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Dreaming of shotguns? Shotguns in a dream mean that you may be having domestic problems.

Are you having problems with your children, relatives, friends or maybe employees? Maybe in the dream you are trying to solve some problem which has reached immense proportions and you are not able to see any end to it.

You could be having a quiet dream when suddenly the scenario changes and you come face to face with a person carrying a shot gun, pointing at you and squeezing the trigger. The shotgun may show itself then someone blow's your head off and then the dream ends.

You may be having extreme anxiety about a problem which you think may be life threatening, at least that is what was going through your head.

The possible events in your dream

  • You are holding the shotgun in your hands.
  • You have discharged one barrel of the shotgun and have missed.
  • You discharge the second barrel and still could not hit your target.
  • You have hit your target with one barrel and still want to discharge the second.
  • You just point the gun and shoot both barrels at the same time.
  • A person aiming a shotgun at you.
  • The person holding the shotgun has shot you.
  • You can feel the pellets from the shotgun hitting you.
  • You can feel that you are dying.

Some of the positive feelings you may have

  • A feeling of satisfaction on hitting your target.
  • A feeling of achievement.
  • A feeling of contentment of bringing the situation under control.

The dream can be interpreted as

You are extremely frustrated and angry with someone who does not want to tow the line. You wish the person or problem to disappear in a instant but you do not know how. The best option coming to mind would be to remove them. The shotgun with its immense power just needs to be pointed in the general direction of the target and the trigger pulled. No precision or perfect aim is required to hit your target. The shotgun appears in one's dream when you feel you want to remove yourself from a situation.

Your anger, wrath, exasperation, frustration, fear or paranoia of the person may be so much that you discharge both barrels at the person at the same time. Even knowing that one barrel is sufficient to kill, you still choose to shoot both barrels just to make sure.

You may feel that something or someone is threatening you and the end of your life is near, or someone is coming to murder you. Being a novice with rifles or pistols you may think that you cannot stop this threat to your life. Under these circumstances - the shotgun in your dreams are used to accomplish your objective. It is because the feel of a shotgun in your hands gives you more confidence than having rifle which needs precision and experience.

You may be suffering from deep anxiety because you have been falsely accused of something. You may be in a situation where you have lost your self-respect and the respect of others because of the accusations. The immense anguish is converted into a shotgun in your dreams with which you try to destroy your tormentor.

The anxiety again may be about someone very close to you and you are afraid that harm may come to him or her.

You may also have a dream that a person has a shotgun in his hand and is trying to commit suicide. Sometimes the person may be you, due to the unbearable anxiety you are suffering from. You may feel the pain of the pellets striking you and that you are dying.

If you feel satisfied in the dream, you may wake with a feeling of fulfillment or fall asleep even more deeply. On the other hand, the violence of the act and the feeling that you are dying may cause you to wake up shivering, scared and sweating profusely.

Feelings that you may have in your mind in your dream

Anxiousness, Aggression, Warning, Hunting, Harmful and so on.

By Flo Saul
Jan 28, 2013