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The satellite can be a manifestation of general conversation and communication.

As a global method of communication a satellite symbolizes the desire to communicate on a large scale. This particular dream may recommend communicating with people. Be more extrovert and get in touch with more people and your own feelings as well.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a satellite.
  • Seen an artificial satellite.
  • Seen a natural satellite.
  • Had a satellite on your property.
  • Communicated by satellite.

Advice from your dream

  • The dream had a positive outcome.
  • You learned something important during this dream.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreaming of a satellite is associated with the expansion of technology, especially in terms if communication, so the question you should ask yourself is what message from afar are you ready to hear and receive. The satellite symbolizes a well-functioning connection, and it means that you are probably aware of your influence over other people and even the environment.

Dreaming of a satellite could mean that you are highly depended on another person, probably a partner. Since one partner is always dominant in a relationship, the satellite in the dream can represent the less dominant partner. Spiritually speaking, a satellite stands for a more subtle way of communicating with the universe and your inner world. A satellite can also portend a birth, a wedding, a baptism, or any important positive event in your life. A satellite portends abundance ahead.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of satellite

Communicative. Appreciative. In love. Handy. Talented. Surprised. Secure. Content. Happy. Amazed. Curious. Jolly. Enjoying. Having fun. Grateful.

By Flo Saul
Nov 18, 2012