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Dreams About Eyes

Dreams About Eyes

Dreams About Eyes.

Eyes in dreams represent your own soul which is being called to understand the principles of life and integrity.

To see your own eyes in the dream can represent love, family, and ability to see the blessings in your own world. Think about how we use our eyes as human beings, we are able to see, interact and prepare for our journey in life. In real life, we sometimes close our eyes which helps us awaken our own memory of life which will guide us through difficult times. Behind all our eyes is the light that we need spiritually, to project and open our hearts. There is a spiritual message here that if you could see eyes during your sleep then you need to try to understand your life purpose. Eyes from a spiritual perspective are generally symbolic of nature, psychic, personality and power. If you are developing spirituality in your life, then I believe it is common to experience dreams about eyes.


Eyes are quite interesting in regards to dreams. Remember the term “eyes are the windows of our soul.” Some dreams can be confusing and when we wake up we are often left wondering how the dream impacts our lives. Eyes can appear in many ways during a dream. In older dream books, eyes represent judgment, observation, and consciousness. We are all aware of the “third eye” in spiritual terms, and to see this spiritual third eye in the dream can represent a spiritual intention. I am going to break this dream meaning down into questions and answers to make it easier for you to navigate your dream. Please scroll down to find your dream.

What does it mean to have a dream about eyes? Think of eyes as our own grace and love in life, eyes provide us with a gift of light on earth and the ability to see our own situations in various ways. There is a gift in this dream to look at situations without judgement and to listen and hear the resonance of the whole truth.


There is something else I wish to share with you. Eyes can also indicate that you have reached a point in your life where you have come to a “realization.” In this case, the dream could be symbolic of a problem or offer you have refused to acknowledge, but you are now ready to face your path in life and conquer, whether it is a situation or an issue. This dream could be something in your life which you are overlooking and the dream is trying to draw your attention to “open your eyes” to a situation. Many of you have contacted me regarding the dream of eyes falling out. This could metaphysically indicate that you are failing to see what is in front of you.

This can commonly indicate that you are lost in regards to understanding all the elements in life and the true intentions of others. Dreaming of a pair of eyes represents self-reflection. To see other peoples eyes in a dream can indicate a feeling that you need to view life in a different way. Try to consider a different angle to life, such as not denying the reality or perspectives of others.  To dream of a beautiful, stunning woman is staring at you indicates that someone will provide you with advice going forward, normally a woman. This dream can mean that investment or relationships will progress.


What do bleeding eyes in a dream mean? Bleeding eyes in dreams is quite interesting. Generally, bleeding eyes represents our inner symbolic pain. I'm sorry that it's not a more positive dream interpretation. As eyes represent our own intellectual thoughts in life, bleeding eyes can illustrate that we need to be more grounded in life. ancient dream books indicate that bleeding eyes can represent that you need to live in accordance with the principles of love, faith, service and also embrace your own divine presence. If blood is coming from your eyes this can be a somewhat traumatic dream. We all accelerate in our own consciousness and the presence of blood can illustrate the need to open our hearts in order to transform.

I do believe that bleeding eyes represents the divine presence. We only have to look at weeping statues, such as the painting of the Virgin Mary or Our Lady of Akita which the tears of the statue were shown on television or the account of the statue in Italy that cried blood, I mention this even though the “statues crying” is probably fake but the dream that you have of bleeding eyes is all about how we connect spiritually. Tears of blood in a dream indicates how we manage our own emotions and that you are feeling some pain.


What does it mean to dream about losing an eye? Losing an eye in a dream can be quite a traumatic experience. I have touched on the fact that eyes indicate that we are “seeing the light” in various situations. If you lose an eye it can often mean that you are feeling lost in regards to your perspective on life. Often, losing an eye during a dream illustrates that you are failing to listen, receive, love and care for your own emotional state. I do believe that this dream can indicate that you are feeling somewhat lost but also honorable. It is important to try to access your divine consciousness and understand what you really need and want in life. Some things come into our lives to challenge us there is no doubt about it, losing one eye can illustrate lots of insight. Try to think about how you've been ungrounded or rejected by other people. Love unites everybody and losing an eye or wearing an eye patch can illustrate feeling a loss of power.


What does it mean to dream about an eye injury? Encountering an eye injury during a dream can indicate that you need to let go of expectations. If something is poking you in the eye (during your dream) it can illustrate the loss of balance or transformation. Maybe you need to recognize that karma indicates that you are able to shift or transform if you are struggling in life. If somebody hurts your eyes or caused injury to your eyes then in older dream books this means that you are going to embrace change.

There are many different ways that our eyes can be injured in the dream, and in life in general. Seeing bloodshot eyes can represent you are guided by your heart that you're finding it difficult to see your way through difficulties in life. There is a need here in order to plan for a greater balancing life. If you are blinded during the dream this can illustrate that you are not being fulfilled and that your new direction for life is not apparent. Our hearts are magnificent, and through meditation into a higher state of being your spiritual eyes can be fully open.


What does eye contact mean in a dream? Eye contact is quite an interesting encounter during the dream. When we do dream there are many questions that enter our minds and the puzzle pieces form together in order to release our consciousness. If you dream of making eye contact with other people then this can illustrate your own intelligence and wisdom, in fact, this wacky dream could suggest that you are being watched in a positive way. Making eye contact with the opposite sex, for example looking at a beautiful man or woman could illustrate love and contentment radiating in every part of your life. You must remember that eye contact happens on a daily basis. Remember that we communicate through our eyes. If you make eye contact with anything that presents danger then this can illustrate that you're going to be at the center of difficulties or problems going forward.


What does it mean to dream about white light? I'm going to cover white light during this dream interpretation. Many of you have contacted me about seeing a radiating light in various directions. In fact, sometimes dreams can encompass light that actually blinds you. White light is extremely spiritual and represents a beautiful and loving angel that is protecting you. If you see light radiating in every direction or that the light hurts your eyes then this illustrates the spiritual presence connecting with you. This is a wonderful dream to have.

What does it mean to have one eye in a dream? Having one I dream mean you're only seeing things from a certain perspective. It indicates your own energy field needs to be more open you will fear no reaction or rejection going forward “one eye in a dream” represents that you are not seeing things how they should be but despite that love and peace will be yours.


What does it mean to dream about your own eyes? Dreaming about your own eyes could be an indication of opening yourself up spiritually. Seeing the “physical reality” is important. The dream is like a seed of forgiveness that you will need to be open to. Closing your own eyes can suggest that you are entering a collective state and that you will need to form a specific plan going forward. I normally say, that the dream of eyes means you need to understand something important. 

What does it mean to dream about other peoples eyes in a dream? Seeing other peoples eyes during the dream can often occur when we are being judged. Seeing many people’s eyes can provide us with the fact that you may be living under an illusion. Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh! Other people’s eyes represent love and deeds in life. To see many pairs of eyes represents your own loving in your heart that needs to keep you going. 


What does it imply to dream about brown eyes? Sometimes we can remember the color of eyes in a dream. Brown eyes in your dream could be a sign of deceit. This is according to older dream lore. This dream can mean that you may be tricked by a stranger who will mean that you will lose an opportunity. After such a dream, you will need to avoid sharing private information with people. I hope you understand this. 

What does it indicate to dream about gray eyes? Gray eyes appearing in your dream are an indication that, you will need to be careful when you are around other people especially those you don’t trust and strangers. Try to be careful with what you say in the next period lest it is used against you. Avoid spiritual draining situations because if something doesn’t look right for you, then it is not. 


What does it imply to dream about a man or women with one eye? A dream about a man with one eye or wearing a patch denotes that, you are going to face some difficult times in your life that will result in you facing a few disappointments. Seeing a man have an eye operation indicates a possible learning experience. Try not to waste your valuable time complaining of everything that is going to occur. A woman with one eye illustrates our own perspective. This is the “inner mother” and caring side of our nature. It can illustrate there are things that you were not seeing in life, in regards to your family or commitments.

What does it mean to dream about beautiful eyes? We all love to see beautiful eyes. Beautiful eyes in your dream could make you excited and a desire to see them again, but in reality, they spell that something is hiding.  This dream denotes that, you may be worried about someone who is very close to you. It could be your family member, friend or partner and they are going to need your help. This person remains an important part of your life and thus no need to dismiss them. If you find the eyes are of someone who is an enemy then this dream illustrates that you will need to find a common ground and avoid being too sensitive even if you feel hurt. 


What does it mean to dream about hurting your eye? Hurting your eyes in the dream could mean that, in the coming months, you are going focus on reaching your goals in life. I have covered the dream of injury to eyes above. But, to hurt your own eyes illustrates that you need to be aware of others more. After the dream, you will need to be careful before you become involved with other people. Older dream books indicate that hurting your eyes illustrates unnecessary debts or they could change your way of life and that you need targets and goals to get back on track. 

What does it indicate to dream about animal eyes? To see the eyes of a wild animal, such as wolf, snake, lion, dog, tiger, cheetah or cat is all about feeling a sense of transformation. The eyes of the animal may be amazing to you, or they could represent danger. If you saw the physical body and the animal was indeed staring at you, this can illustrate that you need to expand and grow your own energy. If you are feeling endangered after seeing the animal staring at you in your sleep then this can illustrate your own energy could be misaligned. If the presence of the animal is with you in your dream, you need to look more deeply into difficult situations. You'll be meeting many parts of yourself as you move through the journey of life, and these teachings (seeing wild animal eyes) can be a spiritual message that karma will indeed lift during the forthcoming months. Seeing animal eyes in the dream could imply that, your wild side in life. This illustrates your own subconscious thoughts, awareness, understanding, and knowledge is finally coming to the surface and it is making you realize who you truly are. On the other hand, the dream could mean that at long last, your repressed and hidden desires are coming to the fore and there is nothing you can do to hide them anymore. 


What does it imply to dream about someone’s eyes? A dream about someone’s eyes could indicate that you are getting intimately connected with another. In most cases, the eyes will definitely be of someone you know in your real life. Think about how often we look into people’s eyes! Alternatively, the dream could mean that you have started to have a mutual understanding with others.

What could it mean to dream about losing your eyesight? The darkness of being blind in a dream illustrates your awareness of the colors of the world which needs to be used in order to increase your abilities in life. The dream can be associated with a focus of transformation that you are feeling trapped in a situation. A dream where you lose your eyesight implies that, in the coming period, you are going to lose your logic or intuition and this will be very worrying for you. Because without an active intuition, you might end up making the incorrect judgment. The dream could also mean that you are going to lose an opportunity due to your fears of taking a risk and pursuing it. Alternatively, the dream might imply that you are currently confused in your life. To walk around in darkness in a dream can mean that you are not seeing the natural light of life.


What does an eye in the sky mean in a dream? This Dream represents a spiritual connection in life. It’s quite rare to have this dream but seeing an eye in the sky looking down on you denotes that through all your difficulties you should know that you are protected.

What does it mean to dream of many eyes looking at you?  Seeing a vast amount of eyes looking at you in the dream can indicate that you are feeling vulnerable. Perhaps you are feeling exposed at work all the other people passing judgement on you. If you see an audience or people looking at you during a dream this can illustrate that you feel you are in the spotlight.  I know it seems obvious but you shouldn’t read too much into this dream, only that you are feeling that everybody is looking at what you’re doing, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I will say that if the dream made you feel awkward then it can mean you may need to focus on your own goals rather than other peoples.


What does it mean to dream of eyes open?  Sometimes we can easily fall into a dream when our eyes open. Everybody knows about daydreaming. Our eyes in this respect are still open but we are dreaming with our mind. If you dream that you are indeed dreaming of your eyes open then this can indicate that you need to spiritually connect with your inner soul.

What does it indicate to dream about rolling your eyes? When you dream about rolling your eyes “just as you do in waking life it implies that you are annoyed about something. There might be something that happened in the real life that left you surprised and annoyed because you were least expecting it to happen to you. Alternatively, the dream could be an indicator that, at times you just pretend to agree with something or someone when in a real sense, you don’t. 


What do closed eyes mean in a dream? Seeing close eyes, or alternatively seeing other people sleeping can indicate that you are unsure of future actions. Sometimes we cannot a way out of the situation, closed eyes in this respect illustrate the need to focus on you right now.

What does it mean to dream about having blurred eyes or eye mucus? Urgh. I know. Not a great dream to have. Eye mucus is not that nice. When you dream about discharge from your eyes, it indicates that you are not able to see a situation objectively or clearly. Those around you are trying to reason with you, but you are just proving to be difficult.  Seeing gunk in the eyes, or blurred vision can mean you have a clouded judgment about something and nothing can change your perspective about the same. 


What does it mean to dream about not being able to open your eyes? A dream where you are not able to open your eyes and they are closed shut could mean that you are refusing to see or acknowledge something in your real life. It could be that you are thinking that you don’t want to commit to something important. 

What does it mean to dream about fish eyes? Dreaming about fish eyes could mean that, you need to look at the bigger picture whenever a situation or an issue arises in your life. It is not right to draw conclusions immediately because that could be the cause of problems in your relationship with other people.  At the moment, you might be having a wrong perception about something. 

What does it imply to dream about eyebrows? Blading is quite common now. Many of you have had dreams of having your eyebrows redone, plucked, tattooed and shaped. This is quite an interesting dream. Eyebrows appearing in your dream could be a sign of amazement, surprise, disbelief, or doubt. At times, it could indicate your concern or disapproval about something that is happening in your life or in the life of those around you. If in your dream you don’t have eyebrows, it is a sign that you lack emotions or it is hard for you to express your emotions openly. Having no eyebrows means life is going to be challenging.


What does it mean to dream about red eyes? Red eyes seen in your dream could mean “danger” I am sorry this is not more positive. Seeing a creature with red eyes represents minor problems but you can overcome them. Seeing red eyes on a person with bad intent is quite a common dream. The person could be a colleague at work, a close friend or a relative. The dream could also indicate that you have made the wrong choices in life or you have negative thinking. Alternatively, the dream could imply that you are feeling worried, angry, or destructive. This is an indication of wrong thinking patterns. Red eyes could just be that. The wrong intentions in life.

What does it imply to dream about green eyes? Green eyes in your dream can be due to various things depending on the shade of the green that you saw. If the eyes were dark green, then such a dream signifies judgments and selfishness on your part. If the eyes were light green, then it represents a part of your life which is in need of healing. You could also be desired to improve a certain situation in your life and that is why you are seeing light green eyes.  The same light green eyes observed in a dream could be symbolic of jealousy, greed, and arrogance. 


What does it indicate to dream about having a third eye? Having a dream where you see your third eye could mean that, you don’t pay attention to your intuition. This is quite spiritual in nature. After the dream, you will need to start paying attention to your intuition, look deep down within yourself and you will be shocked at how much you will be able to learn. All the information and messages you get from deep within your conscious mind will help you going forward. 

What could it denote to dream about eyes popping out? I know this might be a worrying dream. A dream where you see someone’s eyes popping up is an indication that, you are currently under someone’s influence. This means that you are not free to do anything independently and thus, you rely on another person to decide your fate in life. You need to find your own grounding and stop the dependency.


What does it indicate to dream about black eyes? A dream where you see a person gazing at you with black eyes could be a sign that, you are going to face problems in your love life in the days to come. Things which have been troubling you for quite a while might trigger a disagreement with your partner. After encountering such a dream, you will need to be careful with your actions and words, especially when around your partner and this could minimize problems. To dream of black eyes that are on an alien could imply hidden thoughts that are appearing in your dream. 

What does it mean to dream about blue eyes? Blue eyes in your dream are a sign that, you are going to encounter success in your job or career. Spiritually, blue represents being calm and denotes luck. If you are encountering problems at work this is a great sign. There is always a solution to every problem and you can work towards getting the right information to get yours solved. 


What does it imply to dream about bloodshot eyes? Dreaming about bloodshot eyes could be indicative of bad luck in your life, according to older dream books.  If you are facing a tough time in life then this dream means you need to maintain good balance. It will seem impossible to gather the puzzles of your life and you may feel worried but all will work out well in the end. The good news is that you have the power to change your destiny. 

What does it mean to dream about someone with crossed eyes? A dream about someone with crossed eyes could mean that you are in a lucky season in your life. It is the right time to do everything that you love to do because everything, will definitely have a good result. So good for you! Ensure that all your pending projects are completed and embark on new ones.  The dream is also a lucky sign and thus, if you haven’t met a special person in life, you will meet them now. Among the many people you are going to meet, you are going to get a perfect match for yourself and there is no need to continue wasting your time looking somewhere else.  


What does it mean to dream about big eyes? A dream where you see big eyes could be indicative of prosperity and wealth.  All your plans will go well and your finances will be overflowing. If you have any pending money projects, you could have enough money to invest during this period and thus, as long as you investigate your options properly this could be a great time. Spiritually big eyes are positive omens representing seeing the light in life.

What does it mean to dream about bright eyes? Dreaming about bright eyes could be a sign that, you have a guardian angel in your life who is always watching over you. In dreams our angels can visit us. This person is an advisor and a mentor in every sense and you highly appreciate them. 


What does it imply to dream about other people’s eyes? Other people’s eyes appearing in your dream could be a sign that, you need to stay focused on your goals in life and stop paying attention to what other people say or do. We look into people’s eyes every day. Other people’s eyes can indicate others are looking to you for advice.

What does it mean to dream about your eyes being turned inside your head? I know, not the best dream to have but I need to cover this. A dream where you see your eyes being turned inside your head can be scaring indeed. All it means is that, in the coming days, you will need to be aware of something like looking deep inside yourself and making sure that you trust your intuition. Alternatively, it could be that your spiritual awareness is growing and that is a good thing for your well-being. 


What does it denote to dream about having something in the eye? Having something in the eye in real life can be very irritating as it will obstruct you from seeing clearly. When the same happens in dreams, it means that you are experiencing some obstacles on your way to achieving your life goals. On the other hand, it can be a sign that you always see the faults with others. Having an eye lash in your eye during your dream can mean you will not stand by and just let things happen. 

What does it imply to dream about washing your eyes? Washing your eyes in your dream could mean that, you are in need of some clarity in a certain situation or about a problem that happened in your life or that of some other people around you. It might also indicate that you are feeling confused because of a situation or problem in your life and you need someone to elaborate on it to become clear. Washing your eye with eyewash illustrates that spiritually you are washing away your worries.


What does it mean to dream about gouging someone’s eyes out? Ummm. A worrying dream. Gouging someone’s eyes out while dreaming is a sign that, you fear that someone will discover something about you. It might be something that happened in your past life and you are fearing the future. To see a murder doing this, the scene from the "Game Of Thrones" comes to mind. In dreams, illustrates not being able to clearly assess situations.

What does it indicate to dream about cat eyes? A dream where you see cat eyes is symbolic of being in a position to solve problems and difficulties that come into your life. You have the wisdom and you combine it with your intuition to make sure that, you resolve all the issues that you come across in life. It is a sign that you are an efficient person. Alternatively, the dream could mean that you always see something good in a negative situation and you are able to utilize it to turn the whole scenario into positivity. 


What does it imply to dream about eyeglasses? Wearing glasses in life can mean you sometimes dream of them. IF you do wear glasses this dream could just be a symbol. To dream of sunglasses illustrates you are trying to protect yourself. If you don’t wear glasses in real life then the dream is about your own perspective. Dreaming about eyeglasses could be a sign that, there is a need for you to have a better view of a situation around you. Are you making a wrong impression about a situation and this is not good for you? The dream of glasses could indicate that you need get some clarity about a situation in life.  If the eyeglasses in your dream were broken, then it is an indication that, you are unable to see some facts clearly. 


What does it indicate to dream about closed eyes? Closed eyes in your dream could mean that you are avoiding the truth or intimacy.  It might be that it is too good to be true or it hurts to the point that you feel bad about the whole scenario. You might not be willing to accept that you love or someone loves you.  It might also be indicative of ignorance, naivety, and lack of awareness about a problem in life. 

What does it mean to dream about sad eyes? Sad eyes in your dream might indicate that you have reached a point in your life where you are feeling hopeless due to a certain situation, issue or problem that you are encountering. If you keep on encountering obstacles and it is making you be sad all the time, then this dream is common. After the dream, you will need to gather courage and work extra hard to conquer the obstacles as there is no problem without a solution. Alternatively, the dream could denote that, you are disappointed. 


What does it mean to dream about cruel and angry eyes? When you dream about angry and cruel eyes, it means that, in real life, you are a person who is ruthless and without mercy to those around you. Alternatively, it could be a dream that is connected to angry people around you. 

What does empty eye sockets mean in a dream? Empty eye sockets in a dream can illustrate that you are not satisfied with something in life. The lack of eyes to mean that you do not trust somebody that you should. I also believe that empty eye sockets are related to our subconscious mind. Seeing a skeleton with empty eye sockets in a dream can illustrate that you need to focus on your own site in life. When I say site and spiritual connections. If people have empty eye sockets during sleep this can be worrying, it indicates a new phase in life according to older dream books.


In conclusion, eyes can indicate repressed issues from your subconscious or some truth that you don’t want to face can make you see eyes in your dreams. This dream can also mean that over time a situation will bring happiness into your life as you discover the true meaning of your desires and your life in general. Becoming aware of your own eyes in a dream indicates feeling that you can face issues in life. To see animal eyes indicates a situation that is hidden which can subsequently trigger dreams of this kind. I truly believe that a dream of eyes indicates that you need to start trusting your intuition once you start having dreams about eyes. If you see eyes being removed this can indicate removing some beliefs and old habits, embracing on new things.

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