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Dreaming of a taxi has got mixed interpretations.

A taxi is vehicle that is used for transportation. The taxi is a vehicle for hire, therefore, in a dream state the interpretation is that this means it is associated with the future occurrences, but only the temporary future. A taxi ride is a prediction of how one approaches the future. If the taxi is going fast then the dreamer is likely to be moving in a fast direction - if slow vise versa.

We can expect some change in ones life. And it may be a change of occupation or complete deviation of pastime or even a new relationship. Thankfully though, this is not bad news. Often the negative aspects of dreaming of a taxi are few. Sometimes it will be an abrupt end of a relationship which requires a sudden departure but it is usually a natural progression and a loss for the better. Taxi dreams usually indicate change for the better is coming and that any movement that you see in your waking life, even if initially unpleasant, is for the best.

In your dream you may have seen

  • A taxi under a tree.
  • A burnt out taxi in the country side.
  • A person running away from a taxi.
  • A taxi that is going a higher speed.
  • A taxi as a getaway car.
  • Taxi's under a bridge.
  • Yourself driving a taxi.
  • Hailed a cab.
  • Being in a capital city (such as New York) and you see many taxis.

Positive changes are afoot if you dream

  • Dreaming of a colorful taxi. We can compare colors as the positive aspects of life.
  • A yellow taxi means positive change. One can expect a host of positive changes in life.
  • A rainbow colored taxi: If you dream of a colorful taxi, you can expect positive developments in life.
  • To hail a taxi means many new ideas.
  • To see a getaway taxi means that you will benefit in the near future.
  • Sometimes you may see a taxi with happy children or that they are in an exciting mood which means that you will be able to hear good news about your children.
  • Expect a promotion or change for the better if you see a taxi that is filled with flowers.

Detailed description of a taxi in ones dreams

To see a taxi a under a bridge means that one must be aware of both the negative and positive aspects of one;s life. The bridge is a representation of a connection and the taxi represents something temporary. To miss a taxi means departure and it may be an end of a life long relationship or divorce of a husband or wife. A black cab suggests illusions in life, but it also suggests that change is required. A taxi rank in dreams denote that people will give one advice. It also means possible hope for the future. Being killed, chased or run over by a taxi means that one may have an argument with someone close to them.

If you see a taxi that is on fire or burned out in the country side, it symbolizes a feeling of being out of control. Such a dream brings a feeling of being insecure or unsure about the future. Whenever you see such a dream be alert of your loved ones and be careful about your activities and behavior as it can also indicate that you are missing something in life. It can be a warning that one must visit family or close friends - time to think about people that are close to you for a change.

To be run down by a taxi symbolizes that you about to get rid of poverty, problems, or pressure from your life. Even though this is a negative dream, it is a positive sign that you can be happy about life, even if the dream shakes you up a little.

Taxis in motion represent new beginning's and the person here signifies the hardship in life. To see a taxi on a highway means that one will have a good time ahead. A broken down taxi suggests that people will be gossiping in life. To drive a taxi has indications of a positive future. It suggests you that you are going to have to make some major decisions. The great news is that these decisions will make you a success in the long term. Thus, the taxi can represent being able to beat life challenges and happiness.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a taxi

Out of control, you are going too fast, amusement, loneliness, temptation to have car, thrill, or in a state poverty.

By Flo Saul
Mar 19, 2013