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A brooch featured in a dream is according to 1930 dictionary an uncommon symbol.

A brooch is connected to our bodies, therefore, the brooch is a projection of what you are trying to give out to other people. It can also be representative of transition. The brooch itself is a symbolism of moving forward in a given situation.

In your dream

  • You wear a brooch in a dream.
  • You prick yourself with a brooch.
  • You buy a brooch in your dream.
  • Someone buys you a brooch in the dream.
  • You see a starfish brooch.
  • You are making a brooch.
  • Paperclay brooch.
  • Swarovski brooch.
  • Handmade brooch.
  • Gold brooches.

The brooch is associated with trying to understand how other people will perceive you. The most important aspect of dreams of a brooch is that there is a personal message or an indication that you need to communicate with other people. The brooch symbolism in a dream can differ somewhat dependent upon the actual dream meaning. Let's now consider the various dreams where a brooch might be featured.A brooch in a dream indicates that you are trying to give a message to somebody. And it might simply be the fact that you know and are aware but you must provide information to somebody subconsciously. This is often associated with past love. Perhaps you've been thinking about an ex-partner for some time and you need to understand whether this partner is going to return to your life. If you buy a brooch in a shop in your dream then this can suggest that new beginnings are afoot.

It indicates that there are going to be times when the people will listen to you more and understand you and your life compared to others. To hurt yourself with a brooch indicates that there are likely to be problems going forward. The prick itself indicates that difficult times are predicted. If the brooches gold color then this can indicate the great riches are likely to come to you in later life.

To wear the brooch on a coat suggests that other people will give you some good advice. If somebody buys you a brooch in your dream then this can suggest beginnings are coming your way. If you lose a brooch in a dream it suggests that are you going to do something wonderful in life. To see a silver brooch is also a great omen. To see a silver brooch in the dream state indicates that you will be crowned with an imported situation going forward.

If the brooch in your dream is lost - this can suggest that you're going to be something close to your heart. To see a starfish brooch or one star indicates that contentment and good times ahead predicted.

The shape of the brooch is relatively important and it might be worth reviewing the dream interpretation of the particular shape in your dream. If it is a circle and this can suggest that there are going to encounter positive times ahead. If the brooch is in a bird-shaped design then this can indicate that you need to be more at one with nature.

If the brooch had diamonds or crystals upon the metal then this indicates a possible growth in financial transactions. Paper clay brooch illustrates that you need to go back to nature, in order to clear your mind. Take a nature walk or understanding yourself better through meditation. Handmade brooches in one's dream is a suggestion that other people will help you along your way if you trust your inner instincts.

Feelings that you encounter during the dream of a brooch

Happiness, contentment, violence and worried about the future.

By Florance Saul
Jun 11, 2017