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Theaters featured in dreams are often associated with a person's social life.

There maybe someone who is acting like a drama queen. If one has a dream of a movie theatre this suggests that things in life will act out in front of them. Dreaming of theaters is directly associated with the event's of one's personal life. Quite often we may see ourselves participating in theatrics - where we may participate with full devotion or be behind the curtains. To play a prominent role in a production suggests the need to protect one from experiencing emotions directly, which could be one's actual position in life. The drama or play getting enacted is rather like one's phase of a person's life.

In your dream you may have

  • Performed the role of the main actor.
  • Seen a ballet production.
  • Watched a play.
  • Everything in life was revolving around you.
  • Been the director, or controlling the acting of others.
  • Been seated in the audience, watching others perform.
  • Destroyed the entire act or taken it to glories.
  • Open air theatre.
  • Roman theatre.
  • Musical theatre.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You see a drastic positive change in the dream.
  • You were acting.
  • You see yourself getting the recognition at the end of the act - applause!

Detailed dream interpretation

To dream of theatre suggests that one thinks highly of there social life. The behavior in real life can suggest the performance in your dream state theatre. If you are able to observe how the different actors relate to each other then you can take steps to understand how you can change your life for the better.

Sometimes this dream means theatrics or acting and you wish to achieve something in the same field. To dream that you are being applauded in a theatre implies that you have chosen a profession of your choice. To see red curtains means that one is working hard to achieve your goals.

To dream of the theatre being on fire means you may run into problems if you carry on with unwanted tasks. If the theatre is old fashioned, it means you will encounter new people. If you see yourself as part of the audience, this dream means that a friend needs to get in a romantic relationship with you. You may go out with them socially but taking the relationship forward depends upon you.

To see yourself as a performer, or the central figure in the play means that you need to focus on your own well being. To see a ballet production at a theatre can mean the need avoid responsibilities in your life. If you see yourself getting cozy with an actor or meeting them, it means you may get into troubled relationships.

A weird scene in the theatre is connected to strange situations in life. If you see yourself as a director of a play, you might be handling someone else’s arrangements: this may involve arranging a marriage or an event in waking life. To see an open air theater is a sign that life may pass you by. Sitting in a chair in the theatre means that you will derive great satisfaction from relationships.

Your performance in and out of the theatre is nothing more than the actual happenings in real life. All the acts are infecting the parallels of your waking life. If you can observe characters and the events thoroughly, you might end up in handling a situation in waking life more aptly. But all this could imply that you have that you have always wanted to be an actor in life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of theatre

Happiness, fury, rage, developing feelings of frustration, longing for right companionship and sexuality.

By Flo Saul
Mar 19, 2013