “foreign object” which can often denote (according to old dream lore) that you need to express yourself. I have been contacted by many of you in regards to hair being pulled from the mouth. It can represent the feeling of trying to move away from a situation that is worrying you. There might be something that someone will say that will result in gossip. We all need friendships but pulling hair from the mouth can indicate that you need something refreshing in life - may be a change. Some friends will be enjoyed and others will cause problems. You might find that you are grateful for other people. Every friendship we have is special and is a great gift in life.

What does it mean to dream of needles in your mouth?

Needles spiritually represent being “hurt” by others. It can also mean that no matter what other people will support you. Needles in your mouth during a dream can indicate it is time to focus on you right now. Long needles coming from your mouth indicates possible pain, perhaps you want to focus on your own happiness. Pulling needles from your mouth indicates new perspectives or opportunities. Seeing multiple needles coming out of your mouth in a dream can suggest that even though your relationships may bring joy there could be some foolish times ahead.

What does it mean to bleed from the mouth the dream?

What a strange dream! Now, blood projecting from the mouth can indicate that you are feeling quite stressed in life. In older dream books having such dream can mean that you are longing for a happier lifestyle. The blood is associated with communication because it is coming from the mouth. Such a dream can often occur when we are not feeling secure in relationships. Perhaps you are not feeling that you can talk to somebody about a situation or a problem. At the moment things seem complex. If blood was pouring from your mouth during your dream then this is a source of strength. It can indicate that you can grow but also you are worried about what you are saying to other people. If you see other people with blood coming from the mouth, and this can indicate that a person is going to be a source of strength in the near future.

What does it mean to pull string from your mouth during a dream? 

Many people report of seeing string coming out the mouth, or that string keeps coming out over and over again. String in ancient dream lore can indicate “problems or obstacles” and the coming out of the mouth is "communication or gossip."  Therefore, pulling strings from your mouth indicates that you need to focus on moving forward in overcoming some problems. If you cut the string - then this can indicate cutting people from your life or moving forward. If you don’t have any control over the string and it just keeps coming out of your mouth then this in turn, in my view can illustrate difficult for you to focus on what you need right now. If the string is connected to other parts of your body and this can be a rather disconcerting dream, and may symbolize that you want to control everything you can in your life you are finding it difficult. If you see string coming out your eyes then this again indicates that obstacles may stand in your way. It may be that you are not given the vision that you need in order to fulfill your destiny. After reading about what string means in a dream sense, I can conclude that I do feel it is very much focused on your control. I’ve researched dream psychology (Freud and Jung) and came to the conclusion that for the string to be removed from your mouth during a dream means you are feeling a lack of control. I hope this helps you.

What does it mean to dream of feces in your mouth?

Ummmm. I have covered this in a dream meaning about feces but here I hope to shed more light on what this means. In old dream lore poop in your mouth can indicate troubles and that it is important to be careful about others. Any poop in the mouth indicates communication issues. The color of the poop is also important if it is what I call an “unnatural” color this dream can indicate that you need to be careful about what you say to others. Eating feces in a dream can indicate that something negative will occur. The excrement can indicate possible problems with money but you need to take this all into consideration.

What does it mean if your mouth is sewn shut in the dream?

A mouth that is sewn shut or is “buttoned” up in your dream can indicate that you are telling too many people about your business. In old dream lore, it means gossip. It can be really hard to avoid any gossip especially when gossip surrounds you. The dream also indicated you yourself may be spreading some gossip. It is hard to define whether we share information or gossip.  Words can often hurt others and gossip indicates what others people think. Dreaming of your mouth sewn up by someone in a dream can indicate that you may receive a painful blow from gossip or being gossiped about. This can result in feeling rather unhappy but through it the prevailing months you will overcome problems and the gossip that will enter your life.

What does it mean to dream of removing flowers from your mouth?

When you dream that you are removing flowers from your mouth it implies that you are still worrying about an event which happened recently. Flowers are what we call beautiful and breathtaking and they are what has known a focus on the “future now” flowers represent how other people see you. Pulling them from your mouth could indicate a focus on moving forward. The type of flowers seen in your mouth can also have a focus on how you are feeling right now. Roses indicate that sweet times are ahead. 

Events like weddings or the social gatherings of friends normally leaves one feeling happy. Alternatively, the dream could be associated with a beautiful time in life. It could be some advice or help that you gave out to a friend that left you feeling beautiful inside. 

What does it mean to dream of taking your own hair out of your mouth?

A dream of taking your own hair from your mouth is symbolic of being surrounded by enemies according to old dream lore.  Many books denote that seeing your own hair can mean that you are around people that are not to be trusted. People may try and hurt you in one way or another. But you have the strength to continue and see through anything. The dream is to make sure that you take precaution in whatever information you are sharing with those close to you. If you are suspicious of anyone, try to avoid them. The dream is a warning that not everyone around you has good intentions towards you.  Alternatively, the dream could be a sign of financial problems. An investment you made or a project you are working on is going to fail, according to dream lore. I know this might sound rather depressing but I feel it is important to include the ancient dream meaning. I will say that in dream psychology hair being pulled out of the mouth indicates that you are feeling difficult communications are on their way.

What does it mean to dream of taking rocks out of your mouth?

Dreaming that you are removing rocks from your mouth denotes that you may experience a disappointment of sorts. I cannot tell you what this might be but according to dream lore rocks indicate a hurdle and pulling out of the mouth relates to communications. There is someone or something which is going to make your life challenging, and thus the dream is just a warning that you should be ready when it happens. It could be problems in the workplace or business issues, and this is the reason why you need to be careful with your actions and words during this period. You will need to be ready and tread carefully until this period of time is finished.

What does it mean to dream of taking teeth out of your mouth?

Taking teeth out of your mouth is a dream where you will encounter a difficult period but this will result in great things. It does not relate to relationships but could be a work issue. This dream is warning that you should not embark on any new projects without considering all elements. If you are currently working on projects, I am afraid, according to old dream lore these may be tough and hard to finish. The most important thing I will say is that after having this dream, try to relax and take things easy – the dream has forewarned you of difficulties but these can be overcome.

What does it mean to dream of taking food out of your mouth?

We all eat every day so it is not uncommon to dream of food, in fact, I think it is quite a popular dream. Now, a dream where you see yourself taking food out of your mouth is a sign that you are feeling restricted by someone in life.  At this moment in your life are you feeling that you cannot progress unless the restrictions are removed?  To gain confidence and have a different outlook on life this dream is connected to showing someone respect. The actual food that you see in the dream is equally important. It could mean that you need to reinvent yourself by doing things differently. It could be that it is time that you reviewed your relationships with people who are presently in your life, especially those you feel are not adding value. To dream of food coming out of your mouth indicates you will notice a huge difference in your life. 

In conclusion, pulling something from your mouth in a dream can be disturbing but in the end, everything will work out well. If we look at those in prison the awful punishment is solitary confinement and the reason I say this is that we were created for relationships and to interact with each other. No-one wants to live alone. We are supposed to pray, eat and experience life as a group. What I am trying to say here is that the gossip that you endure might affect the relationship itself.

By Florance Saul
Mar 9, 2018