Buddha Dream Dictionary

The buddha seen in dreams can awaken powerful emotions in life.

The dream itself is “spiritual” it suggests enlightened awareness in our current life. The dream can also signify a spiritual growth or leadership in the near future. The Buddha itself is a symbol of not only wisdom but also compassion and the drive for spiritual ambition. If you are the buddha in the dream this can suggest that you need to meditate in waking life. If you see the Buddha looking at his navel this suggests that good luck is with you. To dream that you are in paradise and see a Buddha is a suggestion that spiritual growth and development of forecast.

Additionally, the Buddha can be a manifestation of powerful spiritual development. This could mean that people will honor and idealize you.

In your dream

  • You saw a buddha in your dream.
  • You could see a buddha statue in your dream.
  • You were in a buddhist temple in your dream.
  • You came across buddhas in your dream.

Detailed dream meaning

Buddha in dreams signify a spiritual awakening.

Do you want to find out exactly what a buddha foretells in your dreams? Buddha's seen in dreams provide a sign that we have to stop following the material wealth and the drudgery of daily life and provide more focus on internal peace. Buddhism teaches us to escape from unwanted ideas, free our thoughts of jealousy and be content in life. Additionally, Buddhism is a huge topic and at the central of this religion is the need to meditate and feel karma. In the dream state it is a message to remain calm and be patient, particularly during problems or difficult circumstances.

To see a buddha appear in your dream as a statue or a figure indicates that your problems will be managed and spiritual development. You may need the support of a close family member. If the dream was negative (like a nightmare) then it's vital to alter own perception of lifestyle and think about your own personal needs.

To be meditating in your dream (and see the buddha statue) signifies luck. You life is filled with great opportunity and several business ventures will be rewarding for you.

If you're celebrating in the dream state and see a Buddha statue, then this dream reveals that you have an inability to talk about your emotions with other people. Being a Buddhist in the dream state and also in real life denotes the requirement to differentiate yourself from others. If you are not a buddhist but see a Buddha in a dream then, in real-life someone close to you is seeking advice, they may talk with you, however this person may suffer from insufficient courage. To see yourself speaking to Buddha foretells you'll be blessed in everyway.

To find that a Buddha speaks to you in the dream state suggests calmness in life. Try to rest and not fret about things that go on around you.

Buddhism dreams represent spirituality, peace, happiness and the urge to stop the chaos in life. It might be tricky to examine the dream meanings without more details. Most buddha dreams are associated with one looking for peace in life.

Adoring the statue in a dream signifies the dreamers religious character. There has been dream accounts of people also dreaming of becoming a Buddhist. Such dreams are associated with embarking on a meditation program or learning more about one's spirituality.

Key Buddha dreams and the meaning

  • To see the Buddha: A Buddha in dreams is a positive sign. It reflects knowledge, inner peace, patience and compassion.
  • To learn Buddhism in the dream state: signifies that you need to review if you are on the right path in life. You're just too inclined towards something which provides you peace. This really is among the powerful reasons why you wind up switching to Buddhism.
  • Feeling pulled and idolizing the Buddha statue: This dream implies your desire for tranquil times in life.

If you dream that the Buddha was attacking you or that your dream was a nightmare this can indicate your feeling unhappy in your current life. It can also imply a loss of hope and that you have a range of insecurities.

Feelings Associated with the dream of a buddha

Appreciation. Release. Strange. Tears. Happy. Anxiety. Shocked. Inability to cope. Concerned. Overwhelming. Wisdom. Frightening. Chaos. Distress action. Acceptance. Uncomfortable. Danger. Relaxation. Floating. Tired. Upset. Discontent. Busy. Surprised. Upset.

By Florance Saul
Jul 14, 2017